Star-Embracing Swordmaster

Vlad was a vagrant child of the slums who always admired knights. After an incident where he was struck by black lightning, he began hearing a voice. A knight of blue moonlight appeared one day, and Vlad’s back-alley life was turned upside down… Even an obscure star that does not shine in the highest peaks of the night sky is still a star if it wishes to shine.

When Fate Finds Us

One kiss could save my life. As a prophetess, Noemi can see the futures of those she touches. Yet sadly, as the wife of a god, she sees only death in her own fateful future. But then, a sudden kiss with an unruly merchant brings a vision of life. Could he be Noemi's key to survival? Or will she be unable to escape her destiny?

I became an evolving space monster

In the vast expanse of space, inside a cargo compartment made of cold metal, I couldn’t help but acknowledge one thing: I had become an antagonistic extraterrestrial life form in an SF survival game.

The Otherworldly Survival Diary of a Young Man with Creature Girls.

関東にある某大学理学部生物学科にて、異世界のクリ娘ハーレム王を目指す栗結大輔とともに学ぶ社会不適合のヘタレオタク・織津江大志は、ある日突然、異世界に転移。 早々にして、コカトリスの群れに襲われるが、そこは織津江流古武術の継承者にして、サバイバル術の熟達者。 問題を次々とクリアリングしていくが、そこにクリ娘達が現れて…。


An era of peace between the hero and demon lord is upon us! In this peaceful world, the hero Corleo is nothing but an empty suit. But one day, a hero and demon lord from another world appear before him! How will Corleo deal with the chaos these invaders bring to his world?! A new type of fantasy epic now begins!

History’s Mentalist

In a world reshaped by coronavirus, everything around grad student Sakutaro seems to have changed...except for himself. But the gears of history start to turn when Buddha’s emissary suddenly appoints him as ‘History’s Mentalist’! While taken aback by the unexpected flaws of the great historical figures he encounters, Sakutaro begins to (hopefully) reexamine himself in the face of their earnest endeavors... Can he survive the challenges of both the past and the present?!

Kyonshi Kaitan BLOOD

20th century Shanghai, China. In a society that has outlawed jiangshi, mafia groups have opened businesses exploiting corpses. Lei had his family snatched away from him, and even his own body was made into a jiangshi’s. It was then that he met Mei Lan, a beautiful taoist who cracks down on jiangshi related crimes. With his eccentric partner, he intends to make every effort to liberate all jiangshi from their curse and bury the dark taoist, Hei Xu.


From an early age, Xu Shenze would often get caught up in the same strange dream. Over time, the dark shadow that the dream cast over his life grew, until, one day, the shadow became real, and suddenly Xu Shenze's life as he knew it was completely torn to shreds. His parents suddenly meet a gruesome end, and all sorts of other strange and disturbing events kept on happening to him. Alone and afraid, when he hears about a supposed "dream town", he decides to go there to look for answers. In the town that is called both the "Holy Land" and "Purgatory" by its residents, what sort of terrible truths are waiting for Xu Shenze?

Golden Bat (YAMANE Kazutoshi)

New Champion Red serialization featuring Golden Bat and set during Japan's Taisho Era.

Divine Emperor

The peak cultivator of his era was reborn under a scheme. using his experience from his past life, he trampled over geniuses and experts, usurped gods and deities, to take back what was once his.

Empress of Hell’s Mission Guide

Qin NianNian, the SSSSS-level Queen of Mercenaries, became the ruler of the underworld after her death— The Empress of Hell! She is highly intelligent, callous, and cruel in her methods. With her adorable pet, TangYuan, she transmigrates into thousands upon thousands of worlds and switches on her ‘punishing scums’ mode!

I created an Urban Legend

Yuan ZhenSi transmigrates to a Parallel reality known as Jiang City, a world filled with horror and supernatural forces. Using his journal, ‘The True Records of Urban Legends,’ he creates legends that influence reality, fighting evil and anomalies. Together with comrades, they battle an impending apocalyptic anomaly.

Reiwa no Dara-san

Seeing it brings misfortune; defiling it brings a curse? Introducing a new era of strangeness, abandoning seriousness! On a stormy day, a landslide destroys a fence, and siblings who ventured into a long-prohibited area encounter a terrifyingly bizarre creature... "I'm a curse god, you know!? Don't you think anything of this grotesque form?!?" The unflappable siblings, rather than being scared, casually call the creature "Dara-San" and grow fond of it!? Seemingly scary but not at all! A new era of occult comedy that leaves seriousness behind.

Truth Mask

Wumian came into possession of a mask that conferred on him the ability to generate approval and compliance for all his actions. Despite that, he still failed to muster the courage to confess his feelings to the girl he had a crush on, not until a certain incident turned his life completely upside down…

Monster Holic

People become primal beasts, give up rational thought, and celebrate their freedom in anonymity. This is the "Masked City." It is a town where anyone can casually transform into a beast by taking a "monster supplement" and do whatever they want. It is the only government-approved "slum" where one can forget the stifling atmosphere of a completely monitored society. In this town, a vampire boy named Zero, who was a real monster, and his werewolf partner Tsuki take on the job of "exterminating vermin" as street cleaners. They search for hit-and-run centaurs, hunt JK bunnies, and fight to the death against an urban legend that has emerged. An encounter with the "Medicine Witch" will change the destiny of Zero and his friends.

Nine Children of the Dragon

Nine "dragon children" fight for the oppressed in this action of good and evil!
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