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Tricks Dedicated to Witches

In 2021, Harry Makito, a genius magician, was holding a one time only retirement show in Tokyo when he burned to death in an unexpected accident. He was 17 years old, or so one would think. But he lived, finding himself reincarnated 400 years earlier in Medieval Europe during the age of the witch trials! Now he fights against the church which unjustly brands women as witches with his tricks disguised as miracles. It's like real magic! (Source: Kodansha, translated)

Superior Healer With Inferior Mark

Yuji, a recovery surgeon who was born with the "Crest of Nothing" --- commonly known as the "Inferior Crest", was lucky enough to belong to the S rank without being disappointed by his disadvantageous crest and the gaze that despised the inferior crests around him. At parties, he has honed his "healing" skills. However, the party that has become more upbeat mercilessly expels Yuji ... Yuji, who is alone, tries to start again, but there he meets Lina, who also gives the inferior crest. Heels that are too cheat !! A different world fantasy that is slightly painful and extremely exciting !!

A Cup of Coffee

Takaki Hatano is a third-year in high school who can't wait to become a "real adult." One day, he passes by a café and finds himself mysteriously drawn to the proprietress, a mysterious woman who seems to be hiding a secret sadness. Through her, through coffee, and through his encounters with the other café patrons, he begins to taste the bittersweet feelings of love and growing up. (Source: Kodansha, translated)

Exceeding limits can only be handled by reincarnated people

An extremely beautiful adaptation of a story that held the 1st place in “Let’s become a novelist” both Monthly and Quarter Yearly. A fantasy adventure about bonds forged with people in a different world. The setting is a world, where everyone has eight skill slots. In these slots people can put skills like “Strengthen arm ★” and “Fire Magic★★” from skill orbs, abilities which prove extremely useful for survival. The total amount of stars your skills have can never exceed your slots. Our protagonist Reiji, worked as a slave that mines skill orbs, until 10 years old. Along with his precious older sister, Lark, they worked gruellingly in the mines until one day, where the chance for rebellion occurred at the mine and Reiji got his hands on a ten-star, a so called “overlimit” skill, called “World Ruler”. Reiji went from a powerless slave to having an ability that surpassed human limits, but in the chaos of the revolt, he was separated from the only person dear to him, his sister Lark. “To regain his bond with her, to make her his true sister”, earnestly thinking so, Reiji’s adventure to distant places starts!

Unnamed Memory

As a child, Oscar, Crown Prince of Farsas, had been cursed to be childless. At the age of 20, he paid a visit to Tinassha, the strongest witch in the continent, to break the curse. He came back bringing Tinassha along as his protector, and in the one year until his contract with her expired, he got embroiled into her past, and an even greater destiny. (Source: Kadokawa, translated)

Our Classmates Don’t Know We’re Having Sex In Your Room

Tōyama, an unassuming high school boy who is introverted, is walking the streets at night in search of contraceptives while having sex with his girlfriend, Takai Yumi. He finally finds a condom vending machine. Just when he thinks he finally found a condom, his classmate Marika Uehara, a beautiful girl in the upper caste of his class, sees him. After that, he was a little annoyed that Uehara tried to involved with him in any way. Uehara, who he hadn’t any contact with before even though they were in the same class, was starting to take an interest in Tōyama.

The Ride-On King

The story focuses on Aleksandr Bruchinov, the president for life of the country of Brugia, a country ruled by violence and the influence of its government. Aleksandr always desires to be dominant, and "ride" things, whether literally or figuratively. Now that he has already ridden his country, his next target is a fantasy world that has orcs, wyverns, and centaurs. (Source: ANN)

Wizard Mana and the Door of Wisdom

A slightly naughty fantasy comedy that begins from the bottom floor of a dungeon! Adventurers return from the dungeon. In the hands of the wizard Mana, who is changing clothes, is the "dangerous swimsuit" found in the dungeon. "What would happen if I wore such a naughty swimsuit?" - It was a gateway to a sweet world.

Onna Kajishi wa Ohitoyoshi Guild ni Hirowaremashita – Shintenchi de Ganbaru Kajishi Seikatsu

She gave up her aristocratic title in order to survive, and through her natural blacksmithing skills and hard work, Liliana became a court blacksmith at the young age of 15. One day, however, she is scoffed at as a 'woman who stinks of iron' by a hero whom she admires, and is banished from the court for a baseless crime. At a loss for what to do, she is picked up by a young swordsman, Glaive, who allows her to stay at his guild, the Sword of the Blue Sky. The court that banished her, on the other hand, is unable to repair the hero's holy sword... This is the story of a lone girl who finds happiness.

Karate Survivor in Another World

If you're reincarnated in another world, you will be naked and alone in the forest. The only things you can rely on without magic or cheats is your wits and fists!

Ikiteru Dake de Erai! tte Haine-san ga Iu kara

Souta Takarada, who lives a closed life, is raised by Heine-san, a household servant. Heine-san has great style and is beautiful, but she is a bit dangerous, so Souta is always nervous. And Heine-san is really nice, and she always compliments me no matter what I do, so Souta's heart is always pounding. A mysterious life with an overprotective(?) older sister!

Shidenkai No Maki

Hagoromo Maki is going to an all-girls high school, a special one that allows its students to commute by plane! She and her first friend at school, Hasegawa Motoko, have found a plane and fixed it up for themselves to fly! However, it turns out that it was the plane used by a legendary pilot who protected the airspace for their school, and their school's ace pilot does not approve of them having it. Will Maki be able to fly and protect the air for their school? (Source: MangaHelpers)

The Time Mage's Strong New Game: I Returned to the Past to Rewrite It as the World's Strongest

The Time Mage’s Strong New Game ~I Returned to the Past To Rewrite It as the World’s Strongest After 100 years of hard work, the hero, chrome, has become the world’s only Chronomancer. However, by the time he became the world’s strongest, all the people and towns he wanted to protect were lost. And so the course he chose… is to go back to his childhood and start his life all over again…?! This is the ultimate story of time-lapse fantasy!

The Gal Who Was Meant to Confess to Me as a Game Punishment Has Apparently Fallen in Love with Me

Barato Nanami, a toned-down version of the gal at the top of the school pecking order, lost a game of cards and now has to confess to a guy in her class as a punishment. Misumai Youshin, who is a loner with no friends was the chosen guy but he knows about the punishment! It should have been a game punishment, but will Nanami grow feelings for Youshin...?

The Count’s Youngest Son Is a Player

[Activating closed beta system. Current number of users: 1.] Bae DoHyun lost his life because of the major guilds' evil plan. He then possesed the main character in a game that’s still in its beta service. Reincarnated as Rich family’s youngest son, Raul. “I’ll take it all this time!” From Rank 1 player to the most powerful NPC, his new story begins.
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