The Archmage’s Restaurant

A man who was reincarnated in another world as a 9th class wizard and retired after saving the continent from a dragon war. He decides to open a small restaurant in the countryside, but his routine is anything but ordinary. On the second floor of his restaurant, there lives a black dragon who has transformed into a woman, named Rurin. She is greedy, cute and loyal to him, but also ignorant and clueless about the human world. They live a fun and warm life, serving customers, solving problems and growing violets in the garden.

I Became the World's Strongest Witch: I Will Live Freely in a World Where Only I can Access the "Guide Site"

An unknown skill turns into unlimited power with divine knowledge [Internet]! "To manifest an SSS rank with the weakest skill is a disgrace!" Rona is a girl who was expelled from her home due to her lack of money, food, and power. Lost and hopeless, she suddenly hears the words... "Would you like some guidance?" She discovers how to utilize her unique SSS rank skill: [Internet], which she alone possesses. The true nature of this skill is the ability to access this world's 'guide sites' - an extraordinary cheat skill! Endless production of valuable items! Acquiring ultra-rare equipment! Thanks to her skill, she can do as she pleases...!

Otogi no Uta: Chronicle

In order to obtain the "ending" that will make all their wishes come true, the songwriters decide to fight with the power of their music. What awaits them is either hope or――。

Dragon Yashinatte Kudasai

One day, a college student named Murakami encounters a dragon named Ilsela who came from another world. Ilsela, who aims to be an 'Ichiryumae,' seems to want someone to 'adopt' them while they train in the human world...?! Eating, sleeping, and playing with a dragon. A relaxed fantasy in a six-tatami room.

Damn Demonic Swords

Zegar is a hero who avoids problems at all costs. The only thing he fears are demonic swords, evil weapons that try to possess their wielders. But for some reason, they never stop chasing after him and sticking to him. Zegar just wanted to live a quiet life, doing small missions and staying out of trouble. But, unintentionally, he becomes the center of several events that shake the fantastic continent. “Ah… Damn.” He regrets it, but it's too late. If he can't run away, he only has one option: cut his enemies with demonic swords!

Hikikomori Princess and Dokuzetsu Knight

Rusty is a "reclusive and stubborn" princess. Edward, the young ace of the Knights, is ordered to get her out of her room. He is popular for his angelic kindness, but his true nature is that of a "poisonous villain". Rusty is at the mercy of this man who will stop at nothing to become the Commander of the Knights, but what are his true intentions...? The knight's affection (?)

I don't really understand the different world, but I got champagne!!!

Leo opened his long-awaited store and gained the position of top host. However, the peak night collapses in an instant. I don’t really understand the other world, but if I put champagne, I can’t do anything about it! Welcome to another world host club, Hime

We kissed even though we are just friends

Ao and Keita, who attend the same high school, live next door to each other and have been childhood friends ever since Keita moved in when they were in middle school. Even though they're just friends who always goof around together, Ao suddenly notices that Keita has been looking cool lately...

Defective Goddess' Genesis of Another World

Artesia Gaia Nagasus, The goddess of creation went into a deep slumber in order to bring new life to the fallen planet, And to prepare for the inevitable arrival of the Brave, whom she would then provide with guidance. However, she woke up too early… Not only was there no Brave waiting for her, she was met with an extremely cold glacial period without intelligent life…?! She just wants to be worshipped and fall in love! This is a tale of creation, starring a defective goddess who can’t help but mess with humanity, and her journey to set the world in motion – with a few troubles here, and a little hard work there.

The President's Special Instructions

Choi Jung-woo, President of G Cosmetics, an emerging brand in the cosmetics industry and her secretary, Shin Soohyun, an excellent worker with incomparable beauty. One day, a special order from the President came: "Shin Secretary, marry me." . The marriage conditions are so awesome, right?!! Follow those two people office romance! An unpredictable love story!

Mysterious Eel

A school wonder life of two girls! Nagi, a girl who sees stars in her eyes when she wanders, and Yu, who cares for her. Their friendship is at the mercy of mysterious events that occur one after another.

Ashita in Hell

Ashita, a high schooler who will do anything for love, falls down the stairs after a heartbreak. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself crossing the River Styx in the arms of a beautiful woman. Gently comforted by Gasha, the woman, Ashita agrees to go on a trip to Hell. Then Gasha, the headmaster of a school for demons, decides to enroll Ashita...! His school life of bloodshed begins!

Tayutau Kemuri wa Tsukamenai

Chiaki, a college student without a girlfriend, meets Miyako, a waitress at a shisha store, through a matching app recommended by a friend. This is a love story that lyrically depicts a faint love that begins with a matching app and shisha.

The World of That Otome Games is Tough for Us

Leon was reincarnated in the world of an otome game that he was forced by his sister to conquer just before his death. He tried to live a peaceful life as a mob character, but he encountered a scene where a female student ignored the flow of the story and tried to become the main character. Leon ended up seizing Marie, a girl who had a similar atmosphere to his sister from his previous life, and succeeded in thwarting the scheme. It should have have been the right choice... but why was he feeling uneasy about it?

Karakai Jouzu (?) no Nishikata-san

In this spinoff of "Karakai jouzu no Takagi-san", and continuation of "Karakai Jouzu no (moto) Takagi-san", Chi Nishikata tries her hardest to tease her classmate Ooshiro, but for some reason it feels like she's met him somewhere. Can she finally get one over on him and remember her past?

From Superfan to Stepsister

When my mom announced her remarriage, I knew I would be getting a stepbrother. But to my surprise, it was my idol, the super famous model Noa! He has made a name for himself with his cold attitude, but for some reason, he is extremely nice to me! The number one model waking me up in the mornings, helping me with my homework... and even giving me the occasional hug?! What other wholesome antics can we expect from this mysterious idol?! (Manga Up! Global)
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