Occhoko Doji Onee-san

She may seem like a beautiful, sophisticated woman! But on the inside, she is just a XXX lady. The more she tries to act like an mature adult in front of younger boys, the more twisted and perverted she gets! A popular love-comedy that has received over 300,000 likes on Twitter.

Nami no Shijima no Horizont

In that coastal town, I fell in love for the first time.Riku, an elementary school student who loves soccer, and Iori,Riku’s older brother’s ex-girlfriend high school girl.A stretched-out first love story just before puberty.

Ouma Kurashi no Yakko-san

"Where am I…?" While job hunting, she wanders into an otherworldly town. The inhabitants are all fantastical creatures and youkai, and she is the only human. While wondering what to do, a tengu girl persuades her to help keep the peace among the inhabitants. Now she finds herself working for a tengu, cleaning up after the town's mess!

Aru Majo ga Shinu Made – Owari no Kotoba to Hajimari no Namida

"You're going to die. One year to go." On the day of her 17th birthday, Meg Raspberry, an apprentice witch, receives a sudden death sentence from her teacher Faust, a witch of long standing. In order to lift the curse of her "death sentence," she must collect human "tears of joy" to create the "seed of life." Can Meg, an energetic, headstrong, and sometimes impudent apprentice witch, bring joy to people and avoid the fate of death...! This is a story of a gentle miracle performed by an inexperienced witch who has been told she has only one year to live.

As You Wish, Sister

One day, the demon Clod comes to high school student Sister Kurisu Ibarakawa. He says that he has a contract with Kurisu's estranged father to make her happy. He is very serious even for a demon, and says, "I will definitely make you happy," and uses various kinds of magic.... Will Kurisu be able to follow the path of a pure and righteous sister?

Kemono Joushi ni Jitsuwa Mitomerarete Ita Hanashi

In a world where beastmen stand on top of humans, OL Saki continues to struggle to lose. Saki endured the days of power harassment from her boss, but one day she was suddenly called by the company president, Atlas. I'll do my best! Mofumofu story with 100% power of healing ♪

Kusunoki-san Failed to Debut in High School

After his traumatic years in junior high school, the ultra-introvert Shizuki Keisuke decides to turn his life around, and gives himself a complete make-over for his high school "debut." His new high school life seems promising, as no one is aware of his hidden past...except for one person: Kusunoki Shizuka, who also changed herself in pursuit of a more successful high school life! As their fates intertwine, will Keisuke ultimately be able live a peaceful life in high school...?!

Farming in the tower alone

One day, a mysterious tower suddenly appeared in the city. The people decided to call it a dungeon, and while it was full of rugged terrain and dangerous monsters, it was also a land of opportunity, where countless treasures awaited. When Sejun, a young man living an ordinary life, is invited to the dungeon by chance, he is thrilled at the prospect of becoming rich, but he is stranded in a hidden area of the mysterious tower. All he has is a few seeds and his body. Now Sejun must farm, collect resources, and figure out his own survival strategy!

Don't Cry

When a young Reya Tang thwarted a kidnapping attempt on her friend, it left her blind and shunned by her family. A chance encounter brings Zayn Luo into her life and their surprising connections (including being engaged to her horrible sister!) keep pulling them back together. She wants nothing to do with this bad boy and yet the usually cold and standoffish Zayn can’t help but be drawn to her. He’ll basically do anything, yes, ANYTHING, to stay in her life! But how can he get closer to her if he constantly keeps her in the dark?

Starting Gate!: Uma Musume Pretty Derby

A manga part of the Uma Musume Project by Cygames, a game and an anime. It follows Special Week, an aspiring horsegirl athlete-idol, as she transfers in to the Traincent Academy to follow her dreams.

Oukyuu wo Tsuihousareta Seijo desu ga, Jitsu wa Honmono no Akujo wa Imouto da to Kidzuite mo Mou Osoi – Watashi wa Kachi wo Mitomete Kureru Koushaku to Shiawase ni narimasu

Saint Clarice is suddenly told by the prince she loves that she is no longer engaged to him, and that her own sister, Lisha, is his new fiancée. Furthermore, the prince orders Clarice to marry the Duke of Alt, who is famous for his ugly face. When she visits the Duchy of Alt by royal order, she meets the Duke, who has a hideous appearance that takes her breath away. The Duke had led an unhappy life because of his face, and even his heart had become desolate. However, when he met the kind-hearted Clarice, he regained his natural warmth. The two begin to be attracted to each other, and the new life they lead together is...

Slacking Master Komukai-san won't let me off!

Kuraishi is an introverted high school boy with a mean look, no friends, and seriousness as his only merit. He has always kept a low profile, until his peaceful life was shattered by a girl. Komukai-san is a minefield (?) of a girl, a delinquent who keeps trying to convince Kuraishi to skip school! She'll miss classes, skip cram school, and ignore her parents. But Kuraishi couldn't help but be attracted to the mysterious Komukai-san, as she tempts him in increasingly bold ways!!

School Back

Fushimi is a janitor at a high school. She is tall. She works hard. She likes canned coffee. And she talks to us at the right distance. At the moment I am suffering from people who think they are adults. I am wondering what kind of adult I should be now. If you feel that way, please come and see Fushimi. Maybe you will feel relieved or have an insight.

My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!

Manaka Sakiko is a huge fan of Chihiro, an idol from the idol group Haruiro Sunshine, and on her first day of high school she finds out the new girl sitting next to her is none other than Chihiro herself. No one else recognises Chihiro, so Sakiko resolves to keep her knowledge under wraps, but when she accidentally slips and reveals she's a fan, she unwittingly makes herself the enemy of another Chihiro devotee, one who isn't keen on sharing.

I'm Not Meat

In this wild, new sex comedy, you’ve never seen cougars like this! Usahara Kunio is a handsome copywriter at an ad agency with a bright future ahead of him. But he has a terrible secret; he is afraid of women. Whenever a woman makes a move on him, he can only see an apex predator. Weddings, restaurants, and even work aren’t safe. Unfortunately, he is working on a new ad campaign for a dating app. He needs to get more familiar with the world of sex and romance. It will take all his cunning and wildlife knowledge to not get torn apart. Can he survive? A tale filled with desires both carnivorous and carnal!

Superstar From Age 0

From elves, fairies, slimes, gift items, devils and more, countless and thousands of reincarnations have led to a new life. I, Lee Seo Jun, have been reborn as a human child! In the library of my life, where memories of my previous lives remain like fairy tales, I happen to see a past life with the dream life I desperately wanted. On top of that, I’ve been given abilities that grabs people’s attention! With my hansome face doing all the hard work! My insane acting skills! This time, at long last, I will achieve my dream and become a superstar! Wet’s dow it! (Baby Accent)
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