My Roommate Isn't From This World

The young man’s new apartment is haunted, but as it turns out, even the dead have their own personal shortcomings… issues of the flesh included.For the dead have lingering desires, and are more susceptible to the world of the living than what one may think. There’s anger, there’s hate, there’s curiosity… and there’s love too.Here he finds a ghastly girl who observes him quietly, certainly desiring something…(No wonder the rent is cheap!)

Akumeitakai Ryoushu ni Totsugu Koto ni Narimashita ga Mainichi Shiawase desu

Diana, the daughter of a baron, loses her fiancé to her sister-in-law, who was doted upon by her parents and raised to be selfish. She becomes the laughing stock of society, and marries into the famously violent and cruel Count Wolfgang of the Frontier. But he is not all he is cracked up to be...? This is a Cinderella story about a girl with an unhappy background who finds happiness!

My Man's Soul ♡ Sacrifice

In order to lose my family's debt (4 billion), I decided to go to a girls' school by dressing as a woman, as per the order of "a pervert who loves romantic comedy and has too much power". School life is full of confusion, but fortunately in the midst of misfortune, all the members of the student council are "men" who go to girls' schools in the same circumstances. Can you win a peaceful school life despite the perverted old man who wants romantic comedy troubles?

The substitute lady who got her engagement broken is being adored by an older price who is her first love

Louise is a noble lady who loves books and magic devices. One day, she suddenly had her fiancee stolen by the very same twin sister she was acting as. After her dream to be a magic device researcher was destroyed, the one to save her was her first love, the First Prince Lucius, whom she was able to meet again! From a book club in a secret library to outings to magic device shops, Louise manages to regain the light in her eyes with the time they spend together. With her feeling her heart beat from Lucius’s sweet words, just when you’d think they’d get together in no time, the past that t…

Kokoro no Koe ga Kikoeru Akuyaku Reijou wa, Kyou mo Koinu Denka ni Honrousareru

Eleanor, the villainous daughter of an otome game, was still young when she heard someone else's "voice of the heart" for the first time. Tired of calculations, blatant favors, slander, and heartless honesty, she eventually closed her heart and gave up on love. At that time, he meets the first prince, Asher, at a ball. With a neat face and a calm voice, anyone would think that he was the perfect person―― "Fuu, I'm nervous. Alright, let's do our best! Ei, ei, oh!" In fact, he was a bearish and too pure prince! ? For the first time, Eleanor is curious about him, who has a pleasant "voice of the heart". Eventually, it turns into love...?

Nami no Shijima no Horizont

In that coastal town, I fell in love for the first time.Riku, an elementary school student who loves soccer, and Iori,Riku’s older brother’s ex-girlfriend high school girl.A stretched-out first love story just before puberty.

Contract Marriage of the Grand Master Sorcerers

Ray, a very beautiful sorcerer leader who is so popular that he has become uncomfortable with women. Under pressure from his grandmother, he goes on a blind date, and what awaits him is Brigitte, an accounting auditor who is dedicated to her work. When Ray learns that she has also given up on marriage, he proposes a contractual marriage so that they do not have to go through any more blind dates. However, married life is surprisingly enjoyable! A love story of a contracted marriage where the distance gradually gets closer and closer is irresistible!

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? (Comic Book Ver.)

Star secretary Miso Kim has been by vice-chairman Youngjun Lee’s side through thick and thin for nine years...until she suddenly quits! Her unexpected declaration throws Youngjun for a loop. After all, what more could she want in life to abandon an excellent job working for a boss like him? So when Miso reveals she’s leaving to finally live her own life and find love, he sets out to prove that he’s the ultimate catch—whatever it takes to convince her to stay!

My Girlfriend Gives Me Goosebumps!

Meet Haruka Kawatsuji, a young boy who miraculously survived a fall from his apartment's balcony as a child. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts to find that same thrill in sports and horror movies, he's never quite managed to feel as alive since. However, that may all be about to change in a fateful encounter with one very eccentric girl!

How to Get My Husband on My Side

In the original lines of the novel, I was a villainess—used as a political tool by my father and older brother—who ended up dying at the hands of my future husband. To save his kingdom, my father desperately begged my fifth groom to take my hand in marriage. The problem is that the man I’m supposed to marry, the legendary knight of the North, is the same man who will end up murdering me and my entire family. I have to find a way to survive. Within the novel itself, there are many daunting challenges ahead of me: I have to find a way to save my husband’s little sister, win over my cold-hearted husband, and gain the support of the people of the North, all of whom currently despise me. “I’m in love with you!” So please, don’t kill me! I thought I'd finally escaped my hellish life when I died in an airplane crash, but I fell into another nightmare when I awoke as Rudbeckia de Borgia, a minor villain from a historical novel destined to die at the hands of her husband, Iske van Omerta. Surviving with the dysfunctional Borgia family is hard enough, but now I have to marry the man who will kill me! Still, it’s okay, I just have to convince Iske, his family, and all his countrymen that I’m completely harmless! How hard can that be?

World’s Greatest Senior Disciple

A senior disciple from a countryside martial academy returns as the world’s best! Dragged into a brutal political war, senior disciple ‘Hyeok Musang’ didn’t return after the bloody war ended. No one knew whether he was still alive for 5 years. Upon barely returning to his hometown, he found his Dragon Tiger Martial Academy being persecuted and destroyed by a third-rate gang. He thought he could live peacefully with his fellow members after winning the war but seeing the miserable state of his master and fellow disciples, he was filled with anger and guilt. With the return of the senior disciple, everyone thought things would get better but only for a moment. Things were still happening in his hometown of Yangzhou County. Was the war really over? The head disciple raises his sword against the dangers threatening his Dragon Tiger Martial Academy.

Spring of Little Me

Suzuki Souta, a high school boy on the school volleyball team, is interested in his classmate Shinonome Asahi, a member of the girls' volleyball team. She thought of him as a good volleyball player, so she has been seeking him out every day. Souta was a keen volleyball player until junior high. However, because of his height, he could never become the spiker he longed to be. As a result, he got into the habit of giving up on things. Souta's high school life: Will he meekly accept what he cannot have? Or will he try to become a man who can stand with Asahi? Youth is a series of choices. Please, Souta, hang in there and do your best!

Secretary's Escape

One indispensable secretary, two irresistible heirs. Iyeon Chu, the most sought-after personal assistant in Jaekyung Group, has the two would-be heirs vying for more than just future ownership of the company. And while Iyeon is balancing the precarious love triangle, she’s also digging into the mysterious death of her father who used to be chauffeur to the former Jaekyung Group chairman. Will Iyeon find both truth and true love?ro

Konbini Goutou kara Tasuketa Jimi Tenin ga, Onaji Class no Ubu de Kawaii Gal datta

"Will you stay over at my house starting today?" Riku Kuromine, a second-year high school student, became despondent after being rejected by his childhood friend. He happens to enter a convenience store and saves a clerk who was being attacked by a robber. The clerk turns out to be Ayana Hoshimiya, the most popular and beautiful gal in school. As a result of this incident, Ayana asks Riku to protect her from a stalker and they start living together under the guise of him protecting her as she lives alone.
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