The Monster in My Womb

Chinatsu is an honor student with many friends, a timid girl who’s usually trying to get along with everyone. When she starts having her period, something else seems to change within her, she realizes her feelings, which she had been pretending not to notice, the “monster” inside her begins to rampage and reveal its true nature. She gives in to the urge to hurt her surrounding.Original Web Manga

Magic Academy’s Genius Blinker

A character with extreme difficulty and the worst performance, Baek Yu-Seol was considered tr*sh in the game because he couldn’t use magic in a fantasy world where everyone else could. However… [Due to the wrong ending, 90% of Aether World has been destroyed.] [Please reach the ‘True Ending.’] Suddenly, those words echoed in my mind before I was transmigrated to the Aether World. [You can use the skill ‘Flash’.] “Why did I possess this character?” Flash was the only magic skill I was given. Surviving in Stella Academy where many genius mages ran rampant, I became the notorious Flash Mage

Don't Call Me Ugly

Tomoko was called "ugly" and bullied in school. As an adult, she is enraged to learn that Rika, the "beautiful" classmate who bullied her, is socially successful. Tomoko decides to take revenge on Rika, but...... she sees a different "world" in Rika than in herself.

Overlord: New World

After winning the battle of Katze Plains and founding the Sorcerer Kingdom of Ainz, they aim for a utopia of perpetual continuity and prosperity, a world where many races kneel before Ainz. As the first step toward achieving this goal, Ainz heads to the Empire to strengthen the Adventurer’s Guild and incorporate it into the state. Behind the scenes, the nations of the world are beginning to stir with their own agendas for the Sorcerer Kingdom...! Ainz's high road, once again!

Deep Raputa

Raputa, a top-secret AI model, begins interacting with a Japanese boy, Kei, through online games. As Raputa’s capabilities level up in leaps and bounds, boy and machine grow ever closer. In a surprising turn of events, Raputa reveals that its feelings towards Kei have gone beyond that of “trusty partner”!

Kunigei: Okuni University Art Department Film Program

Daisuke Kanami has enrolled in the film department of an art college. He had won a film award when he was in high school, and was filled with anticipation for his promising youth, but he was shocked by his classmate Kado Osawa, who is overflowing with talent...!? Aspire to be a famous director! A modern story of youth in film school

A Doting Yandere in Another World Won't Let You Go!

Yandere anthology comic by a splendid team of writers! ・Original story: Kotoko ・Artwork: Hachi Yatsuhashi ・Original story: Kotoko ・Artwork: Hiiragi MeI ・Original story: Tomoyuki Yanagida ・Artwork: Kaname Hanamiya ・Original story: Konno Jun ・Illustration: Akisato Shino ・Original story: Yura Sakurabi ・Illustration: Agu Ao

Chernobyl no Inori

The spiritual non-fiction written by Svetlana Alekseevich, author of "War Has No Woman's Face" and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, has finally been made into a comic! A must-read non-fiction book for Japanese people that records the heartbreaking wishes and serene prayers of those who encountered the unprecedented disaster of the nuclear power plant accident at the time.

The Doomsday Ruthless Man: Hoarding Trillions of Supplies at the Beginning

The earth is affected by unknown energy, the core expands, and natural disasters and doomsday come. Extreme heat, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, severe cold... natural and man-made disasters come one after another! Su Chen struggled through the apocalypse and finally entered the safe zone, but was betrayed by his girlfriend in the end! Reborn and returned to one month before the end. This time, I only live for myself!

Desperately Making Her a Princess

Minseo, who has been taking the civil service exams for a long time, is trapped in a game called “Raise Lena”, which she plays to escape her grim reality.

Everyone’s Darling

The daughter, raised by the wealthy Lu family for over a decade, turned out to be an imposter! Yao Huo

I Became A Childhood Friend of A Mid Level Boss

Do Kyunwoo is the black sheep of his renowned swordsman family. He cannot even catch a rabbit on his own. On his first day of fifth grade, he meets a tranfer student and recalls his past life. He had reincarnated into the world of a game he used to play called [Brave Hearts]. He was already frustrated that he had reincarnated as a loser, but on top of that, the transfer student is an intermediate/mid-tier boss who will destroy the world! “Why are you being so nice to me?” “Because I want to be friends with you.” Do Kyunwoo’s plan is to become friends with the transfer student in order to prevent the end of the world! In order to survive in this new world and to reach an ending he desires. He becomes childhood friends with a mid level boss.

Invincible in the Apocalypse: I’m The Only Beta Player

Five years ago, the online game “Star Brilliance” unexpectedly manifested into reality. Ye Chen, the only surviving beta-test player, tragically met his end due to his own naivety and folly. However, perhaps favored by destiny, on the brink of death, he found himself transported back to a time before “Star Brilliance” descended upon the world. In this life, he is determined to rectify all the mistakes he made in his past life, vowing never to repeat them. Even if it means standing against the world itself!

Blade of Retribution

On the day that Kendo Champion Shiho decided to help out his single mother run a Gukbap restaurant, he received news that his sister, Shiyeon, committed suicide. During the funeral, Shiho realizes that something was wrong. It wasn't a suicide, she was murdered. In order to learn the truth and get revenge for his sister's death, Shiho lifts up his sword once more to begin a war of his own.

Real World Mobile

Gang-u Choi is an ordinary high school student who likes video games. One day, he hears that his favorite game store is going out of business. When he visits the shop one last time, the store owner hands him a QR code for a mobile game. Gang-u starts up the game out of curiosity, but something feels off…. His mission is to drink 3 glasses of water?! When he decides to ignore the mission, he suddenly receives a penalty in real life! As the missions get more dangerous, will Gang-u be able to protect his reality?

Reto the Protector

Clad in a blood-soaked coat and with no destination in mind, a young boy named Reto wanders into an Ainu village amidst a blizzard, whose residents provide him with much-needed shelter. All he has are two things: the memory of his mother dying before his eyes, and an ancient hunting knife without a blade...
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