A Man Who Has Become a Transcendental Person Walks Around the Other World at His Own Pace

Hiroshi Yamada (42 years old), a dull salaryman, was chosen to be a brave warrior which should have been limited to young people. Then he was suddenly sent to another world full of monsters and as a promised gift of his summoning, Hiroshi was given three strong skills by God: [One-shot K.O.], [All Magic Creation], and the ultimate physical strengthening ability [Transcendence]. And so Hiroshi must defeat the monsters one after another by making full use of the given skills. However, he's extremely clumsy and can't control his skills, so they always go out of control. Because of that, Hiroshi meets a cute female fairy and a muscular old warrior to go on his adventures with him. See what happens to Hiroshi as he experiences a different world fighting against monsters and sometimes annoying the townspeople with outrageous acts. (Source: AlphaPolis, translated)

Absolute Monarch Syndrome

Kiriko and Takuto are both cousins. Often, they spend a lot of time with each other. What the people around them don't know (including their parents) is what transpire behind closed doors when the two of them are alone and in the same room.

God Is Telling Me to Fall in Love

Chiyoko, in her second year of high school, transfers to a co-ed school due to her dad's job transfer. Since she's only attended an all-girls school since junior high, she excitedly plans to fall in love in her new school. Out of the blue, she begins to see the love meters of 5 hotties and an options window as if she were in an otome game?! She encounters various types such as a glasses boy, a playboy underclassman, and a mysterious senior. Meet-cutes with boys come one after another. This is the beginning of a real otome game school life!

Chinami's Landscape

Chinami is a elementary school girl who live in a city where everything is extraordinary and weird, but this is all normal to her. This is her story and the story of the people who live in this city: men, women, kids, all have their extraordinary tales to tell.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Revival of Zeon: Remnant One

In U.C. 0092 the "Cerberus Squadron," of Newborn Neo Zeon —a Newtype unit led by Brown and Meyer— are ordered to capture Fifth Luna.

Tsuyosugite Yusha Party Wo Sotsugyou Shita Saikyou Kenshi Mahou Gakuen Demo Aisareru

The latest author, Mr. Amaui Shiraichi, who is the original author of the popular work "The strongest job" Dragon Knight "has changed to the beginner's job" Carrier ", but somehow the heroes rely on it", which has exceeded 1 million copies in total. Appeared in "Yawaraka Spirits" with the work! Leon, the strongest swordfighter who defeated the Demon King, graduated from the brave party to learn the magical techniques of the new era, and decided to visit seven magic schools in the kingdom ...! The strongest swordfighter's restart fantasy! !!

Confession of The Second Empress of Sacrifice

Claire, the second princess who was said to be the unsuccessful princess in the Feitnam Empire. She was to be taken hostage by the enemy country under a peace treaty with the enemy country, the Kingdom of Balatonia, and she was prepared to die, but what she was waiting for was a big welcome to raise the country. , The super-favorable treatment of the Crown Prince's princess !? She was a "living knowledge person" with extraordinary intelligence, and the people of the kingdom were longing for her!

Search and Discovery with my Isekai Elf

One day home from work, the exhausted salaryman Amano's bath time is interrupted by an elf suddenly emerging from the tub! This clumsy but kind of brilliant otherworldly elf comes to the human world to take it easy and enjoy reading some manga.

A Whisker Away

Miyo "Muge" Sasaki, a peculiar second-year junior high student who has fallen in love with her classmate Kento Hinode. She resolutely pursues Hinode every day, but he takes no notice of her. Nevertheless, while carrying a secret she can tell no one, Muge continues to pursue Hinode. Muge discovers a magic mask that allows her to transform into a cat named Tarō. The magic lets Muge get close to Hinode, but eventually it may also make her unable to transform back to a human.

Uragirareta node, Ouhitsuki Jijou ni Job Change!

A popular WEB novel comicalized by a young lady! Although he is agile, Koiji has no self-affirmation. The royal palace romance of Masha, the leading maid with a queen! Engagement continues while having an affair! ?? Disappointed Viscount Lady Masha decides! I'll show you the woman's will. Hey, Raul? Years later, at the Grand Court Shake your arms as the lead maid with Queen Myra There was a figure of Masha ...!

Inspector Nishikida Likes the Thief

A wholesome heist- "love comedy" starring a gentleman thief and a police inspector!

Ragna Crimson

In this action-packed dark fantasy, humanity lives under the threat of annihilation by immensely powerful dragons. The dragon hunter Ragna embarks on a revenge-fueled quest to eliminate that threat once and for all. Dragon hunters: warriors armed with special silver weapons who kill their prey for bounty. Lowest among their ranks is Ragna, who forms an improbable partnership with the young genius Leonica, a master dragon slayer with more kills to her name than almost any other. All Ragna wants is to stay by Leonica's side, but his dream is shattered by an attack from the deadliest dragon imaginable...
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