The Nebula’s Civilization

Choi Seong-woon, achieves the top rank in the game “Lost World,” successfully completing all the game’s achievements. However, his joy doesn’t last long when he receives a suspicious email and is summoned to the real “Lost World,” where he embarks on a competition to become a “god.”

Escape from Another World

Kim Seo-jun, a new college student living an ordinary life. Something like a webtoon or web novel happens to him, where he ends up in a different fantasy world. He feels like he has become the main character and is excited for a while, but then a royal murder case occurs before his eyes and Kim Seo-jun is framed as the culprit. As a result, Kim Seo-jun is trapped in Gehenna, a prison in another world. Will he be able to escape this world?

Reincarnated. The Sword Saint Who Became A Shorty Prince To His Former Disciples ~ I Don't Want My Former Disciples To Find Out

Sword Saint Brise saved the country with his unique swordsmanship.At the end of his magnificent life, he is reincarnated as the country's youngest prince, still retaining his memories.He seeks freedom again and aspires to enter the elementary school of knight school.Even though he is an invincible swordsman, he unexpectedly fails! “I came to get you.”He looks like a child, but inside he's an invincible former swordsman.In his reincarnation, he is picked up by his former disciple!?

The Indomitable Martial King

A world where humans sell and buy otherworldly species as slaves. The great mage Rifenhardt is treated like the Demon King for helping the otherworldly species. A party of heroes arrive to bring down the Demon King! Rifenhardt succeeds in greatly injuring the heroes, but he faces death at the hands of the MARTIAL KING??! Tesslon… "Time and Space Regression Spell." However, he miraculously manages to cast this last-resort spell and regresses to the past. But… "I became the MARTIAL KING??! Tesslon, one of the heroes who tried to kill me and the strongest on the continent?!" Now begins Rifenhardt's adventures as both a great mage and the physically strongest man to change the world!

The Last Adventurer

In the Era of Adventure kickstarted by the spawning of Gates, marked by absolute hopelessness, destitute, desperation, and despair, everyone had given up their hope and lost their courage to continue fighting - except one adventurer that refused to go down until his last breath. "You are the only one left, Last Adventurer Elpam." As the history of adventurers was forced to come to an end, the Last Adventurer returned to where this story all began.

Starting as the Black Dragon Boss, I Am Invincible

The game has turned into reality, the era of the changing classes came! Su Yang changed his class and became a simple warrior. But unexpectedly, he discovered that he had turned into the Level 99 Black Dragon Boss as well? The first time he tried to connect with the BOSS, he encountered a level A guild standing in front of him? Facing those class changers who were armed to the teeth, Su Yang casually spewed a mouthful of black fire- [You have wiped out the “Spirit Hunt” guild] [Exp gained +990,000, level 1-20 (exp overflow, please change classes as soon as possible] [Obtained loot: Diamond Rank: Great Sword – Storm’s Call, class change scroll…] Slowly, the Black Dragon BOSS changed into a level 999 Abyss Lord. Su Yang realized he seemed to be invincible?

Home Plate Villain

Bin Hong, the legend who has countless records under his belt -- starting with his 3000 hit record -- at age 40 has finished his last career game. After finally fulfilling the condition set forth by the "Fairy of Baseball", he has gone back in time to when he was 18 years old. "I want to try for the major leagues!" exclaimed Bin Hong who has gone back in time 22 years prior. The next condition set forth is now a 5000 hit record. Can he achieve it? The story of Bin Hong who returned to the past and is aiming to make it in the major leagues starts now!

Legacy of the skipped hero: Second Class Ascendant

Douji, a renowned marksman specialist and the top strategist in gaming, known for skipping through content at double speed and ignoring anything not summarized in three lines, decides to take on the challenge of Ferrerus, which is a game of”Land of Hardship” in the gaming world. Despite his usual nonchalant approach, Douji finds himself forcefully transitioned into the hidden class of “Skip Warrior” within the perilous depths of Ferrerus, where even gamers who can’t spare a moment for footnotes tremble. With this melee-oriented hidden class, can Douji reclaim his former glory and ascend once more to the top rank?

Akumade Kujaku no Hanashi desu.

Kuji Yakurou is a teacher who was cheated on and dumped by his girlfriend because of his "lack of masculinity". Shouldn't the world be gender-free? He is in anguish, and then Akano, a model, influencer, high achiever, and head of the biology department, appears before him and asks him to be the advisor of the biology department. She then begins to explain why "masculinity" is necessary to be popular after all, using the flamboyant feathers of a peacock as an example of "biology"...! This is a biological comedy that confronts you with the brutal truth!

Human Mask

Masks are art, dance is martial arts! The despised mask dancer ‘Bongsan’ follows the map left by his master To stop the monster tiger ‘Saphung Black Tiger’ who wants to become king He sets out on an adventure to find the legendary ‘Human Mask’…

Monster Hunter

The monsters take everything away from a boy and keep him captive as their food. He grunts his teeth and seeks revenge, but the human power has fallen short to beat the monsters. At that moment, a monster hunter appears…

Strongest Level 1

The raid failed. In a desperate situation, facing the dungeon boss's self-destruction, Lee Geonwoo is left alone in the boss room due to a teammate's betrayal. Just when he thought everything was over, he coincidentally obtained a dagger. Afterwards, his life completely changes... He managed to save his life, but his hard-earned level returned to 1. -'Mosquito' has been caught. -Level has increased. It's clear that the level has increased, but why does the level remain the same?

Madougu no Shuuriya Hajimemashita

Setsu is a high school girl who is summoned to another world. But it seems that she was just caught up in the summoning of a "hero"! She is banished from the royal castle for having no talents, but somehow manages to start a life in the royal capital. But living on your own for the first time can be tough. The food tastes terrible! And she also fails miserably at her job. But then her talent as a magic item craftsman is discovered! A hard-working girl carves out her own destiny! A different-world fantasy, begins!

SSS Grade Saint Knight

The game descended on reality, monsters run rampant, magical disasters overflow, everyone needs to choose a class and level up to become stronger. Zhou Yi who has been unremarkable until now awakened the S+ rank talent Protection of the Sacred Angel on the day of class awakening, turning his class into the hidden class Sacred Knight! Weapon blessing, angel blessing, honor blessing… With all sorts of buffs, Zhou Yi destroyed the space itself with just his aura. Who was it that said sacred knight is just a mundane class?

Upgrade From Wild Monsters

fter Lu Chen entered the cranial neuron quantum transferring game《Empyrean God Realm》—he found himself stripped of his human character, becoming the weakest wild monster in the game, a “Weak Gnoll.” Facing players who are ready to use him to level up, Lu Chen lifts the broken Gnoll club and starts to upgrade from a Lv.1 Gnoll. As Lu Chen keeps on killing more and more species, gaining new talents, and levelling up talents, his status keeps getting enhanced. Normal, Strong, Super strong… Soon enough, he…

The Trainer Lives Surrounded by Monsters ~ Abandoned by the Hero Party, He Became the Strongest after Meeting with a Legendary Monster ~

Ryu was left behind by his childhood friend's heroic party, who told him that they could not take a trainer with them. He runs a ranch in the village, but spends his days feeling unworthy. One day, he saves a wolf from a trap in the forest... I like you. The wolf he rescued was actually Fenrir, a legendary demon! The elder of the pack has lost his magical powers and was looking for someone to help him. No ordinary trainer can heal him, but Ryu has magical powers that exceed even those of the hero's childhood friend...? After successfully saving the elder, Ryu learns how to handle the enormous amount of magical power that could destroy him. He is adored by Fenrir's flock and becomes an extraordinary trainer!
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