Sorry, My Skills Are Automatically Maxed Out!

Jiang Li, after being reborn on the Blue Star, has passed eighteen years. With his excellent learning ability, he is praised by everyone as a genius. However, this genius, during the Awakening Ceremony at the age of eighteen, only awakened as an ordinary mage, mocked by his enemies. However, only Jiang Li knows at this moment that he has awakened a divine-level talent, and all his skills are automatically at max level! With his auditing talent, Jiang Li levels up and clears stages all the way, establishing a guild and achieving unprecedented glory! Eighteen years have passed since Jiang Li was reborn on Blue Star. With his excellent learning ability, he was hailed as a genius by everyone. And it was such a genius who only awakened into an ordinary mage during the awakening ceremony at the age of eighteen, and was ridiculed by his enemies. However, only Jiang Li knew at this time that he had awakened his god-level talent, and all his skills were automatically maxed out! Relying on his talent, Jiang Li advanced all the way through the ranks, established a trade union, and gained unprecedented glory!

As a Member of the [Demi-God] Race, I Want to Live a Normal Life in Another World

Saionji Ryoma, a young man, thought he was at home, but suddenly found himself in a strange hut. While he was confused, he suddenly received an email on his smartphone, which for some reason he had with him, from someone calling himself "the god of games and pleasure." To his surprise, in response to a wish that Reima had muttered, he was invited to another world. Not only did he have his smartphone equipped with cheat functions, but he also received the bonus of being transported as an ultra-rare species, a demi-god! Although confused, Reima is excited that he has "come to the other world he has dreamed of," and follows the tutorial displayed on his smartphone to head to the city. However, those around him do not miss him as a demigod!?

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (Mafia Alternate Universe)

The beloved characters of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun star in this Mafia-based spinoff! Young Iruma saves an injured mob boss from death... and then becomes his grandson!?

Real World Mobile

Gang-u Choi is an ordinary high school student who likes video games. One day, he hears that his favorite game store is going out of business. When he visits the shop one last time, the store owner hands him a QR code for a mobile game. Gang-u starts up the game out of curiosity, but something feels off…. His mission is to drink 3 glasses of water?! When he decides to ignore the mission, he suddenly receives a penalty in real life! As the missions get more dangerous, will Gang-u be able to protect his reality?

Hebigami-sama to Nagamimi no Miko

Mizuha, the old elf god, works as a shrine maiden at a shrine dedicated to the snake god. She is always being swayed by a free-spirited and worldly god. The interspecies comedy of the uneven duo brought to you by Okamura of “The Lizard Explodes” opens!!

Hoshino-kun Please Follow My Lead!

Hoshino, a member of the baseball club meets Yamada, a classmate who has just transferred to his new school. She cries loudly that she was “mugged” and makes a certain “request” to him.The world’s funniest master-slave relationship between a clueless girl and a good-natured little guy is about to begin.Big Comics Release

The Listeners Tricked Me Into Doing an Escape RTA From the Lowest Level of the Dungeon!

A dungeon explorer, or dungeon tuber, is a person who explores dungeons while streaming. On his first day of broadcasting, a rookie dungeon tuber, Sekai Kotoba, is accidentally transported to the lowest level of the dungeon, which he has not yet explored. The bottom level is a sea of lava, and he is suddenly doomed! He is level 2, his skills are non-combat related, and he has no knowledge of dungeons. The only people he can rely on are the listeners on the feed! Aim for the upper levels by relying on the comments!

Machi and Oboro

From Miyagi to the bustling life of a Tokyo high school, Machi Nishina wanted anything but the ordinary. Her wish is granted in the most unexpected way when she encounters Oboro Kasumi, a classmate harboring a secret, who ends up following her home...?! A new era of friendship and youthful comedy unfolds!

I’m So Hungry I Could Eat Basashi

Kaede, a high school student, has won first place in an art contest with a painting of her favorite food, basashi. The painting was hung up at her school, making her instantly become the talk of the town. Even the scary-looking boy, Satomi, has taken notice of her work. Satomi actually has a secret he can't tell anyone…! Could basashi really be the thing that brings these two together?!


Born to the boss of a hitman agency, fourth grader Mark Maruoka spent his whole life being groomed into an elite assassin. But when his latest target turns out to be “the legendary assassin,” Mark starts to question his own role in this world of shadows...?!

What's for Lunch, Today?

Hungry time is happy time! Yuzuru Okazaki, who works at a video game company, is a lonely company worker who is not good at socializing with others. His only bliss at the office is to eat his lunch box, which he makes by himself! One day, while he was having his usual happy lunch time, an intruder, Maria Sakaue, an idol of the PR department, came to ruin it. What’s more, she is demanding that I give her my lunch box…? Their secret lunch time begins..!

Genius Martial Arts Trainer

During the great pandemic, my gym went under. While desperately trying to make ends meet, I possessed a character in Murim. I was excited to see that I was in the Shaolin Temple, but what the hell? Everyone’s bodies are wrecked from working out the wrong way! How can I just sit back and watch when I used to be a personal trainer?! I’ll teach you the correct, modern exercise methods and heal you all with low-frequency treatment and infrared therapy using inner energy! X Days until the Shaolin Gym opens

Shiretto Sugee Koto Iteru Gal. – Shiritsu Para no Marukoukou no Nichijou

Youth = friendship, effort, and future prediction!A very ordinary and supernatural daily life sent by the strongest and invincible gal with different abilities.

Gal Can’t Be Kind to Otaku!?

Takuya Seo is an otaku who likes "anime for girls" and can't say he likes it out loud. One day, he hooks up with two gals from his class, Amane and Ijichi, but it seems that Amane is also an otaku... It's about a school romantic comedy where the otaku meets the gal he likes!

See Only Me Me Me Me Me...

My 18 year old high school girlfriend keeps asking for baby twins as her birthday present. Her birthday present to me was the marriage certificate receipt, which I cant remember filling out.

How to Love a Misfit

“No talent, no money, no education. A worthless person, bottom of the barrel.””But… just seeing you like that makes me feel so happy.”Shinba, an unemployed young man, is what someone could call a useless person.For some reason, such a man is dating a cool and beautiful woman named Hizumi.For the sake of Hizumi, whom he loves very much, Shinba tries to graduate from being a useless person, but his efforts are always in vain.She ridicule, sneers and deny him. She whisper words of love to him and stays by his side.An imbalanced love story, presented by a useless man and a devilish girlfriend, open its curtains to the world.
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