Children Of Illusion

Tae-kyung, who is sick of ghosts, got entangled with someone more dangerous than ghosts at the cursed school.

Moon Worm

The universe is invaded by destructive forces. An organization determined to control such forces; An investigator committed to seek the truth behind his childhood nightmares; A cold-faced woman shouldering her family’s curse… A terrifying tale has unfolded in the mysterious town.

Even Monsters Like Fairytales

Sylph Biebel, a duchess, has been framed by her friends, her engagement to a prince has been broken, and she has been banished to a land inhabited by monsters. But a quick wit wins her the favor of the king of the land of monsters, and there she begins her new life as a librarian in a foreign land populated by monsters.

Tsugi wa Anata ga Yarareru Ban Death.

The normal high school life came to an abrupt end when an armed group invaded. The students are toyed with by men who control the high school with firearms in their hands. An orgy of sex and death unfolds there. What awaits beyond that... Erotic suspense horror begins.

Slave Vessel

Theo is a young man who attends a painting school with the aim of becoming a successful painter. Betrayed by his respected teacher, he wakes up to find himself on a slave ship, a prison at sea. If you can't escape, you'll be a slave for life. Together with his friend Kai, who was brought in with him, he decides to risk everything he has to escape from this hell. Deceive your enemies for freedom. Slave ship escape suspense where you risk your life!


Satake is bullied in his rural village and kills his classmate Katsuya, who was bullying him, in an accident. Somehow Katsuya's girlfriend, Yumeno Kujo, finds out about it, and the hell begins.... Rumors, envy, and bullying in the closed village. All of them drive Satake into a corner.... Hide the crime of murder and survive! A village society suspense that destroys dignity!

Black Behemoth

The story follows 6 contestant participating in an all-out battle to become the Talisman as a new turning point in their lives. However is it only a matter of time before their past catches up with them?

I Became A Terminally-Ill Knight

Minhyuk, a bedridden man in Korea, meticulously counts his waning days when suddenly, he's transmigrated to another world where he gains the new identity of Levis, the Soul Harvester. In this world, Levis must claim lives to extend his own, a haunting paradox that he must come to terms with. Forced to grapple with a life tethered to a merciless ticking clock, Levis becomes a harbinger of fate, tasked with the daunting responsibility of ending the lives of others in order to preserve his own. How far does the will to survive stretch? Is one life's preservation worth another's demise?

Yupita's Girlfriend,

Right above the room where unsuccessful manga artist Mayuzumi Violet lives, there is a young, beautiful girl named Io. One day, he realizes that she is an "avid" fan of his work. Is this a coincidence? Or...? A neighbor suspense love story!

Marika-chan and Her Gentle Love Slave

“It’s because Yuu-kun is Marika’s slave!” One day, my childhood friend Marika, whom I haven’t met in 4 years suddenly appeared in front of me and said that. What…?! Was her personality always like that? Actually, hold up. Ever since then, I intentionally put some distance between Marika and I… Yes, after she saw me doing that… A provocative and tantalizing heart-throb! Thus begins the battle for dominance & the back-and-forth game of love!

Dating the kind of Girl you Shouldn't Get Involved With

Having been through many bad relationships with guys constantly trying to take advantage of her, Enokawa Miyu is determined to take her revenge from here on in: She hook up with guys, milk them for all they're worth, and dump them then move on to her next prey. Yuuki-kun, her latest target, seems to just be your typical nice guy that genuinely looks out for Miyu, completely oblivious of her intentions. However, something's different about him that makes Miyu unable to carry on her usual scheme...

Sensitive Boy

Kaede, a victim of past sexual abuse, is obsessed with becoming "normal" ... A bittersweet story about a boy facing coming-of-age questions about love, sexuality, complexes, and other troubles.

L.A.G – Commissioned Series

L.A.G is an unknown space where humans use abilities or skills through awakening, monsters appear on each floor and room, and missions are given accordingly. Lee Jeong Hyeok repeated death and life countless times in this mysterious space. However, in this life, he gained the ability to own unlimited passive skills and finally saw a tangible chance to escape this hellish place. Still, unlike what he has been through so far, he will not know an inch of the future as L.A.G continues to change. This is a desperate survival story in which no one can be trusted and the end is nowhere in sight.

Truth Mask

Wumian came into possession of a mask that conferred on him the ability to generate approval and compliance for all his actions. Despite that, he still failed to muster the courage to confess his feelings to the girl he had a crush on, not until a certain incident turned his life completely upside down…


Yuushi Kamome is a freelance writer who lost his beloved daughter in an accident. In despair, his wife leaves him, and he spends his days like a shell of a man. One day, however, a flyer from a strange religious group, the "Heart Laughing Society," changes his fate. It shows the image of his wife, whom he has lost touch with...This is a story of faith and madness. What is the black darkness of the cult that an evil smile invites? A chilling “new religion” suspense begins!


Ji Hyun, haunted by pain and inner anger, awaits a hunter on the way with the dream of becoming invincible. But cruel fate decreed otherwise, depriving him of the most precious thing - the cost of love and health. Wallowing in despair, but not resigned to fate, Ji Hyun stood on the edge of the abyss of the place. Having become a shadow of himself, he rose from the ashes and again eclipsed the heavens with his implacable resolve. This is a story about the birth of a new character, embodying all the rage and determination, the likelihood of action will resonate around the world.
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