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When vlogger meets top-of-the-industry writer, what could go wrong? Everything! Nothing has gone my way ever since meeting her. Hu Luoluo, on the brink of having her vlogger account relinquished, is shoved into the path of scandal-ridden writer extraordinaire Song Li purely by accident. Being featured on hot topics, paired up as a couple, finally gaining traffic... Will it finally make her the greatest vlogger of all time?

Make the Best of It: Advance or Fall Behind

In order to avenge her sister, a demon snuck into the land of the celestials all alone. In an unexpected turn of events, she was rescued by her nemesis' fiancee! Originally, she wanted to get close to her nemesis through his fiancee, but she soon discovered that his fiancee was hiding a secret that could change everything.

Master of the Fox Bead

One day Jinhwa unknowingly received a suspicious marble from an old lady and the next day there are a Gumiho (Nine Tailed Fox) after her and claimed that Jinhwa have her marble?!

I Love Amy

"Is this how it feels to have a friend?" Bibi is obsessed with Peter, the prince of the school. When she spots Amy next to him, she starts to feel jealous. She invites Amy to her house to warn her, but instead takes a liking to the girl. They agree to be friends on the condition that Amy has to help Bibi confess.

My Feelings Can Wait

During the wedding of the famous actress, Jing Xiu, Weibo was flooded instead by the shocking headline "New Hit Actress Ji Youyan Dies of Alcohol Poisoning". The headlines were soon changed when the wedding was called off... for reasons unknown. Ji Youyan suddenly wakes up three years back in time, two years after she broke up with Jing Xiu. This time, she swears to never lose her again...

Cinderella Cosplaytion

Tsukiko, a woman in her twenties, and Hinata, a mysterious girl, meet through their common hobby of cosplay.Tsukiko quit cosplaying for unknown reasons, but still attends events to take photos, while Hinata is just entering this world. How will their relationship develop?

Snow Thaw & Love Letter

Natsutsuki, the prince of an all-girls school who has a fan club for both literary and martial arts. Her transfer student Shun comes to her, who has been spending days unsatisfied even though she is looking at her with admiration. Unlike her previous students, Haru doesn't treat Natsutsuki like a prince. Even though you feel uncomfortable with her, your heart flutters when you see her innocent smile and bright personality...?

The Professor Who Reads Romance Novels

A middle-aged professor, Joon-woo, is infatuated with internet romance novels. Even though he does not show that he's an avid reader due to his social status, waiting for the next chapter of the novel enthuses him. But one day, as the author goes on an unexpected hiatus, Joon-woo decides to write a letter to the author... A story that echoes and vibrates deeply in the heart.

Meet You

The day I coincidentally met you, my story began to change.

Too Blue to Call Love

A bar waitress is having feelings for an office woman who is a regular customer at her bar and is having troubles with a cheating boyfriend.

How to End an Unrequited Love

"Kim Boksil, is better known for having no success at love having gone with unrequited love for 20 years now. She's now on her 9th failure of unrequited love since graduating from high school. Boksil, who vows that she will have a wonderful relationship when she becomes a college student, falls for her kind and handsome sunbae, Doyoon."

Don't Fall In Love!

Jeong-hyun often acts before thinking, leaving her unemployed after fighting with the store manager for her part-time job. However, she signs up as a talent manager when introduced by her older brother. There, she falls in love with an actress, Hee-ra! “It was like…love at first sight!” but it turns out that Hee-ra acts quite differently from her expectations. Though she shouldn’t be swept away in the moment, looking at Hee-ra’s face makes her go through all sorts of emotions. Will Jeong-hyun finally be able to control her outbursts?

Coppelia's Coffin

On a snowy day, a beautiful transfer student named Anna, joined the boarding school. With Anna's captivating beauty, she became the object of everyone's envy. While Colette, who was the opposite of Anna in every way, builds a delicate love-hate relationship with her. All of a sudden, Anna leaves the school. A long time passes before Colette reunites with Anna, at the place where she starts working as a tutor for a noble family...

Polaris Will Never Be Gone

Tajima Sora was an idol at the peak of popularity when she died and now the people who had gone crazy over her are slowly returning to days where they have forgotten everything about her. Mizu'umi is a high school girl who cannot accept this fact because the late idol is a god-like existence to her. So one day, 2 years after her idol's death, she committed a taboo act. This is a young adult fiction about an everlasting and undying idol and is dedicated to the current times where feelings of "like" are concentrated.

The Witch's Marriage

A cool-headed witch and a pure air-headed witch get "married." Thus begins their complicated, lovey-dovey newlywed life!

My Mom's a Superstar

What will happen when an overly-supportive daughter discovers loads of photos of her mom, a famous actress, on the internet posing with her female co-stars in ways that "friends" would not do?
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