Blue Night, Ronde of Ecstasy

Kang Seoyoon, a normal office worker, falls asleep in the performance hall of the pianist Ahn Heewon. Being the only left in that concert hall, she witnesses Heewon abetting a murder incident and performing the piano in a puddle of blood…? “So to die or be consumed. Make the choice, my dear Seoyoon.”

I'm Into You

A compilation of romance short stories that happened among people who have resonance in love.

This Refreshing Marriage

Cha Yoo-Jung almost lost her future adopted daughter So Eun, the lovely child she was raising since she was a little baby left on the orphanage's steps, So Eun, who was brought home by Kang Jiwoon, her biological uncle, from the orphanage where she lived with Cha Yoo-Jung. In order to stay with her daughter So Eun, Cha Yoo-Jung was even willing to accept Kang Jiwoon's marriage proposal and become So Eun's real mother. Kang Jiwoon, who initially underestimated Cha Yoo-jung, slowly saw the difference between Cha Yoo-jung's sincerity and all those mother figures he had seen so far. Will Cha Yoo-Jung be able to heal Kang Jiwoon's inner wounds and maybe make him believe in sincere love? Marriage Revamp / 이 결혼, 새로고침

Light of the Dawn

Sergeant ‘Burkey’ is a war hero from ‘Sun Empire’. An excellent master of martial arts and the loyalty she has shown to the emperor made her the role model of the Empire’s Soldiers, But behind all that and what anyone does not know, her ultimate goal was always to get revenge on the emperor by overthrowing the Empire. Can bucky get her revenge again the colossal empire?

Wanna Do X With Me?

Bomi dreams of becoming an adult webtoon writer. But the only man who can make her flutter is Jung 'Tae-Yang', her first love. Suddenly he appears as 'Sunny', a writer. They start working together to win an adult webtoon contest.

A Deceitful Marriage

Silvia Lauren is the duchess of the Aswan estate and the wife of the bloodthirsty war addict, Duke Victor Aswan. She is also one-month pregnant with Victor's first child. At least, that's the façade she has created in order to secretly reside in the duke's castle while he is away fighting in a war. But when Victor returns from battle much earlier than anticipated, Silvia fears that her intricate lies will all come to light. However, instead of throwing her out of his home right away, Victor decides to go along with her scheme and happily awaits the birth of his nonexistent child—and by happily, it's more like threateningly. How long will Silvia be able to keep up with her lies and remain by the ruthless duke's side?

All the Heroes Love Me

When Lan Jin went back to her own world three years later, she found that her reputation was ruined. What's more, she had five fiancés and five sons who came from five time-travel worlds. She was not a loser anymore. And all the heroes loved her. Furen Ta Chengle Da Laomen De Tuan Chong / Fūrén Tā Chéngle Dà Lǎomen De Tuán Chǒng / The Madam Has Become Big Shots' Favorite One / 夫人她成了大佬们的团宠


Serena is the only heir to the Serenity family. To save her endangered family, her grandmother married her to the most hated man in the kingdom. The only thing that can comfort Serena, who was collapsing, is her lover, Friedrich. The story of three people intertwined with hot hatred and love.

Gachi Koi Nenchakujuu: Net Haishinsha no Kanojo ni naritakute

Kaguya Hinaki is a female college student who is highly regarded by her classmates because of her good looks. She had a secret she couldn't tell anyone, the secret being that she is genuinely in love with Subaru, a member of a certain streamer group.... Hinaki, who really wants to go out with Subaru, receives a DM from a strange account one day, and Hinaki's life changes completely――。

Second Home

"My home cannot be like this." The story of a quiet male student and his next-door neighbor… who is married.

Love For Life

Dr. Song Xi and Qiao Zhisheng are two powerful people who are married to each one another. But the marriage is purely contractual for the sake of Dr. Song's father who is under arrest. Even though that their marriage is only true on paper, love and romance will make it real. Amour de la vie Yu Sheng You Xi Yú Shēng Yǒu Xǐ 余笙有喜 冷酷社長と政略結婚させられました 대표님과 위험한 계약결혼

A Villainess for the Tyrant

"I would rather just go out with a bang!" For Princess Cecile, being married off to the emperor of a neighboring empire was unavoidable. But wait, isn’t this the same Emperor Estian who's notorious for being a heartless sadist? In order to maintain her final shred of dignity, the fearless Cecile demands that her future husband carry her all the way from the carriage to the wedding chapel! If this is her fate, she might as well put up a fight before dying at the hands of the handsome emperor. After all, the only way to fight fire is with… more fire?! Can Cecile become a villain even more fearsome than her tyrant husband? Based on the hit novel.

Cheating Men Must Die and the Prime Minister

<Cheating Men Must Die> Side Story. The beginning of intern Su Lüxia journey of abusing scum.
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