I Became A Childhood Friend of A Mid Level Boss

Do Kyunwoo is the black sheep of his renowned swordsman family. He cannot even catch a rabbit on his own. On his first day of fifth grade, he meets a tranfer student and recalls his past life. He had reincarnated into the world of a game he used to play called [Brave Hearts]. He was already frustrated that he had reincarnated as a loser, but on top of that, the transfer student is an intermediate/mid-tier boss who will destroy the world! “Why are you being so nice to me?” “Because I want to be friends with you.” Do Kyunwoo’s plan is to become friends with the transfer student in order to prevent the end of the world! In order to survive in this new world and to reach an ending he desires. He becomes childhood friends with a mid level boss.

Ossan Yuusha wa Kajiya de Slow Life Hajimemashita

The old man's new occupation is...a blacksmith! One day, office worker Heiji was suddenly summoned to another world as a "decoration hero" with no unique skills. After retiring from his job as a hero, he decided to start a blacksmith business at the age of 40! The dragon girl Cruel and the white wolf girl Suu also come to the forge and enjoy a happy slow life. On the other hand, in the royal palace where Heiji is gone, the quality of the weapons produced begins to decline...? A heartwarming slow life story of a brave old man enjoying his second life!

What's for Lunch, Today?

Hungry time is happy time! Yuzuru Okazaki, who works at a video game company, is a lonely company worker who is not good at socializing with others. His only bliss at the office is to eat his lunch box, which he makes by himself! One day, while he was having his usual happy lunch time, an intruder, Maria Sakaue, an idol of the PR department, came to ruin it. What’s more, she is demanding that I give her my lunch box…? Their secret lunch time begins..!

My Gemini

Who died at that time... Which one? John is red-haired and freckled. His only pride is that he is a close friend of the school's popular twins, Jekyll and Hyde. The twins always pretended to be each other, but suddenly one of the twins died. Who was left... Which one!?

Shiretto Sugee Koto Iteru Gal. – Shiritsu Para no Marukoukou no Nichijou

Youth = friendship, effort, and future prediction!A very ordinary and supernatural daily life sent by the strongest and invincible gal with different abilities.

Delusional Teacher

The beautiful English teacher Momoko Irosaki receives what she thinks are the lustful gazes of her male students every day... or so she misunderstands!? What goes on in the school life of a teacher who inadvertently indulges in fantasies full of allure...?

Reincarnated. The Sword Saint Who Became A Shorty Prince To His Former Disciples ~ I Don't Want My Former Disciples To Find Out

Sword Saint Brise saved the country with his unique swordsmanship.At the end of his magnificent life, he is reincarnated as the country's youngest prince, still retaining his memories.He seeks freedom again and aspires to enter the elementary school of knight school.Even though he is an invincible swordsman, he unexpectedly fails! “I came to get you.”He looks like a child, but inside he's an invincible former swordsman.In his reincarnation, he is picked up by his former disciple!?

Heisei Surviving Soldier ⭐ Sumire-chan

A formerly unsuccessful idol turned vagrant, “Sumire-chan” (31 y.o.)A vanquished survivor of the cutthroat competition in the showbiz world, with her mind and body both beaten by the struggle, she now lives in a run-down apartment where she spends her days lazing around, for the time being. Her cousin “Yuusei”, a first-year highschooler, has been keeping an eye on her and comes to her with a proposal for a moneymaking idea.”You have a nice body, so let’s release a doujin gravure photobook.”Will Sumire-chan actually be able to stage a comeback in the world of the Reiwa era!? Let’s stay tuned!

Our Banri will be in your care

[A romantic comedy set in the entertainment industry.] Nanase, a university student, is forced by unavoidable circumstances to work as a temporary manager for hotshot actor Narita Banri. On the outside, Banri is an attractive, refreshing, and good-natured young man. However, behind the scenes, he is a mischievous and arrogant celebrity towards his management. Nanase and Banri clashes heads every second they spend alone together, but they never forget to act cheerful and professional in public. Could there be any romantic feelings behind all their ruthless bickering?

Akumade Kujaku no Hanashi desu.

Kuji Yakurou is a teacher who was cheated on and dumped by his girlfriend because of his "lack of masculinity". Shouldn't the world be gender-free? He is in anguish, and then Akano, a model, influencer, high achiever, and head of the biology department, appears before him and asks him to be the advisor of the biology department. She then begins to explain why "masculinity" is necessary to be popular after all, using the flamboyant feathers of a peacock as an example of "biology"...! This is a biological comedy that confronts you with the brutal truth!

Goze Hotaru

After losing her mother early on, Hotaru, a girl surrounded by warmth and tranquility, finds her life taking a dramatic turn. An unexpected event draws her into the world of “Goze,” setting her on a path through unknown lands with music as her guide. Armed with her talent and a heart full of questions, she embarks on a quest, seeking her missing father and her true calling...!

Madougu no Shuuriya Hajimemashita

Setsu is a high school girl who is summoned to another world. But it seems that she was just caught up in the summoning of a "hero"! She is banished from the royal castle for having no talents, but somehow manages to start a life in the royal capital. But living on your own for the first time can be tough. The food tastes terrible! And she also fails miserably at her job. But then her talent as a magic item craftsman is discovered! A hard-working girl carves out her own destiny! A different-world fantasy, begins!

The Novice Alchemist's Store

For an orphan who had no family for the rest of their life, the only way to become an upstart was to obtain the national qualification as an alchemist. After graduating from the Royal Alchemist Training School, which acknowledged nothing but ability, my master (teacher) gave me the right to open my own shop as a graduation present. After being sent off by my generous master, I, Sarasa, set out with a dream of having a slightly elegant life as an alchemist. But… As soon as I arrived at my destination, I was shocked. Because… I arrived in a ‘very rural’ area that was beyond my imagination. However, if I couldn’t run my shop in this place, I wouldn’t be able to make a living…

Akanabe-sensei Doesn't Know about Embarrassment

Koki Sakieda is an assistant for Akira Akanabe, a manga artist he admires, who always tries to praise him in some way. Sakieda is worried that he will end up falling in love with her if this situation continues. Then Akanabe unexpectedly asks him to go out with her... The story depicts the daily life of Akanabe-sensei, who lavishes praise on Sakieda without embarrassment, and Sakieda, who tries to accept it all gracefully.

Set it and Forget it

At 25, Fuko’s true love isn’t romance; it’s food. Her path to cooking begins with a lucky bingo win—a nifty rice cooker! But with her kitchen occupied by her pet hermit crab, Hikki, Fuko has to get creative... Cooking with only a rice cooker?! Challenge accepted! Join Fuko as she steams ahead in this lazy gourmet adventure!

I Was Transferred To Another World And Became A Teacher, But I'm Feared As A Witch: Aoi-sensei's Academy Struggle Log

Aoi is a new teacher who has been transported to another world. Aoi is picked up by Owen, an elf, and as they live together, Aoi masters more and more of Owen's magic and even surpasses him. In order to refine her magic further, she is assigned to teach at the Fiddick Academy, a school of magic! Aoi starts her teaching career showcasing overwhelming magical abilities, and she is not daunted by the aristocratic troublemakers who dominate the academy. However, her abilities have become the talk of the school... Aoi's life as a new teacher at the academy begins with a tumultuous start...!
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