Solo Strike: A Hundred Million Damage

When the game world and Blue Star merge into one, the era of dawn arrives. Zhou Yi teleported into it and became a mere assassin, but something wasn’t right about his skills. The Eye of Death: All True Damage becomes five times more? 9999 damage is easily dealt with the flick of a knife? The Hand of God: Definite success in stealing. Even monster attributes and skills can be stolen? Therefore, Zhou Yi decided not to be a human being anymore. Turning into an elite monster? In seconds!

Sorry, My Skills Are Automatically Maxed Out!

Jiang Li, after being reborn on the Blue Star, has passed eighteen years. With his excellent learning ability, he is praised by everyone as a genius. However, this genius, during the Awakening Ceremony at the age of eighteen, only awakened as an ordinary mage, mocked by his enemies. However, only Jiang Li knows at this moment that he has awakened a divine-level talent, and all his skills are automatically at max level! With his auditing talent, Jiang Li levels up and clears stages all the way, establishing a guild and achieving unprecedented glory! Eighteen years have passed since Jiang Li was reborn on Blue Star. With his excellent learning ability, he was hailed as a genius by everyone. And it was such a genius who only awakened into an ordinary mage during the awakening ceremony at the age of eighteen, and was ridiculed by his enemies. However, only Jiang Li knew at this time that he had awakened his god-level talent, and all his skills were automatically maxed out! Relying on his talent, Jiang Li advanced all the way through the ranks, established a trade union, and gained unprecedented glory!

I Became A Childhood Friend of A Mid Level Boss

Do Kyunwoo is the black sheep of his renowned swordsman family. He cannot even catch a rabbit on his own. On his first day of fifth grade, he meets a tranfer student and recalls his past life. He had reincarnated into the world of a game he used to play called [Brave Hearts]. He was already frustrated that he had reincarnated as a loser, but on top of that, the transfer student is an intermediate/mid-tier boss who will destroy the world! “Why are you being so nice to me?” “Because I want to be friends with you.” Do Kyunwoo’s plan is to become friends with the transfer student in order to prevent the end of the world! In order to survive in this new world and to reach an ending he desires. He becomes childhood friends with a mid level boss.

I Rely on My Invincibility to Deal Tons of Damage Passively!

In his previous life, Cheng Qianmo attained the prestigious title of 'God' across all professions in the game 'Genesis,' poised to ascend to the pinnacle of the gaming world. However, just when he stood on the cusp of becoming the game's top player, he suffered a regrettable defeat. Yet, fate granted Cheng Qianmo a second chance as he unexpectedly traversed into a world with a setting eerily identical to 'Genesis,' a world where everyone could switch professions freely. Armed with the god-tier title across all professions, he resolves to rectify his past regrets, embarking on a path no one has ever tread before.

Invincible in the Apocalypse: I’m The Only Beta Player

Five years ago, the online game “Star Brilliance” unexpectedly manifested into reality. Ye Chen, the only surviving beta-test player, tragically met his end due to his own naivety and folly. However, perhaps favored by destiny, on the brink of death, he found himself transported back to a time before “Star Brilliance” descended upon the world. In this life, he is determined to rectify all the mistakes he made in his past life, vowing never to repeat them. Even if it means standing against the world itself!

The King Of Snow

The stars shift, the blizzard persists, the icy apocalypse is imminent, food! Temperature! Violence! Dependence! In this dilemma, under the distortion of human nature, has desire given birth to monsters? How to break out of adversity and find a way to survive!

Maxed Strength Stats Necromancer

Qiao Yu enters the world of the meta-Universe and gains the hidden class of a Necromancer. Unfortunately, his initial intelligence and spirit stats are both at 0, and he even draws a strangely unique talent. In a fit of anger, Qiao Yu puts all his attribute points into strength! Who says a Necromancer can't engage in hand-to-hand combat? As Qiao Yu punches the World serpent, Yemojia, to death, players in the meta-Universe are driven mad. Bro, please, stop brawling! You're a Necromancer! Just summon an undead, please!

Gate In!

