Hachiro Kurokin, a receiver who joined "Carbons" at the end of the year ranked eighth in the high school draft, aims to win the championship and MVP in the first year of joining the team because he is married to his friend. from childhood, Suzu. , who is in love with him!

Sudachi's Demon Lord Castle

The manga centers on Murabito, who runs an item shop in a world where the hero has defeated the demon lord. In a world that’s too peaceful, people are not really coming to his shop, which worries Murabito. Then one day, a young woman shows up, whose true identity is unknown.

Occhoko Doji Onee-san

She may seem like a beautiful, sophisticated woman! But on the inside, she is just a XXX lady. The more she tries to act like an mature adult in front of younger boys, the more twisted and perverted she gets! A popular love-comedy that has received over 300,000 likes on Twitter.

Meiten Restaurant

Motharo Rose Garden, a sergeant of a conglomerate, was enjoying a rosy life with his money. One day, he is hit by a truck and wakes up in the "other world", where a mysterious restaurant called "Meiten Restaurant" offers the dead a "last supper" to bring them back to heaven...A gourmet fantasy x human drama!

Danzaisareteiru Akuyaku Reijou to Irekawatte Konyakusha-tachi wo Buttobashitara, Dekiai ga Matte Imashita

"If I were her, I'd blow them away..." I was reincarnated due to a traffic accident, and in the world of an otome game, I was replaced by the villainess daughter Alexandra during a condemnation event. Manipulated by the heroine's enchanting magic, she blows away her fiancée, the second prince, and just when she thought it was going to be a happy ending, the world collapsed, and she had to start over from her childhood――!? Moved to avoid the event. Then, instead of her ex-fiancée's second prince, she begins to be attracted to the older, high-spec handsome crown prince, but... The thrilling romantic comedy fantasy from "Let's become a novelist" finally opens!

Mamono wo Pet-ka suru Nouryoku ga Mezamemashita – Uchinoko, Kawaii keredo Saikyou desu!?

Toru, a tired office worker, finds herself in another world. A huge dragon and a handsome man appear at the destination. When Toru holds up her hand, the dragon suddenly becomes smaller and more adorable! The handsome man, Knight Commander Zailard, welcomes her as the 'Saint of Salvation', But another saint has already appeared...

The Dark Maid Dominates!

Natsume Hilbright, a girl who has just lost her mother. Surrounded by her loving father and friends, she misses celebrating her birthday without her mother. Meanwhile, she happens to meet Jupiter, a boy who claims to be the Prince of the Demon World, and a beautiful girl named Glance, who is said to be his maid.

My Roommate Isn't From This World

The young man’s new apartment is haunted, but as it turns out, even the dead have their own personal shortcomings… issues of the flesh included.For the dead have lingering desires, and are more susceptible to the world of the living than what one may think. There’s anger, there’s hate, there’s curiosity… and there’s love too.Here he finds a ghastly girl who observes him quietly, certainly desiring something…(No wonder the rent is cheap!)

I Was Called Inept at Home, but Turns Out I'm Super Adept Compared to the Rest of the World

Noah was raised by his exceptionally capable older sisters. He leaves his home to the nearby city to become an adventurer, but every time he performs he shocks those who witness him with wonder... “Wait? Am I actually strong...?” He really shouldn’t be surprised by his abilities when all five of his older sisters that raised him are the worlds greatest in their respective fields! He has unbelievable potential! Here begins Noah’s shining new life getting the acknowledgment he deserves, but his older sisters are chasing after him...? He who was supposed to be inept is actually a super rookie! Noah’s life as an adventurer begins!! Less...

My Man's Soul ♡ Sacrifice

In order to lose my family's debt (4 billion), I decided to go to a girls' school by dressing as a woman, as per the order of "a pervert who loves romantic comedy and has too much power". School life is full of confusion, but fortunately in the midst of misfortune, all the members of the student council are "men" who go to girls' schools in the same circumstances. Can you win a peaceful school life despite the perverted old man who wants romantic comedy troubles?

Gendai de Monster Kujo Gyousha wo Yattetara Shachou ga Akaji wo Nantoka suru Tame ni Muri wo Shitasei de Shain no Hotondo ga Shin dakara Zutto Hitori de Shigoto wo Shitetara Sugoi Koto ni Narimashita

Fifty years have passed since monsters [alien species] began appearing in the world. Arano, an ordinary young man, uses his experience and imagination to fight today's dangerous monsters!

The Soul Spewing Wielder

One day, a high school boy who just wants to be popular encounters a cute girl being attacked by the spirit of a fallen warrior! He rushes in to save her, only to suddenly lose consciousness…? Check out this explosive occult x battle comedy!!

Kokoro no Koe ga Kikoeru Akuyaku Reijou wa, Kyou mo Koinu Denka ni Honrousareru

Eleanor, the villainous daughter of an otome game, was still young when she heard someone else's "voice of the heart" for the first time. Tired of calculations, blatant favors, slander, and heartless honesty, she eventually closed her heart and gave up on love. At that time, he meets the first prince, Asher, at a ball. With a neat face and a calm voice, anyone would think that he was the perfect person―― "Fuu, I'm nervous. Alright, let's do our best! Ei, ei, oh!" In fact, he was a bearish and too pure prince! ? For the first time, Eleanor is curious about him, who has a pleasant "voice of the heart". Eventually, it turns into love...?

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? (Comic Book Ver.)

Star secretary Miso Kim has been by vice-chairman Youngjun Lee’s side through thick and thin for nine years...until she suddenly quits! Her unexpected declaration throws Youngjun for a loop. After all, what more could she want in life to abandon an excellent job working for a boss like him? So when Miso reveals she’s leaving to finally live her own life and find love, he sets out to prove that he’s the ultimate catch—whatever it takes to convince her to stay!

Scarlet Star

In New Pantheon City, monstrous "Voids" have plagued the people for over 500 years. However, they are not without their protectors- Immortal Magical guardians are also there to fight back against them. Living in New Pantheon City is Mars Hino- a troubled outcast. Because of his reputation, vulgar personality, and lack of social finesse, he has finds himself entering high school alone. That is before he meets the hero of the Blunbell district, the magical girl Scarlet Star- who chooses him for a higher duty
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