One More Step, Come Stand by My Side

Compilation of Takeda Touryuumon's oneshots, include the author's early and acclaimed work "Daisuki na Tsumadatta".

For My Adorable Fiance's Sake

The world, it seems like it is that of the Otome game "Welcome Princess", but there's something off!? Elliot, the eldest son of a Marquis family and one of the targets you can go after is an insanely handsome young man, both cool and wicked, master of both pen and sword. His only weakness (?) is that he is "hopelessly in love with his (the villainess?) fiance Francine!" The story of Elliot and how he began drowning in love for his fiance at the age of 7 starts here.

Hikikomori Princess and Dokuzetsu Knight

Rusty is a "reclusive and stubborn" princess. Edward, the young ace of the Knights, is ordered to get her out of her room. He is popular for his angelic kindness, but his true nature is that of a "poisonous villain". Rusty is at the mercy of this man who will stop at nothing to become the Commander of the Knights, but what are his true intentions...? The knight's affection (?)

We kissed even though we are just friends

Ao and Keita, who attend the same high school, live next door to each other and have been childhood friends ever since Keita moved in when they were in middle school. Even though they're just friends who always goof around together, Ao suddenly notices that Keita has been looking cool lately...

Defective Goddess' Genesis of Another World

Artesia Gaia Nagasus, The goddess of creation went into a deep slumber in order to bring new life to the fallen planet, And to prepare for the inevitable arrival of the Brave, whom she would then provide with guidance. However, she woke up too early… Not only was there no Brave waiting for her, she was met with an extremely cold glacial period without intelligent life…?! She just wants to be worshipped and fall in love! This is a tale of creation, starring a defective goddess who can’t help but mess with humanity, and her journey to set the world in motion – with a few troubles here, and a little hard work there.

The President's Special Instructions

Choi Jung-woo, President of G Cosmetics, an emerging brand in the cosmetics industry and her secretary, Shin Soohyun, an excellent worker with incomparable beauty. One day, a special order from the President came: "Shin Secretary, marry me." . The marriage conditions are so awesome, right?!! Follow those two people office romance! An unpredictable love story!

Tayutau Kemuri wa Tsukamenai

Chiaki, a college student without a girlfriend, meets Miyako, a waitress at a shisha store, through a matching app recommended by a friend. This is a love story that lyrically depicts a faint love that begins with a matching app and shisha.

Bride on the Guillotine: The Dragon Princess Who Destroys the World

A "dragon" appears from a container that fell in front of Dazai Ryunosuke's eyes. The disastrously beautiful "dragon", Rinne Irako, had been condemned to death as a world-destroying calamity, and was being transported to a place of refuge. Rinne Irako was sentenced to death and transported. But as fate would have it, the "dragon" girl had a miraculous encounter with a boy, and her destiny was about to change drastically.

Karakai Jouzu (?) no Nishikata-san

In this spinoff of "Karakai jouzu no Takagi-san", and continuation of "Karakai Jouzu no (moto) Takagi-san", Chi Nishikata tries her hardest to tease her classmate Ooshiro, but for some reason it feels like she's met him somewhere. Can she finally get one over on him and remember her past?

From Superfan to Stepsister

When my mom announced her remarriage, I knew I would be getting a stepbrother. But to my surprise, it was my idol, the super famous model Noa! He has made a name for himself with his cold attitude, but for some reason, he is extremely nice to me! The number one model waking me up in the mornings, helping me with my homework... and even giving me the occasional hug?! What other wholesome antics can we expect from this mysterious idol?! (Manga Up! Global)

The Prince's Keeper: The Cursed Prince Is Too Fluffy to Resist!

In the residential area of the royal capital, a socially anxious apprentice witch, Miranda, manages the storefront of an enchanted medicines and sundries shop. Her quiet life is interrupted when an invitation to a royal tea party arrives. At the palace’s greenhouse, she encounters Prince Heinrich—but…as a cat?! Cursed to take the form of a fluffy feline, he then shockingly requests her to become his keeper! Thus begins the slightly suggestive tale of a witch with a handsome prince as a familiar!

Kimi ni Koisuru Sanshimai

In the world of daily full-throttle dedication to his studies, there's Itsuki, a high school boy. The reason he's putting in so much effort into his studies is to reunite with his first love, a girl named Amane, and go on a date with her. While he's immersed in these study-centric days, by a twist of fate, he ends up living together with Amane and her sisters, Shion and Mone..!?

Shi ni Kake Akuyaku Reijou no Shissou - Kaishin shite mo Muda Datta no de Hatsukoi no Hito ga Sarattekuremashita

Sirena is reborn as a villainess in an Otome game. She was supposed to live a peaceful life to avoid the scenario, but she is caught up in a family commotion, her life is in danger, and for some reason, she is kidnapped by her first love...? For the second time in my life, it is "I" myself who will make myself happy! The awakened Sirena's up-and-coming story!

Watashi ni Dake Tenparu Joshi no Hanashi

My boss, Mr. Reikawa, frowns at my handsome face and makes everyone in the company feel uncomfortable. But for some reason, in front of me, he always shows his careless side, screwing up and speaking his mind...? Blushing, acting suspiciously, and collapsing into speech! A romantic comedy about a nervous boss and a clumsy working girl with a cute and adorable love life is about to begin!

Byoujaku na Akuyaku Reijou desu ga, Konyakusha ga Kahogo sugite Nigedashitai (Watashitachi Kenen no Naka deshita yo ne!?)

A corporate slave in her previous life, our protagonist finds herself reincarnated as Fiona, the villainous noble lady in an otome game she used to play. Finally, this is her chance at a leisurely life... but it turns out that Fiona is actually quite sickly and weak. Hey, this was not in the original setting!! But now, everything makes much more sense. Clearly Fiona was a villainess in the original game because she was always unwell and ended up taking her frustrations out on others... If things continue like this, Fiona won't be able to live a leisurely, slow life! In order to improve her health, she changes her lifestyle and attitude, but as soon as her fiancé Louis, who had always been hostile to her, finds out about her situation, he becomes super overprotective. Why does he have to start doting on Fiona now?! "Breaking off the engagement? There's no way I'd do that." "From now on, you can ask me for anything. I'll make it happen. whatever it is." It's too sweet compared to the original...!

Shiitagerareta Tsuihou Oujo wa, Tensei shita Densetsu no Majo deshita

"I only do what I want to do. I have to 'clean up' anyone who gets in my way." Princess Claudia, oppressed and imprisoned, regains her memory of being the legendary witch Adelheid the moment her uncle pushes her down from the tower. With the power that once shook the world, she wishes for revenge. She wants to live a life of freedom, not revenge. Then she meets a boy suffering from a "curse" "I'll be your dog." Claudia takes Noah, a beautiful, unsociable boy, as her servant, and with her overwhelming magic, she enjoys her life as she pleases! The comfortable life of a legendary witch and a servant with a reason is about to begin.
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