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The Story of Lord, Devasted Manor who Grows by Misunderstanding

Baibalon, a territory considered the worst in the country. A place where those who have no home left flee to, filled with criminals, heretics, sick people and demi-humans. Taking over the family as the next Lord, the young Rize Baibalon will try his best to stay alive in this god-forsaken place, not worrying if what he does to achieve that goal is going against the very founding doctrine of the country. With little common sense and recovery magic, can he accomplish his peace? Or will the misunderstandings continue to pile up and will he be branded as a rebel? (Source: Overlap, translated)

My Life as Inukai-san's Dog

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In The Name of Mermaid Princess

A lonely mermaid princess and a young man from another country. The encounter between these two will change their destines. A story about acceptance.

The Essence of Being a Muse

I'm nothing but a hollow shell. It's been that way since I was rejected from art school. I live an ordinary, boring life according to my mom's instructions. I go to the job she picked for me wearing the clothes she laid out for me in search of a man she can brag to her friends about. Will I ever be happy again? It's all I can think about.

Arioto, A Yuri Story About a Girl Who Insists "It's Impossible for Two Girls to Get Together" Completely Falling Within 100 Days

"Girls going out with girls? That can't be! But..." One day, Marika Sakakibara, a popular high school girl, was offered one million yen by her beautiful classmate, Aya Fuwa. "Sakakibara-san, I will buy you for 10000 yen a day for one hundred days. Let us see if girls going out with girls really cannot be." "H-Huh?!" From that day, their after school xx time began. (Source: SB Creative, translated)

Someya Mako's Mahjong Parlor Food

A spinoff focusing on Someya Mako as she cooks meals for customers of her family's mahjong parlor. (Source: MangaDex)

My Gemini

Who died at that time... Which one? John is red-haired and freckled. His only pride is that he is a close friend of the school's popular twins, Jekyll and Hyde. The twins always pretended to be each other, but suddenly one of the twins died. Who was left... Which one!?

Love Flops

Asahi Kashiwagi lives the typical life of an average high school student—until the day a TV fortune teller's predictions come true one after another, culminating in a series of risqué encounters! Destiny seemingly draws five beautiful girls into Asahi's path, and soon he finds himself fielding not one, not two, but five love confessions. Asahi will need to follow his heart to find the perfect love for him, or else his love fortunes may end in one epic flail and flop.

Last Karte – Houjuuigakusha Touma Kenshou no Kioku

He has the ability and is interested in "law and veterinary medicine". Sousuke Ibarato, a classmate, is helping a family member who is a veterinarian. Two people who are interested in "animals" recognize each other's abilities in the wake of a certain incident and deepen their relationship as friends. This is a story that spins the "soul" of animals

Taekwondo Kid

Ihn Kim is an explosive Taekwondo fighter who can throw brutal kicks, but his opponents don’t take him seriously because he’s held back by all the sparring rules. However, changes are coming in the Taekwondo world that just might give Ihn a fighting chance. Can Ihn beat the people who once mocked him and show everyone that his style of Taekwondo is no joke?

The Grim Reaper Falls in Love With a Human

"You can see me again?"One day "Human" was overworked from his black company and about to die... And saw a Grim Reaper! But even though her job is to collect souls, "Grim-chan" instead takes care of "Human" so he doesn't die....?

Days with A Girl

Yokoi Taku has trouble getting along with people, so he moved to Tokyo as soon as he graduated from high school. He now lives alone, making a living by delivering newspapers and drawing doujinshi, though people totally ignore his non-erotic works. One day, a girl named Saitou Megumi suddenly shows up at his door, claiming that she came all the way from Tottori to meet him because she's a big fan of one of his doujinshi. It ends up that she has faced many hardships herself, and with no intention of leaving, she ends up living with him. [Written by Denji]

Shadow Eliminators

Kasane are spirits who latch onto the shadows of people's hearts. But as long as Yayoi and Aoba are around, evil spirits won't be hurting any students at the school! Beautiful art and occult action! The door to the unknown has now been opened...

Parasyte Reversi

A spin-off of the series that focuses on the son of mayor Takeshi Hirokawa investigating his father's secret relationships with the alien Parasites. (Source: Manga Machinations)

Two on Ice

One day, Hayuma meets a familiar girl on the skating rink. She turns out to be Kisara, the one who inspired him to get into skating years ago. But why did she suddenly vanish from the world of figure skating? There will be fire on the ice when a self-taught skater with a dream and a former figure skating prodigy team up!
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