Delusional Teacher

The beautiful English teacher Momoko Irosaki receives what she thinks are the lustful gazes of her male students every day... or so she misunderstands!? What goes on in the school life of a teacher who inadvertently indulges in fantasies full of allure...?

Ken to Mahou to Gakureki Shakai

In this life, I will live doing only what I want to do!Boku is reincarnated as “Allen”, the third son of a noble family, in a different world of swords and magic, which he had longed for. However, this other world is a world where “academic background,” which I was bound to in my previous life, is more important than anything else! I am no longer bound by my academic background. In this life, I will live freely and let the wind blow my way!I decided to do as I pleased, but for some reason I became the center of attention everywhere I went..?!This is the start of a painful fantasy in which you can enjoy your freedom in a different world!

Hazure Skill "Soine" ga Kakuseishi, Boku ga Saikyou Harem wo Kizuku Made ~Micchaku Soine de Ganbou Kaihou!? Yuuwakusare Makutte Komattemasu!!~

Regnard defies expectations by enrolling in the esteemed Royal Academy of Lasarzia despite being a dropout. However, during the Blessing Ceremony, he receives a peculiar skill called "Blessing of Sleeping Together," leading to ridicule from classmates. Despite the mockery, Regnard discovers the true potential of this skill when he spends the night with Frost, an honor student. This revelation leads to unexpected adventures and a harem fantasy, as Regnard navigates the challenges of his newfound abilities and hidden desires.

Teacher, we will destroy the world!

A "Teacher" has a sacred job that protects and guides students. In this world where people who can use magic and people who cannot use magic coexist, Solo is a sorcerer who lives alone. He is also known as No. 0, a skilled assassin who always completes any request he receives. "As part of a certain mission, I am assigned to teach at a magic school, and the teenagers I am assigned to teach are the students of the Class 2D, which is made up of dropouts." While he is desperately playing the role of a teacher in order to complete his mission, a transfer student arrives and the situation takes an unexpected turn... A school fantasy unfolding between a false teacher and the strongest assassin and the most evil students who serve as his "beacon"!

I Was Transferred To Another World And Became A Teacher, But I'm Feared As A Witch: Aoi-sensei's Academy Struggle Log

Aoi is a new teacher who has been transported to another world. Aoi is picked up by Owen, an elf, and as they live together, Aoi masters more and more of Owen's magic and even surpasses him. In order to refine her magic further, she is assigned to teach at the Fiddick Academy, a school of magic! Aoi starts her teaching career showcasing overwhelming magical abilities, and she is not daunted by the aristocratic troublemakers who dominate the academy. However, her abilities have become the talk of the school... Aoi's life as a new teacher at the academy begins with a tumultuous start...!

Is It Because of Love That I Can't Resist?

Misuzu became a delinquent through a trivial chance and spends his days getting into fights. One day, Misuzu finds Kitahara, an honor student in a special class, getting involved with some delinquents and helps him out. Kitahara then tries to get involved with Misuzu. Misuzu tries to push him away, saying, "If you get involved with me, the people around you will leave you," but his feelings are wavering...?

My Black Mage Is Too Cute!

Set in a magic academy, a big tsundere black magician boy is hiding his romantic feelings for his cheerful classmate behind a rude façade. But he doesn't know that she can read minds.


Enter a world where the First Space War has ended, and Earth has claimed its first extraterrestrial colony. Manabu Houo, a boy born into a totalitarian state, finds his only joy in watching forbidden movies with his childhood friend, Hina-chan. However, one day upon returning home, he finds a group of government officials waiting for him...?! Watch as this thrilling sci-fi school drama unfolds on a distant planet!


Haku Ogino, who was once hailed as a genius child actor, attends in the entertainment department of Seigun Gakugei High School, one of the top schools in Japan. In this class where stars gather, Haku doesn't have any work in the entertainment industry and spends his days being made fun of, but in reality, his secret identity is Kanda, the mediator who controls the activities of suger moms and dads with his claassmates! A suspense drama about a man who burns with quiet anger and uses celebrities to make a lot of money!

Journey Home After School

Shun was invited to the Going-Home Club by Naoki Satou, also known as "Chokki-chan". Despite refusing, he ends up being somewhat forcefully involved in the club's activities! A Going Home Club rom-com featuring a detour-loving high school girl and a new high school student who has lost his dream.


Two high school students are using bugs in our reality to exploit them for their advantage. But then a ridiculous exploit leads to severe consequences for one of them...

Girl meets Rock!

With a passion for richly textured Japanese rock, first-year high school student Chihiro Hatono steps into the world of the light music club, new guitar in tow. But what awaits her behind those doors...? A drama of unfiltered youth and musical ambition takes the stage!

Yumegahara-san wa Yumemigachi!

One day, Asagiri-kun, a member of the public morals committee, discovers his classmate Yumegahara-san drawing erotic manga in the school library. Asagiri-kun struggles to rehabilitate his shameless girlfriend, but Yumegahara-san's delusions are non-stop...!? Not to make it the worst, but the purest school romantic comedy!


"Mode II" is an app that can give its users certain superpowers. One day, a frail-looking high school student named Ye Qiu accidentally accepts an invitation to test this app and gains the ability to hear people's inner thoughts and feelings. After his sister Ye Zi is assaulted and gravely wounded by a serial killer, Ye Qiu becomes determined to find out who the culprit is using his newfound power from "Mode II". However, little does he know that he's not the only one with this ability…

Another Secret

[Jaeha-hyung, the most precious hyung in the world. Aren't I the most important to you, too?] Yoseob, a high school student who killed 8 citizens and shocked society. He, whom kept quiet in the police station during questioning, suddenly starts to make a statement, and the more the truth is revealed one by one, the more anxiety rises… *official summary

Wear the Sky

A high school student, Haro Ogawa, is a self-taught oil painter who is trying to paint the ultimate nude. After an encounter with a “witch,” he sets his sights on applying to art school. The mystery that resides in the human body, the ultimate “beauty” is painted on canvas! A skin-colored coming-of-age drama.
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