Winter sound, autumn sound, summer sound. A new racehorse is born on the farm of three sisters who love horse racing and racehorses. The three sisters dreamed of winning the Japan Derby with the racehorse they named "Shikio." Time passes and Fuyune becomes a trainer. Akine is the farm manager. And Natsune became a jockey, pursuing her dream for her beloved horse. However, the important thing is that Shikio is living a stale life as a ``racehorse who has given up on winning''. The horse racing story begins with the three sisters pursuing their dreams!!

My Exclusive Tower Guide

[By the Studio that brought you <Solo Leveling> and <Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint> and <Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound, and many more!> ] [Which guide will you use?] A mysterious message came to me the same day the end of the world befell us and a survival game began. A tower that makes humans distrust one another, instigates fights, and leads humanity to destruction… I will not be shaken. I will see this to the end with the people I trust. …Yes, I will create a happy ending with them all!


Eiko Abu, 29 years old and single. She divides everything in the world into two categories: “normal” or “not normal.” In her quest for normalcy, her obsession slowly destroys the relationships she had built. What is normal? What is abnormal? Logic is questioned and normalcy challenged in this psychological suspense. (From K MANGA)

Ken to Mahou to Gakureki Shakai

In this life, I will live doing only what I want to do!Boku is reincarnated as “Allen”, the third son of a noble family, in a different world of swords and magic, which he had longed for. However, this other world is a world where “academic background,” which I was bound to in my previous life, is more important than anything else! I am no longer bound by my academic background. In this life, I will live freely and let the wind blow my way!I decided to do as I pleased, but for some reason I became the center of attention everywhere I went..?!This is the start of a painful fantasy in which you can enjoy your freedom in a different world!

Existential Unplugged

Philosophers, burdened with unexpressed thoughts after lifetimes of reflection, have curiously reemerged in our world! Among them, Kierkegaard finds an unconventional outlet for his! Watch as he rocks the city of Nakano with a comedic twist on philosophy!

The Indomitable Martial King

A world where humans sell and buy otherworldly species as slaves. The great mage Rifenhardt is treated like the Demon King for helping the otherworldly species. A party of heroes arrive to bring down the Demon King! Rifenhardt succeeds in greatly injuring the heroes, but he faces death at the hands of the MARTIAL KING??! Tesslon… "Time and Space Regression Spell." However, he miraculously manages to cast this last-resort spell and regresses to the past. But… "I became the MARTIAL KING??! Tesslon, one of the heroes who tried to kill me and the strongest on the continent?!" Now begins Rifenhardt's adventures as both a great mage and the physically strongest man to change the world!

Starting as the Black Dragon Boss, I Am Invincible

The game has turned into reality, the era of the changing classes came! Su Yang changed his class and became a simple warrior. But unexpectedly, he discovered that he had turned into the Level 99 Black Dragon Boss as well? The first time he tried to connect with the BOSS, he encountered a level A guild standing in front of him? Facing those class changers who were armed to the teeth, Su Yang casually spewed a mouthful of black fire- [You have wiped out the “Spirit Hunt” guild] [Exp gained +990,000, level 1-20 (exp overflow, please change classes as soon as possible] [Obtained loot: Diamond Rank: Great Sword – Storm’s Call, class change scroll…] Slowly, the Black Dragon BOSS changed into a level 999 Abyss Lord. Su Yang realized he seemed to be invincible?

Home Plate Villain

Bin Hong, the legend who has countless records under his belt -- starting with his 3000 hit record -- at age 40 has finished his last career game. After finally fulfilling the condition set forth by the "Fairy of Baseball", he has gone back in time to when he was 18 years old. "I want to try for the major leagues!" exclaimed Bin Hong who has gone back in time 22 years prior. The next condition set forth is now a 5000 hit record. Can he achieve it? The story of Bin Hong who returned to the past and is aiming to make it in the major leagues starts now!

Goze Hotaru

After losing her mother early on, Hotaru, a girl surrounded by warmth and tranquility, finds her life taking a dramatic turn. An unexpected event draws her into the world of “Goze,” setting her on a path through unknown lands with music as her guide. Armed with her talent and a heart full of questions, she embarks on a quest, seeking her missing father and her true calling...!
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