Sanpei Momokuri's intention to work in a government office collides with the reality he receives. At work, he's in the Special Maneuvering Division, whose job is... does not do anything? Inspired by Sanpei's quest to help a young boy find a turtle in a ditch, the mayor of Sakaue transforms the Special Maneuvering Division into KAMOSHIKA?

Tokimori-san is Completely Defenseless!!

Tokimori-san is a beautiful and successful woman. But when she's off the job, she tends to be a bit absent-minded! Living together with the charming Tokimori-san always makes me nervous!

My Jelly Friend

In a strange twist of fate, Jing Qiu, a teenager living on an alternate Earth full of magical creatures, picked up a sticky slime. To his surprise, the little slime could transform into an adorable little boy, and also possessed an unbelievable identity! Nián Hú Hú De Nǐ The Slimy You 黏糊糊的你

My Unexpected Marriage

Laritte Brumayer, the illegitimate daughter of a count grew up in an abusive household. As if that wasn't enough, she's sent to marry Duke Ian Reinhardt after he was killed and named a traitor, instead of her sister. Despite her dreary prospects of being a dead man's wife, Laritte is ecstatic to escape and start her new life! Just as she's settling in, Ian returns, claiming he was framed. Though wary of him at first, she agrees to help clear his name, oblivious to the hardships that lie ahead...

Nights with a Cat

When Fuuta comes home tired at night, all he wants to do is spend time with his sister’s cat, Kyuruga. So many of the mysterious habits and mannerisms of house cats—from the surprising array of shapes Kyuruga likes to twist into, to the bizarre challenge of getting a good photo of him, to his lightning-fast mood changes—are carefully reproduced in this relaxed and cute comedy about living with an adorable furball!

Like, Share and Subscribe

When vlogger meets top-of-the-industry writer, what could go wrong? Everything! Nothing has gone my way ever since meeting her. Hu Luoluo, on the brink of having her vlogger account relinquished, is shoved into the path of scandal-ridden writer extraordinaire Song Li purely by accident. Being featured on hot topics, paired up as a couple, finally gaining traffic... Will it finally make her the greatest vlogger of all time?

Untouchable (Wen Yangdao)

A bad boy on the surface, a good kid on the inside; A bully on the surface, but a mischievous little devil on the inside. Two teenagers with different lives and different personalities develop a wonderful friendship by sheer chance. How will they make it last? "Untouchable" is here to answer that! 触不可及

The Saintess Wants Overtime Pay: I Don't Want the Prince, I Want Money

Cocoa Spice, a kind-hearted Saintess with fragile beauty and powerful holy magic ......This is only a front. The true nature of the saintly woman is that she is a very careful person who is working hard to save money for her retirement. She was originally a street child, and she was determined to make a living on her own, without relying on others. That pride has carried on now that she has become the Saintess. The prestige of the Pope? A love call from a prince? The clutches of a gangster? Whatever the obstacle, if I don't like it, I will strike in every possible way!

Search and Discovery with my Isekai Elf

One day home from work, the exhausted salaryman Amano's bath time is interrupted by an elf suddenly emerging from the tub! This clumsy but kind of brilliant otherworldly elf comes to the human world to take it easy and enjoy reading some manga.

Excellent Property: This Dormitory Is Full of Losers ~Communal Toilets and Angels~

A story about a 70-year-old super cheap apartment named "Damesou" near the coast of a rural village with a communal bathroom, washstand, kitchen, and toilets, and the losers taking residence here!

Last Gender: When We Are Nameless

This is a partner-swapping sex club "BAR California" where people of different genders, propensities and sexual orientations gather to find a certain "something." There are as many sexualities as there are people. A collection of stories about sex and love.

Amid the Changing Seasons

As the seasons pass, we meet, we part, and we find love in all sorts of places... This love story began in a cafe. Have you ever run into someone you know at an unexpected place? Maybe it’s your friend or a friend of a friend? Our lives intertwine and connect as we live our stories filled with love and pain. Imagine yourself in a cafe enjoying a meal or sipping a cup of coffee and getting lost in your thoughts. Look around -- who is sitting next to you?
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