Only Hope

Eunhye Ju has the picture-perfect marriage with her husband, Dojin Nam. However, when she finds a hidden basement in his villa, she uncovers a dark secret that puts her marriage, and life, at risk. That night, the house goes up in flames and Eunhye is killed by a mysterious masked man – only to awaken nine years in the past, on the day that she meets her would-be husband! Tracing her steps through time, Eunhye must uncover Dojin’s secret – for better or worse this time.

A Heartfelt Andante

One man’s death led to another man's salvation. After years of suffering from heart disease, Da-ul receives a heart transplant from young and renowned pianist Yuwon, who has died an unfortunate death in a car crash. Da-ul’s life has been forever changed by this priceless gift, and he pledges to make every second of his life count in gratitude. But when he meets Yeonjo, the woman his donor was deeply in love with, and finds out that she has been living in despair, he begins developing ambivalent feelings towards her. Is it guilt, or could it be something else?

My Secret Affection

It’s been thirty years since meteorites from space turned everyone on Earth gay. In a world where heterosexuality no longer exists, Takanashi Kazusa falls for her childhood friend Ayumu–a boy. Though she’s doing everything she can to act normal whenever they hang out, her love for Ayumu is growing stronger by the day. How much longer can she hide her secret feelings?

The Producer's Second Life

If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently? Junsu faces this question when he suddenly goes back in time to his first day at work as a rookie producer. After ten years of getting his ideas stolen by a scummy senior producer, Junsu gets a chance to change his professional fate. And better yet, he has all the skills and memories of the Junsu of ten years later. Will he be able to avoid his previous mishaps and make his dreams come true?

Knife in Her Heart

Sarang was never supposed to survive her incurable disease. In the callous and sadistic world that loves to take pity, she is adored and yet despised by everyone. She is tired of all the attention and wants nothing to do with anyone -- at least not until she meets Eunjo. Could the two girls who seem so different become friends? Can they right the wrong committed by their parents and finally find peace?

Let's Get Divorced!

After her "storm kick" video goes viral on the Internet, Baek-hui is too humiliated and ashamed to live in Korea and wants to relocate to a different country. To do so, she agrees to marry Han-gyeol, who holds a permanent resident status in Australia, and plans to divorce him as soon as she gets her visa. However, to receive their marriage certificate, they must prove that their love is "legit." How are they going to do that when their marriage is a fraud?

You're Perfect for Me

To make sure her webtoon is perfect, author Baek Mireu starts working as a maid at the Sophist Hotel to help inspire her story, but ends up in trouble that could make her lose her job. Thankfully, the good-looking and wealthy hotel president Kang Hyuk is there to save her, but there's a catch—she must agree to a contractual relationship to help get his marriage-crazed mother off his back. But even though the relationship is fake, Hyuk slowly finds that his feelings for Mireu might be real.

Death Row Boy

Shin, a serial murderer, has shaken the entire nation of South Korea to its core. Jihu Seo, who lost his father to Shin’s evil deeds, meets another victim: Duseok Kim, a former detective who also had his family murdered by Shin. Duseok vows to turn Jihu into a human weapon to exact revenge on Shin -- in prison, with his bare hands. “Korea has not implemented the death penalty since 1997. With no one else upholding justice, what other choice is there?”

The Duke's Teddy Bear

What if your soul could leave your body and possess people -- or even animals? Thanks to an incident in the past, that’s what happens to Marshall Lidiance every time she passes out or falls asleep. No one knows her little secret, but things become problematic for Marshall when she gets absorbed into a teddy bear owned by the icy-cold Duke Ludvillian! Will Marshall be able to figure out what caused the soul absorption while still keeping it a secret from everyone?

Corpse Knight Gunther

Just as expected, the war between humans and vampires has ended with the victory of the vampires. In an effort to strike back, human refugees in the Holy Land “Bahal” successfully create an undying Corpse Knight, attached to a power source that can sustain him. Gunther, former gladiator and now corpse knight, is humanity’s last hope.


I was in despair because of my miserable life. This all changed when I met him. He is my savior, but ...he is also my worst enemy.

Mythic Item Obtained

In a world where technology and magic are almost indistinguishable from one another, monsters and creatures of myth and legend reign terror upon mankind. In humanity’s darkest moment, individuals with special god-like powers emerge to save the day. They are — the Awakened. Meet Jaehyeon, a feeble Awakened human Raider, who struggles to make ends meet until one day a series of confounding events allow him to claim a powerful item that will change the course of history forever…

Invasion Of The Moonlight

[Translated by Mosh Scans] Yue Ling and Chong Yao are both trained under Tai Shang Xian Jun, they get along really well until Chong Yao inherited the throne of the Emperor. Everything seems to have changed since then... Vicious but loyal Emperor X Gentle water god. 侵占月光

My Unexpected Marriage

Laritte Brumayer, the illegitimate daughter of a count grew up in an abusive household. As if that wasn't enough, she's sent to marry Duke Ian Reinhardt after he was killed and named a traitor, instead of her sister. Despite her dreary prospects of being a dead man's wife, Laritte is ecstatic to escape and start her new life! Just as she's settling in, Ian returns, claiming he was framed. Though wary of him at first, she agrees to help clear his name, oblivious to the hardships that lie ahead...
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