The Count’s Youngest Son Is a Player

[Activating closed beta system. Current number of users: 1.] Bae DoHyun lost his life because of the major guilds' evil plan. He then possesed the main character in a game that’s still in its beta service. Reincarnated as Rich family’s youngest son, Raul. “I’ll take it all this time!” From Rank 1 player to the most powerful NPC, his new story begins.

Damn Demonic Swords

Zegar is a hero who avoids problems at all costs. The only thing he fears are demonic swords, evil weapons that try to possess their wielders. But for some reason, they never stop chasing after him and sticking to him. Zegar just wanted to live a quiet life, doing small missions and staying out of trouble. But, unintentionally, he becomes the center of several events that shake the fantastic continent. “Ah… Damn.” He regrets it, but it's too late. If he can't run away, he only has one option: cut his enemies with demonic swords!

The Heavenly Demon Lord Who Doesn’t Want to Level Up

"Jin Yuseong, the absolute master of the Middle Kingdom, found life too boring. 'I must be crazy. Just unifying the martial world…'" "'I should have just been a farmer.'" "'No, I wish I wasn't born at all.'" "In 'The Heavenly Demon Lord Who Doesn't Want to Level Up,' one day, he encounters a gate… And upon passing through it, a new world unfolds." "Jin Yuseong, the top martial deity and leader of the Celestial Demon Cult, arrives in Korea.

The Genius Assassin Who Takes it All

He is a successful writer who has created a fantasy world in his novel. But he made a terrible mistake in the end, causing the protagonist to reveal himself as a traitor and the world to be dominated by the demon king. He received the wrath of readers and regretted his choice. Then he woke up in his own novel, in the body of the villain Shin Kang Ho, a ruthless killer who works for the demon king. He is five years before the disastrous ending, and has the chance to change the fate of the world. But Kang Ho has no intention of being a hero. He knows the world is cruel and full of greed. So he decide to use his talent and knowledge to achieve everything you can, without caring about others. Kang Ho will devour all the resources, rewards, skills and treasures he finds on his way. He will become the strongest and richest of all

Green Green Greens

Haku Yaesaki is a bored high school student with no direction in life. Right as he starts noticing how all his friends have dreams they are striving for, he meets pro golfer hopeful Nadeshiko Oga and his empty life begins to change. Now, it's time to find a whole new you as this golfing adventure tees off!


About 200 years ago, the world was changed by the appearance of 'freaks', man-eating monsters. People lived in cities to defend themselves from the Outer World, which was filling up with monsters. Becky Logan, a young 'travelling doctor', decided to travel to the Outer World in search of her brother who had been missing for two years. In her search for a travelling companion, Becky meets the Freaks Freak Company, a group of three men led by the 'deformity hunter' Jake Lambarto.

My Blade Will Lead the Way! Abandoned in a Labyrinth as a Directionally Challenged S-Rank Swordsman

The swordsman, Jir, had just joined a well-known S-rank party when he finds himself stranded all alone in the hardest labyrinth. Normally, there's no way to survive such a situation other than to wait for rescue. Relying on nothing but his heroic sword skills, Jir decides to escape on his own! "Heh! You're all bark and no bite, Labyrinth!" he boldly declares. Due to his extremely poor sense of direction, he's completely unaware that he's headed towards the deepest level where the labyrinth boss awaits!!

Climbing the Tower that Even the Regressor Couldn’t

My girlfriend, who was drunk and lost her mind, suddenly said strange things. "Su-hyeok, I've regressed." "Regressed?" "Yes, I've come back in time." "Are you crazy?" "You are the only hope for humanity." And then I was taken to the tower… But it doesn't matter! Regressor? Tower? Trials? Whatever it is, It doesn't matter but what I know is I'll conquer this goddamn tower!

Kalli the Champion

After giving up his dream as a boxer, Park Kang-tae joined a gang. He was well-known inside the gang but got killed in the end. He had one regret when he died―Giving up his dream as a boxer. Did God know about his regret? In a world, where boxing exists in the form of pugilist games, Park Kang-tae pursues his unfulfilled dream.

Nichiasa Reincarnation, Regarding the Destruction of the Destruction Flag as a Result of a Nichiasa-Loving Otaku Being Reincarnated as a Villainous Student.

Yugo Kurei is a high school student that loves tokusatsu hero shows. One day, he loses his life protecting a child from a street slasher, but he is reincarnated in another world as Yugo Clay, a character from a certain game. However, Yugo is the most disliked person in the school and is destined to die tragically… He was reincarnated as a villain, but with the new power of magic in his hands, he aims to become a hero! “In this world, I can become the strongest hero!” A hero story of a tokusatsu otaku who rises from the bottom while crushing his doom flags!

Shaman King: The Super Star

Continuing after the events of Shaman King Flowers, the group of "Super Stars" will join together and spin together a new legend.

I Have 999 Abilities

In a world where almost everyone has a supernatural power, Yang Xi swore to avenge his beloved sister and make those who hurt her pay for their sins. With this in mind, he started snatching others' supernatural powers through his own power; growing from a greenhorn in combat to being the leader of a plane-spanning organization. With a combination of strength and strategy, he destroyed the dark forces one after the other, gradually collecting 999 types of powers. Eventually he becomes the king of supernatural powers whom everyone has to look up to!

Children Of Illusion

Tae-kyung, who is sick of ghosts, got entangled with someone more dangerous than ghosts at the cursed school.

Hagino-san Wants to Quit the Wind Ensemble

The curtain raises on a comedy with the outcasts of the wind ensemble! Rather than how to play their instruments, they want to know how to have a fulfilling youth! Note: Previously a oneshot in Shuukan Shounen Champion issue 3/17 on March 3, 2022.

I Killed an Academy Player

[By the Author that brought you <The Knight King Who Returned with a God>!] I killed the player. He was a real son of a bitch…

Dogs and Heroes Don't Dress Up

Summoned to another world to defeat the demon king, Satou Sousuke, 18 years old and only finished elementary school, is brought back to his world after several years had passed. While unable to find employment anywhere and living off a part-time job, Sousuke encounters a battle between a magician and a demon he thought didn’t exist on earth! He easily defeated the demon, so being marked for his power he’s involved in Demon subjugation?!
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