The Strongest Adventurer’s Life Begins with the Skills [Regeneration] and [Destruction] ~I Was Banished for Picking Up Garbage, But I’m Born with Extraordinary Power!~

Rolf, a boy who received the rare skill [Regeneration] and belonged to the strongest party. However, the skill never activates and is banished as useless. He spends his days alone with only a tattered sword as a memento, but when he meets Elsa, who has the [Destruction] skill, his ability awakens…!?

Why I Quit Being the Demon King

In a time of chaos, the Demon King traversed through 665 realms before invading the human realm. It was a brave hero who ceased the war. Thanks to their divine sacrifice, mankind barely managed to survive. But that led to the story of the new Demon King. Meet Demon King Demiourgos, the 666th. “I quit being the Demon King,” he said, before leaving the demon realm. This is a story about a runaway Demon King and a hero who becomes his subordinate. Why did the Demon King quit?

Celestial Phase

Fifteen years ago the evil spirits caused a big chaos and the human world became hell on earth. Now, a weird spirit manifestation is finally unveiling the truth of the big chaos! Who will rise and fall upon myriads of spirit manifestations? When the evil rises, who will protect the world? And when the world falls into chaos, who will predict the future?

Kamisama no Youjinbou

"You won't be able to become a great rabbit if you do that!" A former samurai trains at a shrine in order to be reincarnated as a rabbit...? In the early Meiji period, a former samurai who was supposed to have died in the Hakodate War wakes up in a strange shrine. There, there is a small, fluffy boy who calls himself a god, and tells him that he needs to train in order to fulfill his unknown wish of being reincarnated as a rabbit...? The Japanese-style ayakashi tale of a former samurai and a small god begins!

Rookie Employee Kim Cheolsu

On the day he was rejected by the company he had devoted his life to, He went back to the moment of his first day at work. Kim Cheol-su, a low-spec rookie employee who joined Han-young, a leading domestic company. Can he finally achieve his long-desired position as the ‘CEO’ in this lifetime?

Would You Like to Sign The Contract

"This is for the Chairman. Is there a problem with that?" These words came back like a dagger, and that day, I died. And I came back to life. From Yoon Suk, who was the director of the best real estate investment company in South Korea, to Kim Dong-kyu, who was a loner, as well as a loser. Momentary frustration, I rose again for revenge. Wait for me. I'll make sure to make them pay for what they did to me. Today, I plan as Yoon Suk and execute as Kim Dong-kyu. For the sake of our revenge.

Girl meets Rock!

With a passion for richly textured Japanese rock, first-year high school student Chihiro Hatono steps into the world of the light music club, new guitar in tow. But what awaits her behind those doors...? A drama of unfiltered youth and musical ambition takes the stage!

I Am the Strongest Boss

The end of the world is coming, and human beings have awakened their superpowers and fought against the monsters in the towers. However, there is a strongest BOSS sitting at the highest point of the tower – Demon King Jiu Ming. He is an insurmountable barrier for humans. One after another, the brave men always thought that they were the protagonists in the story, but the halo of the protagonists never came to them. When the protagonists lose their protagonist aura, they no longer are the protagonists.

My Second Life is a Healing Life?

Eugene Felivia, the beloved youngest son of the noble Felivia family, known for its great warriors, gains a second life thanks to the grace of 'Felin, the Wizard of Creation.' Eugene dreams of becoming a wizard like Felin, who saved him, and using his powers to make the world a better place. However, the dark and harsh realities and his fate still refuse to let him go...

Revenge Law Firm

A genius boy who had everything taken away in the name of the law. Dagon, the demon who murdered his father, has become the chairman of a global automobile company comparable to Tesla... and what was taken away by law is regained by law! Hae-seong Yoon becomes a lawyer and begins to gather suspicious people. Can a law firm with only two employees take down Yang Dagon, the tycoon who controls Korea?

Reincarnation Path of The Underworld King

The underworld has collapsed. In the barren land where blood should flow, now clear water flows, and the cauldron that used to boil the souls has long since gone cold. The retired King of Underworld, in pursuit of his own happiness, seeks the path of reincarnation. However, due to the chaos in Underworld and the disappearance of his successor, he is unable to walk the path of reincarnation. To become a god in the human world and to track down the missing successor, The King of Underworld descends to the human world. But the human world is in chaos due to the escape of the deceased from Hell, orchestrated by his successor's masterful plan. The King of Underworld joins forces with the 'Guardians of the Life' who protect humans, using the power of the Hell's ledger, in a struggle to capture his successor and restore the world to its original state. Will King of Underworld be able to safely walk the path of reincarnation?

The Miraculous Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist Lee Gijeok. His own medical center is falling apart, and his girlfriend is drifting away from him…! On a day when nothing goes right, a status window appears before him after him being hit by a falling star?! This is a story of a self-centered man becoming the best physical therapist!

Twin Vegetable Garden

Yuuya starts his dream of living alone. Then Sera, a famous beautiful girl at school and his self-proclaimed ex-girlfriend, and her younger sister Rise rush in. In order for the three of them to be self-sufficient, an exciting life together begins where they grow vegetables in their home garden and eat delicious food!

Return of Top Class Master

The star admired by all the strong, the top-class master of Haons, 'Ray.' Ray, on the verge of the final gateway to becoming a god, is betrayed and killed by the boss master 'Anus.' Regressing to the time when he was 'the ultimate loser Kang Tae-wook,' trampled by the bullies and unable to protect his fiancée... Kang Tae-wook, who once was the biggest loser, takes up the sword of revenge against those who ignored and betrayed him in the past, facing the things he couldn't achieve in his past. However, there was a reason he had to live through that miserable past. As Kang Tae-wook dives into the depths of a conspiracy that only deepens as he uncovers it, his second life, soaked in blood, begins anew!

I Got My Wish and Reincarnated as the Villainess (Last Boss)!

A sickly girl named Elizabeth has been reincarnated as an otome game villainess! She begins her life anew, blissfully unaware that her fate is to be killed by the heroes. She might enjoy a healthy life now, but will she be able to turn fate on its head?! Story by Rei Nakajima Character Design by Hitoha Ushio Manga by Maruborou Akai

Chairman Kang: The Newcomer

I’m Kang Yong-ho, the Chairman of Choi Sung Group, one of South Korea’s top 10 conglomerates. Just when I was basking in the glory of my retirement declaration, out of the blue, a new employee fell from the sky and landed on my head. But hey, where’d my body go, and now I’ve turned into a new Employee?! “What’s this? Are you telling me to start with Excel or something?
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