Kiyota-san wa Yogosaretai!?

Sumiko Kiyota is a plain, ordinary girl with a serious demeanor. While eating lunch alone as usual, Yuki Shirakawa, the most beautiful and popular girl in class, calls out to her...?

The Moon on a Rainy Night

One day, just before entering high school, Kindaichi Saki collides with a strange girl of the same year on the way to a piano lesson and grazes her hand, but the musical score she dropped is silently picked up and returned to her by the strange girl. Saki reunites with the impressive girl as a classmate and finds out that her name is Oikawa Kanon and that she is deaf. At school, Saki, who is lonely, tries to understand the sound of Kanon, who keeps a distance from her surroundings due to her disability, and her attitude gradually begins to change.

Twinstar Cyclone Runaway

The story is set 6,000 years after humanity has spread out across the stars, and takes place inside a gigantic city ship orbiting a remote gas giant. The ship is home to a civilization of space fishers that catch valuable fish-like creatures known as Besshu. The society harvests the Besshu through ships operated by enforced male-female pairs of operator and pilot, who are seen by the male-dominated society as a married couple. The story centers on Terra, who is seeking a partner to operate a ship, and finds her in the mysterious runaway girl Diode, with both uniquely able to use the ship despite both being female.

Ruwei ~Kono Musume to Shokutaku o Kakomu hi Kara~

An illustrator named XinXin, who is seen as gloomy by those around her, meets a beautiful drunken girl named YinYin while wandering along the streets. Following a course of events, XinXin brings the girl home and ends up cooking for her. Though their polar opposite personalities can make things awkward, this is the start of their days together around the dining table. The story of two Chinese woman and food.

Saki & Final Fantasy XIV

"You know, there's a mahjong game that's a little interesting". A trio of first years from Kiyosumi High School's Mahjong Club are recommended by their captain, Takei Hisa, to play a game called "Final Fantasy XIV".…☆

Wait 3 Minute, Mugi-senpai

Add hot water for 3 minutes. The cup noodles you eat with Mugi-senpai are the most delicious! Ushio Yuasa, a university student who continues to research day and night, and Tsumugi Yakushiji, a graduate student in charge of their education. The two of them are still working hard on their university life and research, and late at night in the laboratory. I ended up with cup noodles as a reward. The story of a science college girl's youth, research, love, and cup noodles. Cup noodles, Maru-chan, red fox, green tanuki, and Peyang... The dazzling cup noodles are here with their real names!


Kang Chan and Seyeon have been close friends since they were young after being introduced by their parents. After entering high school, Seyeon suddenly received a confession from Kang Chan and became aware of Kang Chan since then. Meanwhile, Naeun is displeased with their relationship. The trivial and noisy story of their love triangle and those around them...

Naisho no Ofutari-sama

Is it wrong to think about eating food all day...? Eliza, a young lady who is only interested in food is brought a delicious gift by a delinquent named Misaki. She's scary... but she can't resist the allure of good food!

Tomorrow Will Be Another Day Next to the Hero

Mao Kurose can't help but be intrigued by her classmate Kanade Momomiya, who sits next to her. She's got these mixed-up feelings she can't make sense of when suddenly, she remembers the moment when she, as the Demon Queen, killed the Hero. And that Hero has the same face as Momomiya... A girls' story that transcends time!

Her, Who I Yearn For

Dream chaser Nuo En accidentally bumped into the queen of fashion Jun Ling one day, and since then accidentally interlocked their fates. Two individuals from completely different backgrounds began living together after that. However, conspiracy after conspiracy slowly unveil themselves over time; will timid Nuo En alone be enough to save Jun Ling's heart from freezing forever?

Kachime ga Nai no wa Ore dake ka!!

Excelling at both school and sports, with an attractive face and body, and even hailing from a good family—that's me, the perfect Hirose Mizuki!! I'm supposed to be enjoying my happy school life where I get confessed to by a new girl every day, but I actually have a problem: my unfulfilled first love. But even that should be no problem for me now! My revenge of fixing my mistakes and fulfilling my first love has begun!!...or so I thought?! From the super popular mangaka Komura Ayumi, author of "Usotsuki Lily" and "Kami-sama no Ekohiiki"—a "first love triangle" romcom!!

Senpai, Does It Taste Good?

Miho is a university student who bears trauma relating to food. Suddenly, she finds herself with a pretend partner. Not only that, her pretend partner is the #1 most beautiful woman in the university, Mori-senpai!? A girl's socializing story presented through food by the author of Fuzuroi no Renri!

Couple of Mirrors

In the Republic of China, famous Shanghainese author Xu Youyi has everything anyone could want-- until the day an anonymous letter arrives, revealing the truth behind her perfect life. Betrayed by both her best friend and her husband, she meets Yan Wei, the outwardly cold but inwardly warm owner of a photography studio. They click instantly, both independent yet in harmony with one another. Growing closer in the turbulent dangers that surround them, the two different women soothe the scars within each other's heart. Will they be able to save each other?
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