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Mr. Yano's Ordinary Days

Yoshida the class president has a nervous temperament. But recently her worries are caused by one of her classmates, Yano. He somehow always arrives at school covered in all sorts of injuries, she can't get her eyes off him! She can't control herself, she needs to patch him up! A slice of life pure romance comedy of an injured boy and a concerned girl!

So I'm a Spider, So What?

When a mysterious explosion killed an entire class full of high school students, the souls of everyone in class was transported into a fantasy world and reincarnated. While some students were reincarnated as princes or prodigies, others were not as blessed. Our heroine, who was the lowest in the class, discovered that she was reincarnated as a spider!? Now at the bottom of the food chain, she needs to adapts to the current situation with willpower in order to live! Stuck in a dangerous labyrinth filled with monsters, it's eat or be eaten! This is the story of a spider doing whatever she can in order to survive! (Source: MU)

No Matter What You Say, Furi-san Is Scary!

Misunderstood yankee girl Furi Youku has a crush on her classmate Taira Namito. She tries to gain his attention but Namito misinterprets her actions as a threat.

The Vampire dies in no time

Vampires are said to have many weaknesses such as garlic, crosses, and sunlight. Game-loving vampire lord Draluc just so happens to be weak to... everything. He dies, turning into a pile of ash, at the slightest shock. When his castle is destroyed, he teams up with Vampire Hunter Ronaldo, much to the other's chagrin. Despite their differences, they must try to work together to defend themselves from rogue vampires, Ronaldo's murderous editor, investigators, and more—with Draluc dying continuously along the way.

My Favorite Vtuber Is My Student and I'm Her Artist!?

Karasawa Kazuki is a university student who wants to become an art teacher, and is middle of teaching-training. However, she's bothered by her student Tsubosaki Mimi, who gets involved with her at her teaching practice. Kazuki finds solace in watching the VTuber "Tsubomi," who is her favorite VTuber But then she finds out that Mimi is Tsubomi's true identity...! Her favorite VTuber is her student, and the artist she admires is her teacher...! A new sensation of VTuber x Yuri romantic comedy has begun!

Last Summer Vacation

"I ended up seeing that girl in my class who didn't want to be seen by anyone"—The bright and cute Mizuki who selflessly takes care of her sick mother—Seemingly the perfect “good girl” in every respect. But what about Umino, who saw a girl like that in a way she absolutely should not have? What is arriving at the end of escaping from reality? This is sure to be a road trip story about sad girls

Pokemon Try Adventure

Mr. Crow, a mysterious man, gathers 3 boys who love Pokémon. Katsuya is the main character, who wants to be stronger. He travels along Toki, who is experienced at traveling, and Soto, a Pokémaniac who wants to catch'em all. These characters travel alongside the Pokémon World resolving mysteries (almost of them regarding legendary Pokémon) and helping people.


There is a dream worth putting two lives on the line for. Tsukasa, a young man with shattered dreams, and Inori, a girl no one believed in. However, in the face of adversity, those two possessed a tenacity towards the rink greater than anyone had ever known. Together, they meet on the ice, and aim for the world with their figure skating! (Source: Kodansha, translated)

#I'll Looking for Zombie

The manga is set in a world where 90 percent of humans on Earth have contracted and died from a deadly, virulent disease; only to then rise again as zombies who only attack people. 13 years after that "Red Day" of societal and civilizational collapse, the surviving humans survive away from the big cities, while still hoping to retake them someday. An entirely new generation of people who know nothing of the pre-Red Day world are now coming into their own. The story begins when Aki and her close friends Haru and Natsuki begin a journey to find Aki's missing father.

Tsurenai Hodo Aokute Azatoi Kurai ni Akai

Is this senior... female? Male? Neutral? Demonic? A transfer student suffering from an incurable disease called curiosity meets a mysterious being (human) who is beautiful, cute, cool, and terrifying. The first of a new generation of horror comic authors presents an abyssal love story, a ghost story to peek into and sensuality to you.

Her Name is Takako

The signal is hiding in the breathing. Takako is the girl who can hear things more clearly than other people. It’s not a special power, so she can’t write it on her resume, but Takako communes and communicates with the world through sound. Let’s watch the simple daily life of Takako while she warmly embraces the heartless modern society.

I'm in Love with the Older Girl Next Door

There's this beautiful, bubbly, film-loving girl who's three years older than me: her name's Shia, and she lives right next door! I'm madly in love with her, and I needed some way to see her! I settled on asking her for movie recommendations, and now I get to meet her every Wednesday! I want to know more about her, and tell her how I feel... but I just can't get the message across! Enjoy this lopsided rom-com brought to you by the author of "The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses" and "Paper Braver", Koume Fujichika!

Real no Heroine wa Irimasen!

Aramiya Seiichi is an ordinary high school... eroge otaku who's given up all hope on girls in the 3D world due to a certain incident. One day, after he bought a bunch of new materials in consequence of experiencing the frustration of a perfect eroge character turning out to be "used goods," he encounters a delinquent-like-looking girl being about to get raped by a bunch of guys. By mere chance, he rescues her. Days later, when school starts again, it turns out to have been his classmate, Ayame, a feared delinquent girl who's got all kind of rumors about her—especially that she's "used goods." And it appears that she's set on becoming his ideal girl to make him fall for her. (Source: Novel Updates)

The Bride of Barbaroi

Seraphina de Lavillant, the strongest knightess of the west, found herself defeated and imprisoned by eastern barbarians. What savage degeneracy awaits her at their hands? Soon, the truth is revealed! She's… to be wooed by a very handsome barbarian prince!? What will happen as Veur Thundervoice tries his best to win the heart of our prickly heroine!? A fantasy story surrounding the marriage of former enemies!

Saint of Black Kite

Russel is a [saint] who was an expert in recovery magic. he was in a group with his childhood friends until the rest of the members learned recovery magic. Branded unnecessary and expelled from his group of friends, he meets a mysterious beauty named Sybilla. His infinite magical potential, combined with her guidance now allow him to reach heights once deemed impossible!
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