Matcha Made in Heaven

Chako Hananoki thought she'd found happiness in a handsome fiancé, but when she realized a marriage to him would mean a total erasure of herself, she broke it off and moved back into her childhood home in the country—only to find a strange man and young woman living there? She finds a way to coexist with them, but when her stalker fiancé follows her home, she declares to him (and accidentally to the whole village as well) that this new man in her life is her husband?!

The Demon of Your Dreams

Corporate slave Yuuto, under the influence of drunkeness, summoned the demon Morax. He made a contract with him where, in return of granting a single wish, Morax would receive his soul. Yuuto had used his wish to “become happy,” and so began his comfortable life of ordering around a demon. However, Morax is the type of demon that feeds off of human bodily fluids and vitality. Because of that, Yuuto ends up having sex with him! They continue this strange cohabitation with a demon…?!

Ex-Yakuza Picked Up a Stray Kitten

A cat is picked up by a human on a rainy winter day. But unfortunately the anticipated savior is an ex-yakuza with a scary look.

Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My eighborhood

High school girl Akari was lost in a forest when she was rescued by a vampire girl named Sophie. Since then, Akari has developed a liking for Sophie, who prefers to be alone.

Island Part 2

On the beautiful Jeju Island, Miho Won, a beautiful teacher, and Van, a cold and mysterious guy, become entangled in strange events, fighting unknown monsters. A legend of exorcism comics is back as webtoon!


As detective Musubi Susono investigates a series of child kidnappings, her own partner is viciously murdered. But when the investigation takes a brutal turn, she is suddenly confronted by the killer–and his vicious Silicon Creature… Also Include Blame, one-shot prototype for Blame!

Doughnuts under a Crescent Moon

Pressured by her friends and family to fall in love, office worker Hinako Uno puts a lot of effort into her appearance and demeanor in order to fit into the image of "an ideal young woman." She believes that if she is able to make someone fall in love with her, then she can love herself in return—but this does not turn out to be the case. After rejecting another confession, Hinako feels like a flawed human for being unable to love. Concurrently, Hinako's senior at work Asahi Satou becomes her sister's official guardian and the family's breadwinner after their last living relative dies. Wanting to provide for her sister as best as she can, she pays no attention to matters she deems unnecessary, such as love. One night, as Hinako cries on a bench, Asahi bumps into her and offers her a bag of doughnuts as consolation. Sharing a moment of vulnerability, they open up to one another, marking the start of a relationship that might just be what both women needed. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

God Girls

Ah, the Gods are playing with me... Nice to meet you. My name is Hougetsu Daichi and I come from the human world. I was chosen by Gaia-sama to live in God Girls Paradise. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it, but I'm sure I will. I'm really nervous because everyone is a God, but I'm looking forward to working with you. From Yukiwo, the author of "Jashin-chan Dropkick", comes a story about a group of cute and fun gods!

Ouroboros: A.I.-coloured

One of our editors got really excited at the capabilities of the new digital-colouring A.I.,, and decided to use it to generate a colour version. We plan to release 1-2 chapters a week till we're done. Our flagship series deserves it. For an actual content synopsis, check out the entry for the monochrome version of the series, which you can find under "Related". P.S.: Don't be too jarred by the heterochromic eyes. Machine learning has limits. We encourage everyone to try it yourselves!

Mangaka-sensei to Zashiki Warashi

After moving in his new place, a mangaka is now pretending he can't see the Zashiki-warashi who was already living here.

Soundless Cosmos

A cold and distant grim reaper and a rational young lady whose fates are entwined by life and death. Through his silent protection, will they be able to overcome the hardships that obstruct their songs of love?

Puss in Suit, Pup in Tie

When he entered his new company, he did not expect to be greeted by the vice president. Instinctively, you know you won't get along with this one. It's loud, sticky ... like a real puppy! And the worst? It's because his boss seems to have liked him! It's simple, wherever you go, you are sure to run into it. A game of cat and mouse will begin throughout the offices. A game that could lead you down ... unexpected paths

I Told You I Was a Man Dressed as a Woman!

In her eighth year of possessing the body of an extra in a novel, she met the book’s protagonist who she thought was a woman disguised as a man. But he was actually a man! How will this novel’s ending play out? Aine has lived for eight years without even knowing which novel she had transmigrated to. And then, one day, she meets a knight and discovers the novel she is in. This man is actually a woman?! The female lead who is disguised as a man to replace her dead brother?! Then, I’ll live a comfortable life as her friend! However, this woman is acting strangely… To think she was actually a man! What should I do now that I’m involved with him? “Do you really see me as a woman?”

Right Here Waiting

Since they both had stationery brands for names, Ji Zhencai and Bai Chenguang have been shipped together ever since middle school. After reuniting once again eight years later, they’ve somehow entered into a superior-subordinate relationship in a pet shop! When a girl with a fragile heart becomes the subordinate of a cold sharp-tongued boss, especially one who’s rumored to be in a scandal with her… How is she supposed to deal with these awkward yet heart-thumping situations?!

Reborn Girl Starting a New Life in Another World as a Seventh Daughter

Myria Kanami's high school life was disastrous. Having an awful father, no friends, and spending her days working part-time summed up her daily routine... But one day, she gets into an accident that takes her life! However, she opens her eyes again, this time, in another world! She has been reincarnated into the body of 8 year-old Myria, the seventh daughter of a poor noble family residing in the countryside. As the thought of finally being released from the arduous high school life crossed her mind, she then dug into her new body's memories --- but, the situation was just as bad as in her old life! I'm being bullied by my older sister, the second daughter, who has had an affair and turned back in from her marriage... And my muscle-brain father is going to make me engaged?! I've reincarnated but, I have no cheat powers, nor any magical powers, what is going on?!

Although Life May Deceive Us

"Once I enter university, I'll definitely study hard and change my life for the better!" Kam SaHam, a broke college freshman is bent on changing her life by pursuing Fashion Design. However, in a curious turn of event, she ends up pretending to be loaded amongst all the rich kids in high society (Hi-So). Will she get called out or could she somehow find love amidst this chaos?
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