Middle School Sasha and Her Otaku Classmate (Pre-Serialization)

I am an aspiring mangaka, currently assisting in the production of erotic doujinshi as a middle school student. While I was reading doujinshi at school, a beautiful girl very interested in erotic things, Sasha-san, suddenly called me "Master"!? The story of a beautiful, cheerful girl volunteering to be my ecchi disciple.


onaga-kun, a second year high school student, has someone on his mind. His seat neighbor, quiet and tidy Nemukata-san. He loves seeing her glimmering eyes through her glasses as she reads a book. However, one day he finds that same girl trespassing in his room as "Dorobo-chan", a cute burglar!? A bright, fun, and not quite criminal romantic comedy.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Shin Kitanshuu

A series of Higurashi When They Cry anthology manga published by Ichijinsha with 10 total volumes.

King Game

An action packed suspense story of a boy who obtains the absolute authority! The story centers around a boy named Hwang Chomin who spends his high school days while enduring its unjust violent treatment. Being informed of his isolated brother's passing away, he receives his phone and confronts the truth about his brother. He learns that his brother is the leader of a notorius ring called [Emperor's Division]. Upon learning that he decides to impersonate his brother and take control of the division by passing judgment. And so the King's Game that must be never revealed begins!

Goodbye Declaration

Kakeru Kiritani is a boy who is not good at socializing, doesn't attend school, and spends most of his time playing video games. In his last year of highschool, a fateful encounter awaits him! The one who appears in front of Kakeru is the complete opposite of him. She's naive, has a lot of fans and haters, and causes a lot of problems, but even so she's a beautiful girl who catches everyone's attention—Rena Nanase! Torn between love and dreams, where is their last year of highschool headed!? The hit song "Goodbye Declaration," which has over 100 million views on YouTube, has been adapted into a novel, and now it's going to crazily bloom into a manga!

Nyanta & Pomeko: I Believe In It Now It's too Late to Be Told

No one believed in me. It’s too late to say I believe you now. My childhood friend, my step-sister and the girl with glasses are all trying to get involved with me now. I don’t care anymore. Just leave me alone. This is a love story of a man who doesn’t believe in anyone.


A master elementalist, Egret lived his entire life in the company of elemental spirits, having felt shunned by human society for his immense power. After his death, he is reborn as the young prince Judas, a social outcast bullied for his quietness and small frame. With his trusty spirits by his side, Egret enters the elite academy Ruvar-H, where he must make friends and turn Judas' reputation around. But with danger from his past life following him, can this great sage make it in the real world?

The Gamer (Part 5)

Jihan Han is your typical high school student -- minus the fact the he’s acquired the special ability to view the world around him as a video-game. Not long after this discovery, he stumbles upon a hidden world filled with others just like him. Now, amidst juggling homework and completing quests, Jihan must learn how to navigate his newfound power in order to level up in life.

5Cm Per Second

La vie semble vouloir éloigner Takaki et Akari qui se connaissent depuis le CM1. Malgré les kilomètres et les ans, un lien inivisible mais solide les unit... De Tokyo à Tochigi et à Tanegashima. C'est ta recherche que cette histoire conte. Lors leur rentrée en CM1, le jeune Takaki rencontre Akari pour la première fois. Nouvelle dans cette école, elle vient de déménager à Tokyo. Habitués tous deux à changer de ville au gré des mutations professionnelles de leurs parents, les deux enfants se lient rapidement d'amitié. Mais la famille d'Akari est mutée dans le nord du Japon, puis celle de Takaki doit partir pour Tanegashima, une île isolée du Sud... Parviendront-ils malgré la distance à maintenir le lien qui les unit et à s'avouer leur amour ? Œuvre poétique sur le thème de l'amour à distance, 5cm per Second doit son nom à la vitesse de la chute d'un pétale de cerisier au printemps... quoi de plus romantique que ce symbole du caractère éphémère des choses qui est aussi synonyme d'espoir et de renouveau?

Hongshi Loves Me!

The exciting life of Hong Shiho, a 20-year-old high school senior, as he navigates through life, on and off campus. He appears carefree and cheerful, but what is the secret lying beneath his smile..?

Daily Life In TS School

At a boy's school where there are multiple students with OTMS constitutions that temporarily become female due to various reasons, commonly known as TS Gakuen, a childhood friend who was attending school together suddenly becomes a beautiful girl who feels embarrassed and serious There are a lot of special everyday scenes and exciting school life such as the discipline committee member who cannot accept his own female constitution and the students who are positively dressed in female uniforms and enjoy the cuteness!

Anyway, I'm Falling in Love With You

Surrounded by 4 good-looking childhood friends, Mizuho's everyday life is full of nothing but heart-racing moments ♡ On top of that... Lately, Kizuki, the youngest among the group, has been drawing in steadfast towards her!? A dazzling tale of youth begins!

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-san

Nozaki Yumeko is a maiden in high school. She's greeted by the transfer student Miyoshi Ritsuo and drags him into her shoujo manga-style hijinks, much to his annoyance... Welcome to the life of Nozaki-san -- who adores the world of shoujo manga and yet is completely oblivious that her own brother is a renowned shoujo mangaka -- in this comedy about a girl who's all about all things shoujo manga!!

The Alien Next To Me Is Scary

Marunouchi-kun's new alien classmate was supposed to be a super fantastic alien, but...
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