Everyone’s Darling

The daughter, raised by the wealthy Lu family for over a decade, turned out to be an imposter! Yao Huo

Satsuma Tensei – Yo ni Manyou no Maru Juuji ga Sakunari

1586, Kyushu - The Satsuma-Shimazu family, which was said to be the most feared in the Sengoku period, disappeared during the Kyushu Unification War...!? They were transferred to Kyushu about 1,300 years ago during the Sengoku period, when the survival of the empire was at stake. It was Rome in the 3rd century, in the midst of the Warring States era. The Sengoku spectacle, in which Oni Shimazu and his friends go on a rampage in Rome, begins.

Thermae Romae redux

The year is 158 AD, and the Roman Empire thrives under the 20th year of Emperor Antoninus Pius’s reign. Lucius, a Roman bathhouse architect, is now sixty years old and plagued with back pain. His wife Satsuki has mysteriously disappeared, his son, Marius, is beyond comprehension...and to top it off, he still has the Roman bathhouses to worry about! 20 years after the end of the series, Lucius now 60 years old in the year 158 AD has undergone a midlife crisis and his wife from present day Japan Satsuki disappeared leaving him with his now adult son who never understands him. As he deals with more problems with his life, Lucius once again is transported to modern-day Japan through a bathhouse, leaving him with more adventures that await him.

The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine

A Transmigrator's Privilege The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine Irinbi, Grrr 9.03 8.760 1 N/A REINCARNATION HISTORICAL LONG STRIP ROMANCE ISEKAI FANTASY WEB COMIC ADAPTATION FULL COLOR PUBLICATION: 2022, ONGOING ※ Be prepared for a world after death! I received a strange spam text message right before I died. I thought I was dead but when I opened my eyes I was at the transmigrated examination bureau. There really is a world after death? I'll transmigrate to a book?! "Do you have a particular genre you like?" I, who mastered a variety of genres in my previous life, In my next life, I hoped for a child-rearing novel where I can become a cute, dainty girl and acquire infinite love. ㅡ The book I'll transmigrate to isㅡ Survival Difficulty S-class, an book full of regression instances Regressing Until the World Is Saved. ㅡ And the character I will possess thereㅡ is the daughter of a servant who serves the ruthless aristocrat familyㅡwho abused the main character?! However, thanks to "the Life Insurance Full Package," which I signed up for just before I died, I got special privileges... This is a story about surviving an S-class survival difficulty book with the help of new skills, insurance privileges, and God's favoritism and affection that I've gained! On the outside, Ailette Rodeline is an adorable child prodigy. Cooking, brewing tea, alchemy; you name it, she can do it. But this little girl has a big secret: Ailette is a transmigrator! After dying prematurely in her past life, she becomes a character whose world is destined for destruction. With all odds stacked against her, Ailette must figure out how to survive before her life is ripped from her again. Fortunately for her, she finds her salvation in… an insurance package?

Kamisama no Youjinbou

"You won't be able to become a great rabbit if you do that!" A former samurai trains at a shrine in order to be reincarnated as a rabbit...? In the early Meiji period, a former samurai who was supposed to have died in the Hakodate War wakes up in a strange shrine. There, there is a small, fluffy boy who calls himself a god, and tells him that he needs to train in order to fulfill his unknown wish of being reincarnated as a rabbit...? The Japanese-style ayakashi tale of a former samurai and a small god begins!

Koutei no Mago ni Tensei suru Koutei

The first generation emperor rose up from being a mere slave to a man who built his own empire. However all 26 of his heirs were incompetent. If he left things as they were, the empire would fall into ruin. To solve this crisis, the emperor decides to reincarnate as his own grandchild.

Mesopotamian Mythology of Hongkki

“Who created humans?”, “Why do humans die?”, “How did love coexist with war?” The primal curiosities of humans regarding life and death are combined with lively imagination to create mythological stories that make us laugh and cry. These myths originate from the “first myths discovered in the first civilization of humanity” – [Mesopotamian Myths]!

King of Knights Dinning Table

Reno is a boy who lives in the "Carthamo Monastery". The everyday life of an ordinary boy who wishes to become a knight changes drastically one day---. A historical x gourmet fantasy about people living in the beautiful and harsh world of medieval Europe!

8-sai Kara Hajimeru Mahou Gaku

Roy, the grandson of a notorious duke and feared by everyone around him for his irreverence, regains his memories of his previous life one day after a fight with his classmate Van. At the same time, I remember my dying wish: ``I want to master something and become a special person.'' Thinking that his second life is a chance to make that dream come true, Roy decides to master magic!

Hardboiled Matatabi Bebop

``Meetings, partings, gambling, killing people. All the while, I'm hungry.If my life is like this, I'll just eat it up, it's delicious!!'' Itaro, a wandering wanderer, travels, cuts, and eats. Hard-boiled local gourmet manga!

Tales of A Shinning Sword

"Eun-ho was the strongest in the monster world! Losing the woman he loved and committing murder for her gave him a chance to become human. He passed through the gate of his reincarnation by accumulating merit for a thousand years to abandon his immortal body… When he became human, he took up a sword (劍) first and started learning martial arts (武功). But isn't this too… easy?"

Koukyuu no Kemonotsukai – Kemono wo Mofumofu Shitai Dake no de, Koutaishi no Dekiai wa Komarimasu

Based on the celestial’s decree, four palaces were set up in name of the Four Auspicious Beasts*. They then instructed humans to rear animals in each palace. Though this role was deemed to be the lowliest job in the palace, to Yu who is an animal lover, being able to eat high class leftovers while taking care of animals was like heaven. With her cheerfulness and vast knowledge of animals, she solves the palace’s problems one after another. Then one day, she is assigned to take care of a terrifying divine beast…*from Chinese myth. Also known as the Four Symbols.

Silver Bullet Exorcist

In a chaotic Joseon dynasty with vampires, ghosts, and shamans, Park Moon-soo, who calls himself a dark-speaker, destroys a corrupted official. In order to subdue the dark master Park Moon-soo, who is trying to revive the vampire king, the court dispatches Anson, a military officer who has just passed the exam, to find Hong Kil-dong, an outlaw who is good at swordsmanship and martial arts and dispatches him to Taebaek Mountain.

Motosister Reijo no Migawari Ohi Koho Seikatsu Kamisama ni Bureina Hito wa Kono Watashi ga Yurushimasen

Elsie, a girl who was abandoned by her parents at an early age and raised in a convent, is an apprentice sister who is loved by God. One day, when he was living a fun monastic life, his father suddenly appeared and made a forceful request. "If you don't want your donations to the monastery to be cut off, please take your sister's place and live in the royal palace as His Majesty's wife candidate." Elsie became a candidate for princess in order to protect her favorite monastery. I'm confused by the new life I'm not used to, and His Majesty the King is a scary person...but as long as I pray to God, I'll be fine! The tomboy sister's life at the royal palace begins at her own pace!

Isagi the Dragon Slater

A world of dragons, and a boy who lives in a prison colony thinking of the opponent he killed, until one day he has an encounter with a great general.

Warrior Grandpa And Supreme Granddaughter

Just when Liu Jinshan thought he could die without regrets, his family was annihilated! As a result, he became determined to live just so that he could see his only surviving granddaughter, Liu Seol, reach adulthood. As he struggled to raise her and train her with his aging body, Liu Seol, who was born with the talent of a supreme martial artist, grew up much faster than he thought she would. "Don't worry, Grandpa, I'll protect you from now on!"
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