Damn Demonic Swords

Zegar is a hero who avoids problems at all costs. The only thing he fears are demonic swords, evil weapons that try to possess their wielders. But for some reason, they never stop chasing after him and sticking to him. Zegar just wanted to live a quiet life, doing small missions and staying out of trouble. But, unintentionally, he becomes the center of several events that shake the fantastic continent. “Ah… Damn.” He regrets it, but it's too late. If he can't run away, he only has one option: cut his enemies with demonic swords!

The Genius Assassin Who Takes it All

He is a successful writer who has created a fantasy world in his novel. But he made a terrible mistake in the end, causing the protagonist to reveal himself as a traitor and the world to be dominated by the demon king. He received the wrath of readers and regretted his choice. Then he woke up in his own novel, in the body of the villain Shin Kang Ho, a ruthless killer who works for the demon king. He is five years before the disastrous ending, and has the chance to change the fate of the world. But Kang Ho has no intention of being a hero. He knows the world is cruel and full of greed. So he decide to use his talent and knowledge to achieve everything you can, without caring about others. Kang Ho will devour all the resources, rewards, skills and treasures he finds on his way. He will become the strongest and richest of all

Defective Goddess' Genesis of Another World

Artesia Gaia Nagasus, The goddess of creation went into a deep slumber in order to bring new life to the fallen planet, And to prepare for the inevitable arrival of the Brave, whom she would then provide with guidance. However, she woke up too early… Not only was there no Brave waiting for her, she was met with an extremely cold glacial period without intelligent life…?! She just wants to be worshipped and fall in love! This is a tale of creation, starring a defective goddess who can’t help but mess with humanity, and her journey to set the world in motion – with a few troubles here, and a little hard work there.

Mysterious Eel

A school wonder life of two girls! Nagi, a girl who sees stars in her eyes when she wanders, and Yu, who cares for her. Their friendship is at the mercy of mysterious events that occur one after another.

Twinstar Cyclone Runaway

The story is set 6,000 years after humanity has spread out across the stars, and takes place inside a gigantic city ship orbiting a remote gas giant. The ship is home to a civilization of space fishers that catch valuable fish-like creatures known as Besshu. The society harvests the Besshu through ships operated by enforced male-female pairs of operator and pilot, who are seen by the male-dominated society as a married couple. The story centers on Terra, who is seeking a partner to operate a ship, and finds her in the mysterious runaway girl Diode, with both uniquely able to use the ship despite both being female.

My Blade Will Lead the Way! Abandoned in a Labyrinth as a Directionally Challenged S-Rank Swordsman

The swordsman, Jir, had just joined a well-known S-rank party when he finds himself stranded all alone in the hardest labyrinth. Normally, there's no way to survive such a situation other than to wait for rescue. Relying on nothing but his heroic sword skills, Jir decides to escape on his own! "Heh! You're all bark and no bite, Labyrinth!" he boldly declares. Due to his extremely poor sense of direction, he's completely unaware that he's headed towards the deepest level where the labyrinth boss awaits!!

Shaman King: The Super Star

Continuing after the events of Shaman King Flowers, the group of "Super Stars" will join together and spin together a new legend.

My Time Was Limited, so I Became the Villain's Daughter-in-Law

I've reincarnated as the young daughter-in-law of a villain who was taken in for his deceptive plans. The problem is that I'm terminally ill, so I'm going to die when I become an adult. "Luckily, I know how to cure it, but..." If I don't die at the right time, my father-in-law—no, the villain, Duke Ecarde—might kill me just to achieve his goals! But what kind of kid could actually adjust to this kind of household? "I want to live happily with Father and Evan for a long time... cough! Cough!" Me. I'm "that kid."

The Strongest Prophet Who Raised the Hero who Saved the World is Loved by Disciples All Over the World Even if He Becomes an Adventurer

The sequel to "The Greatest Prophet who Nurtured 100 Heroes, Even if He Becomes an Adventurer, His Disciples Throughout the World will still Yearn for Him", which became extremely popular in both the Novel and the Manga is now available in Yawaraka Spirits with a newly written original story! Enjoy to the fullest the new journey of the beloved, adored, and dependable adventurer Eisen Otis!

Mofumofu & Mukumuku and Drifting Life in Another World

Kentaro Yamada, a salaryman who lives peacefully with his dog, Max, and cat, Nini. One day, while taking them out for a walk, he got into an accident and woke up to find himself surrounded by a spectacular natural landscape... Suddenly, a squirrel-like creature claiming to be the 'Creator' of this world appears and informs him that this is a different world. It said "Thanks to your arrival, this world has been saved", and allowed him to live freely here... Encountering Max and Nini, who have grown huge and gained the ability to speak, as well as new companions, he wanders carefreely in another world surrounded by fluffy things and delicious food!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Meteor Mission!

After defeating Dark King Demigra, Goku, and his allies go to visit the Planet of the Kaio, only to find that Kaio North and co. are nowhere to be seen... While our heroes are trying to figure out what could have happened, a mysterious new foe appears!

I Killed an Academy Player

[By the Author that brought you <The Knight King Who Returned with a God>!] I killed the player. He was a real son of a bitch…

Dogs and Heroes Don't Dress Up

Summoned to another world to defeat the demon king, Satou Sousuke, 18 years old and only finished elementary school, is brought back to his world after several years had passed. While unable to find employment anywhere and living off a part-time job, Sousuke encounters a battle between a magician and a demon he thought didn’t exist on earth! He easily defeated the demon, so being marked for his power he’s involved in Demon subjugation?!

Legendary Blacksmith’s Vengeance

'Berserker Bartz', a legendary solo player of Arpedia Online, had his character hacked and deleted one day. "Damn it. No way I'm giving up! I don't know who you are, but I'm going to find you and crush you!" Having lost the character he put his all into, Kang YuHan creates 'Zigg', a blacksmith with the sole mission of finding the hacker! Can YuHan find the hacker who deleted Bartz? Follow Zigg's action-packed adventure to become the greatest blacksmith!

The Max-Level Player’s 100th Regression

Everyone between the age of 15 and 25 worldwide is required to participate in the death game of twenty rounds. The main character starts his 100th challenge thanks to his ability to regress. Having experienced the game 99 times beforehand, he is able to become overwhelmingly more powerful than anyone else. Once he realizes that the condition of the last round is to have at least five people, he starts to take in party members in order to avoid repeating his past mistakes.
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