The Novice Alchemist's Store

For an orphan who had no family for the rest of their life, the only way to become an upstart was to obtain the national qualification as an alchemist. After graduating from the Royal Alchemist Training School, which acknowledged nothing but ability, my master (teacher) gave me the right to open my own shop as a graduation present. After being sent off by my generous master, I, Sarasa, set out with a dream of having a slightly elegant life as an alchemist. But… As soon as I arrived at my destination, I was shocked. Because… I arrived in a ‘very rural’ area that was beyond my imagination. However, if I couldn’t run my shop in this place, I wouldn’t be able to make a living…

Princess of Cathedral

In a world where mechanical civilization has perished, immortal monsters called "Monotsuki" are rampant. Isana, a girl born in a remote village, wanders into a ruin where she meets a mechanical man who looks just like her sister who disappeared and has no memories. Convinced that her sister is alive, Isana gives the mechanical man the name Hime and together they set off on a journey to find her.

Her, Who I Yearn For

Dream chaser Nuo En accidentally bumped into the queen of fashion Jun Ling one day, and since then accidentally interlocked their fates. Two individuals from completely different backgrounds began living together after that. However, conspiracy after conspiracy slowly unveil themselves over time; will timid Nuo En alone be enough to save Jun Ling's heart from freezing forever?

The Blood Princess, Kill Them All

Mary, a failure princess, cannot use magic. A political marriage has been arranged for her.. Finally, she's useful as a member of the royal family――Mary thinks positively. However, she's arrested at the fiancé's unveiling party for ridiculous crimes and sentenced to execution. Betrayed by her parents and even her brother, Mary flees with her older sister, the only ally she has. However, she's unable to escape and has been killed along with her sister by the most powerful magician, the "Arcana User". However, at the edge of death, Mary's power awakens. The power she gained was the Arcana of "The Death", which allows her to eat corpses and strengthen herself.

Straight Girl Trap

The regular office worker Zhan Ying, who is drama-queen at heart, recently encountered a question that made her face flush, heart pound, and become embarrassed at a complete loss. That is, she suddenly wondered if her cold queen boss Zhou Yuanyou, who is always taking care of her, has feelings for her?! Is it heartfelt, or is it just a straight trap? Zhan Ying didn't even have time to really think about it when she found herself already caught in the trap...


The newest female supermodel Zhong Xiao was caught by reporters on the night before the big show quarreling and kissing her female friend, causing an uproar in the country! After intensely fighting with herself, she finally decided to come out. However, the modelling industry was also hit hard, and when Zhong Xiao began planning to leave the Chinese market, she received an invitation from a designer who was returning to China-- Bai Fumei...

Sensory Sharing Maid-san!

The daily life of slightly lewd and cute maids.

Love Count Down

Yoo Minhee finds her boyfriend cheating on her. On her way home, she runs into her childhood friend Park Heemin. After having seen Minhee crying, Heemin proposes to Minhee that the two of them make a love contract...?!

Seven Queens of Death

Death row prisoner. Criminals who committed violent crimes and were sentenced to death by law. Akari, a woman who had no meaning in the prison island “Deep Palace” near death, accommodating them, acted with a certain purpose. Just when she thought she was able to complete my purpose safely, the death row prisoners has started to kill each other? A battle royal “Killing” was held where men and women were separated and the remaining team could escape!! Can Akari survive the “Killing” safely and escape from prison? Blood, Eros, and dangerous guys fly around, all the characters, a Battle Royale of all scum prisoners!!!!!

Get Out of My House!

“She's now your “responsibility”!” Cha Hong, a freelancer; heard as soon as she stepped foot onto the set the biggest drama. This job was everything that she wanted but she was only left to become an assistant. She ends up having to take care of Noh Seung-Ah; the nation’s actress with a really stubborn attitude. Hong will have to look out for the actress 24 hrs daily up until the drama is aired. Hong’s daily life routines and dreams are suddenly interrupted by Noh Seung-Ah who is 12 years younger than her.. On top of it all "I never told you that you can live in my house?!"

Miss Angel and Miss Devil

The story of angels who don't behave like angels and devils who are kinder than them. A new romance begins!


An office worker named Komari is saved from a monster by a mysterious vampire named Liberta. Sex and violence ensues.

Hero's Marriage

In a fantasy kingdom, "platinum" defeated the demon king and was crowned the hero, without knowing that the kingdom's princess is the reward for defeating the demon king...

Alcohol and Ogre-girls

Shida Naori is a college student who loves making alcoholic drinks but has no friends to share them with. At a mixer, she meets Ibuki Hinata, who she ends up taking home with her. After making her a drink, Naori discovers that Hinata is an ogre-girl descended from Shuten-doji who needs alcohol to live, can only drink alcohol offered to her by humans, and grows horns whenever she drinks. Thus, Hinata decides to make Naori her personal bartender.

Tensei shitara Akari dake Slime datta ken

The Amusement Club gets transported to another world… and Akari turns into a slime. A new Yuru Yuri isekai spinoff.

Neta Chara Tensei to ka anmari da!

Guy dies and reincarnates into another world as the female character he made. Toru Aikawa, a college student who spends his days immersing himself in games because his daily life is so boring, was standing alone in a forest in a different world when he realized why. Moreover, it seems that he has reincarnated into the “news character” made by playing the game. TS reincarnated into the strongest heroine packed with the overflowing Chuunibyo and his own ideals! A different world with a story technique !? The strongest TS reincarnation fantasy opens here !!
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