Overlord: New World

After winning the battle of Katze Plains and founding the Sorcerer Kingdom of Ainz, they aim for a utopia of perpetual continuity and prosperity, a world where many races kneel before Ainz. As the first step toward achieving this goal, Ainz heads to the Empire to strengthen the Adventurer’s Guild and incorporate it into the state. Behind the scenes, the nations of the world are beginning to stir with their own agendas for the Sorcerer Kingdom...! Ainz's high road, once again!

The Demon Queen Can't Defeat Yuusha-kun

Demon Queen Abyss is worried… She's not able to defeat the Hero, considered the mortal enemy of the demons. This Hero is still an inexperienced young man—he should be easy to defeat! … However, the problem is that he, not knowing Abyss's true identity, considers her his “Master” and has become very fond of her…!?

The Bride of the Kyougane Clan

The "Kyokane family" is a prestigious family of degenerate magicians that has been in existence for a thousand years. The current head of the family, the eccentric KYOKANE Kuroro, is brought to a bride who has a "secret" behind her pretty appearance, A bride with a "secret" behind her pretty appearance...? If you decide to "live together," break off the yoke, the causality, and everything else, and be together! This marriage battle fantasy, written in a clear and elegant style, is about to begin!

A Kingdom of Quartz

"Angels"... are heroes who follow the will of the Goddess and protect the Quartz Kingdom from demons. Blue, an orphan born with dark wings, lives a peaceful life, dreaming of becoming an angel. But one day, after meeting a prince, her destiny begins to change.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Extra Story - How to Spend a Certain Vacation

Warning: This Spinoff manga has spoilers from the Light Novel. After successfully completing the Founding Festival, which includes meetings with the leaders of various countries, a martial arts tournament, technology presentations, and the unveiling of the underground labyrinth, the peaceful daily life in Tempest has returned. Then, Veldora begins to say, "I'm also thinking of developing magic beasts", and the three of them, including Rimuru and Hinata, who are interested in developing new magic, head for the Magic Tower, the sacred place of magic...? This work is based on the Light Novel, and the timeline is from the end of Volume 9 to the beginning of Volume 10.

Duel Masters LOST: Crystal of Reminiscence

A new “Duel Masters” story begins! Kirifuda Win, who has lost all memories of his past, is now living alone in Tokyo. In the midst of his ordinary daily life, the footsteps of the world’s end gradually begin to draw near. The secret of Win’s hidden past is…?

Otogi no Uta: Chronicle

In order to obtain the "ending" that will make all their wishes come true, the songwriters decide to fight with the power of their music. What awaits them is either hope or――。

Ashita in Hell

Ashita, a high schooler who will do anything for love, falls down the stairs after a heartbreak. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself crossing the River Styx in the arms of a beautiful woman. Gently comforted by Gasha, the woman, Ashita agrees to go on a trip to Hell. Then Gasha, the headmaster of a school for demons, decides to enroll Ashita...! His school life of bloodshed begins!

Tada no JK, Isekai de Maou ni Naru

An ordinary high school girl, Iri Katagiri, is suddenly transferred to another world! At her new destination, she finds demons who were trying to revive the Demon King...? The JK Demon King descends to the demon world! Another world transfer fantasy!

Blue Skin, Big Tits and a Fucking Loner

Somewhere, in the heavens, a high school for angels. Liane, an apprentice angel in that school, doesn't have any friends and is shunned by everyone, but keeps on doing her best to become an archangel. To be blunt, she's a loner. She has a natural enemy: Ruri, the school's idol, a gyaru-like demoness who, even though she can't study, is beloved by everyone. How annoying! One day, Liane unexpectedly starts teaching Ruri how to study! Liane is puzzled because she has always hated her, but then Ruri insists and tells her, "Let's start off as friends...". This is how the friendship between a blue gyaru and a loner begins, something they have never experienced before and their exciting days of youth are about to begin!


An era of peace between the hero and demon lord is upon us! In this peaceful world, the hero Corleo is nothing but an empty suit. But one day, a hero and demon lord from another world appear before him! How will Corleo deal with the chaos these invaders bring to his world?! A new type of fantasy epic now begins!

Makyo Seikatsu: Gakeppuchi Boken Sha Ga Hiki Komoru Ni Ha Hirosugiru

After being expelled from his family home, our main character tries his hand at becoming an adventurer, only to find out that things aren't quite as they seem. Determined to change his fate, and with the money he's saved up, he heads out to purchase a plot of land in the remote, unexplored wilderness, with the intent of forging his perfect new life. Little does he know, this expanse is infamous as the 'Demonic Realm,' a treacherous territory brimming with savage plants and creatures! But navigating the daily trials of this life-threatening wilderness may prove be a challenge. In his journey of growth, an array of inhabitants, each driven by their motives, decide to follow him, bringing vibrancy back into his life. However, unseen powers resolute in preventing the Demonic Realm from being conquered begin to surface... Will he be able to endure, triumph, and make this land his new home?


The latest series by Hiro Mashima is a Demon World Academy Dark Fantasy!! DEAD ROCK is a demon king training institution that towers over the depths of the demon world. Yakuto, a young demon, challenges the harsh entrance exam to knock on the doors of DEAD ROCK!!

Ascension to Godhood by Slaying Demons

After being abducted into the spirit world, a young boy awakens his powers of divinity by accessing nirvana. Together with his younger twin sister, they explore this mysterious world, study Taoism, get stronger, assist gods, make friends, solve mysteries, and become the number one demon-slaying god!

Jobless Demon King

He is the Demon King who was impeached. She is the brave hero who was laid off because of a failed expedition. Bound by destiny, the two of them embark on an adventure to repay their debts.

I was a small fish when I reincarnated, but I heard I can become a dragon, so I'll do my best

A guy who has been reincarnated in another world remembers almost nothing about his past life. Contrary to his expectations, he becomes a small fish that wakes up in the middle of the river...A voice in his head calling himself The Voice of Heaven explains the path of his evolution, at the end of which the hero of the story will be able to become a dragon, gaining experience points and developing. The guy, having caught fire with this idea, begins hunting for the sake of raising the level. Who knew that magic, levels, and even special skills existed in this world?! The hero begins his journey from the weakest to the strongest, starting with a small fish!
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