Eternals: The 500 Year War

An international, all-star creative team of writers and artists presents ETERNALS: THE 500 YEAR WAR! Follow the Eternals in their past encounters against the Deviants in this original 7 episode series! Learn how the Eternals interacted with different cultures of the human race across time, gifting humanity with cultural artifacts while also trying to keep them safe from the Deviant threat. It’s a battle that spans centuries, with the fate of the planet at stake!

The 5 Minutes We Share at the Convenience Store

Shibasaki is a high school student who is also a part-timer at a convenience store. After encountering a petite office lady, he finds himself wanting to see her more and more. Likewise, this office lady starts to become increasingly more interested in the young man, mainly due to him having a similar face as her cat. With only the store connecting the two, the student and the office lady slowly become closer during the five minutes they share at the convenience store.

My Sister's Friend

At the age of 14, her first lover was her sister's former best friend, Kyoko. It was a time where Noriko would meet Kyoko after school and be thrilled by the smell of her adult perfume and enchanting eyes, nothing like spending time with her boring classmates. But why did Kyoko and her sister stop being friends in the first place? This is the story of three women and their discovery of what true "love" entails. (Source: Leed-sha, translated)


Follows the adventures of eight students: silver hair L, silver hair R, spectacles, eye bandage, seven stitch, beard, shaven head and ordinary.

Koisuru Jibaku-chan

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Neko's Massage Salon

The massage salon that Nekoyama-kun, an exhausted office worker, had visited was a healing paradise, where a cat masseuse performs the service! The one that engulfs his tired body… his eyes, his shoulder, his lower back is the shopkeeper's fluffy and round paws!!!! Moreover, Nekoyama-kun was on the verge of ascension to heaven when the young massage apprentices appeared…! Enjoy the best relaxation given by these extremely adorable cats ♪

Idol To Otaku No Risou No Kankei

An otaku's idol moves right next to him, and it's a dream come true! But as it turns out, she's a bit more sadistic than expected. (Source: Orchesc/a/ns)


Bud is a tough guy involved in a shady business; Sei is a tough kid engaging in some shady dealings. Through sheer stubbornness (and the fact that Sei-kun made a very, very bad hooker), Sei ends up working for Bud, and there's instant attraction.

I Love You, Miki!

Kousaka is a quiet, timid boy who's happy enough to go unnoticed by his classmates. But one moment of kindness and concern by a bright and outgoing gyaru starts to change his life. Serialized on Young Ace UP! that usually features up-and-coming newcomers. Show your support by clicking on the thumbs-up button at the bottom of the page at the raw source link.

Bad candy you give me

A collection of dark and somewhat strange stories. 1. (Bad Candy You Give Me) 2. (Swimming Flowers) 3. (Survival of the Fittest) 4. (A Tender Casket) 5. (Mother and Sister) 6. (Sets in the West) 7. (Much as I Love You) 8. (Tidal Force) 9. (Goodbye) 10. (Where Demons Dwell) 11. (Leaving Home) 12. (Spring Pupa)

Angel Girl

One day, Sayaka finds a banana on the street, which is summarily consumed by a loitering Yoshiko. Later that night, Sayaka is visited by the spirit of the banana, who transforms her into an angel and tasks her to go help souls in need. She eventually winds up at A-kun's house, where she now has to grant his true heart's desire... to marry Sayaka? Find out just what on earth is going on in this parody spin-off to Hiroyuki's wildly popular series! (Source: Irodori Comics)

Kaki Hoshuu

Haruma's first impression of the new transfer student, Chitose, would be striped panties. Running into her in the hallway, Chitose's panties greet Haruma before they even know each other. Immediately, Haruma finds himself attracted to this mysterious panty girl, only to find out that she is transfering into his class AND she's going to be the new house keeper at his apartment. Let the skirt flying romance comedy begin.

15 Minutes 'Til They Actually Start Dating, Majide Tsukiau 15 Minutes Ago

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Onani Master Kurosawa: After the Juvenile

Two years after his memorable school trip, Kakeru Kurosawa decides to visit Osaka once again with his former companions. Among this crew are the often-bullied Pizza-tan, the cheerful otaku Keiji Nagaoka, the energetic bookworm Magister Takigawa, and the timid Aya Kitahara—the main source of Kurosawa's troubles during their time in school. The trip is off to a rocky start as Kurosawa is berated by his girlfriend for not inviting her along with the group. Coupled with drama between Keiji and Takigawa and a tense ferris wheel ride shared by Kitahara and Pizza-tan, the gathering quickly becomes more and more uneasy. Though these longtime friends reunited to rekindle their old bonds, the strains in their relationship threaten to end their meeting in total disaster. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

ONIMAI: I'm Now Your Sister!

Mihari Oyama's brother turns into a girl after she slips a certain medicine into his dinner. This is the story of him learning the ways of being a girl.
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