My Black Mage Is Too Cute!

Set in a magic academy, a big tsundere black magician boy is hiding his romantic feelings for his cheerful classmate behind a rude façade. But he doesn't know that she can read minds.

The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine

A Transmigrator's Privilege The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine Irinbi, Grrr 9.03 8.760 1 N/A REINCARNATION HISTORICAL LONG STRIP ROMANCE ISEKAI FANTASY WEB COMIC ADAPTATION FULL COLOR PUBLICATION: 2022, ONGOING ※ Be prepared for a world after death! I received a strange spam text message right before I died. I thought I was dead but when I opened my eyes I was at the transmigrated examination bureau. There really is a world after death? I'll transmigrate to a book?! "Do you have a particular genre you like?" I, who mastered a variety of genres in my previous life, In my next life, I hoped for a child-rearing novel where I can become a cute, dainty girl and acquire infinite love. ㅡ The book I'll transmigrate to isㅡ Survival Difficulty S-class, an book full of regression instances Regressing Until the World Is Saved. ㅡ And the character I will possess thereㅡ is the daughter of a servant who serves the ruthless aristocrat familyㅡwho abused the main character?! However, thanks to "the Life Insurance Full Package," which I signed up for just before I died, I got special privileges... This is a story about surviving an S-class survival difficulty book with the help of new skills, insurance privileges, and God's favoritism and affection that I've gained! On the outside, Ailette Rodeline is an adorable child prodigy. Cooking, brewing tea, alchemy; you name it, she can do it. But this little girl has a big secret: Ailette is a transmigrator! After dying prematurely in her past life, she becomes a character whose world is destined for destruction. With all odds stacked against her, Ailette must figure out how to survive before her life is ripped from her again. Fortunately for her, she finds her salvation in… an insurance package?

Cassmire: The Loyal Sword

Kashimir grew up working as a mercenary to buy medicine for her precious younger half-sister, Aria. On her way home, after completing a mission as usual, she tripped and hit her head, causing her to remember her past life; thus she realized she had been reborn in the world of the novel The Night of the Fairy. Her sister was the main character of this reverse-harem romance while she was one of the villains causing Aria to suffer hardships. Since there is no way Kashumir would let her precious sister suffer, she vowed to protect Aria until her adoption into the count's family, just like in the novel. But things turned out differently, and even the male lead candidates, who should've been fish in Aria's pond, all ended up becoming obsessed with Kashumir instead, when all she wanted was to protect her lovely sister. To save her younger sister Aria from her illness, Cassmire Crisis became a mercenary, wielding a sword and shedding blood to pay for her medicine. But when Cassmire suffers a fall one day, memories of her past life as Aria’s wicked stepsister come flooding back. Rather than take up the role of villainess again, Cassmire vows to protect Aria this time. But with Aria doomed by the story to face only hardships, Cassmire must pick up her weapon once more to become her sister’s loyal sword!

Macrophage Regulation

Ryan was an average human being. During an accidental event he received a power called "Blessing" Since then, his view of the world has radically changed. It has been a great shock to him. He pursues dreams of justice, confronting the reality of his world in this Shounen fantasy. That is where this manhua will transport you. A new world of danger, action, and fantasy!

It All Starts With A Group Of Primitive People

Chen Liyi, who was shopping with a rich woman, accidentally traversed to the Stone Age, leading primitive people to fight beasts, build civilization, and become the emperor of this land. The system is in hand, the inheritance of technology can be obtained at will, Not only that, even the primitive people can also play with guns!

Konyaku Haki de Tsuihousarete, Shiawase na Hibi wo Sugosu. - ...E?, Watashi ga Sekai ni Hitori Shika Inai Mizu no Seijo? A, Imasara Nakitsukarete mo, Shirimasenkedo?

Agnes is a girl who belongs to an adventurer's party formed by her fiancé, the third prince, as a hobby. One day, the prince abruptly breaks off their engagement and expels her from the party because she can only use water magic. Being freed from the prince, Agnes takes advantage of the situation and sets off on a free-spirited journey with Inari, a legendary fox she met while camping out. However, Agnes's water magic has extraordinary abilities...?

The Mistaken Saintly Life of a Villainous Scion: I Just Want to Do Whatever I Want for the Second Time in My Life!

“My path to supremacy begins here!” Ogre Verret, the eldest son of the Verret family, which is famous for being an unscrupulous lord, is a reincarnated person. He had always taken a cut in his previous life due to the kindness of other people, and he should have used this as an opportunity to do whatever he could to enjoy the life of a villainous heir, but… “As expected of you, Ogre-sama!” … Even though he was just behaving in an “insolent manner,” for some reason the evaluations from those around him rose in an instant…⁉ The misunderstanding of the villain’s son’s life as a saint begins!

The Only Job Changer in the World: I, a Job Hopper, Decided to Master All the Jobs in Another World

Tsukasa, a company employee who repeatedly changes jobs in search of better conditions, challenges the final interview of a major corporation. But as soon as he went past the door, he found himself in another world. His past career seems completely irrelevant, leading to a sense of discouragement. But, the "Job Changer" bestowed upon him grants him a unique ability! With the power to freely switch between jobs like swordsman, mage, spear user, alchemist, appraiser, pharmacist, and more, he begins a leisurely life in this different world. Whether dealing with monsters or making use of abundant knowledge from herbs to items, he adapts effortlessly, engaging in everything from helping people to earning money. Unstoppable with his versatile skills, the powerful corporate slave leaps into a fantasy of career advancement!

Reincarnated Devil’s Plan for Raising the Strongest Hero

Kakyu, a former Japanese who was reincarnated as a low-level demon in hell, has acquired unparalleled strength over two thousand years. However, unexpectedly, he is exiled to another “different world,” liberated from the harsh underworld. Kakyu, who was enjoying his dream slow life, witnesses the village he owes everything to being attacked. Despite rushing to the scene, the village is annihilated. Picking up the only surviving baby, Alus, Kakyu resolves to raise Alus to become the happiest person in the world to repay the debt…!?

The Strongest Adventurer’s Life Begins with the Skills [Regeneration] and [Destruction] ~I Was Banished for Picking Up Garbage, But I’m Born with Extraordinary Power!~

Rolf, a boy who received the rare skill [Regeneration] and belonged to the strongest party. However, the skill never activates and is banished as useless. He spends his days alone with only a tattered sword as a memento, but when he meets Elsa, who has the [Destruction] skill, his ability awakens…!?

The Real Other World I Logged Out From There, Not a VRMMO ~My Status Still Broken Even After Returning to Real World~

A strange "real" world appears before the eyes of a boy who has cleared a VR game and returned! The best Musou strategy story, with mysteries and beautiful girls looming, begins here! While testing his brand new VRMMO, Kanzaki Reito was trapped inside the game for three years. He defeated the final boss of the game and was finally freed, but what he returned to was something odd happened the real world. A "little sister" of his out of nowhere, Reito can still use the same ability as in the game, and monsters appear. Will Reito make use of his overwhelming power and become the savior of this world??

Why I Quit Being the Demon King

In a time of chaos, the Demon King traversed through 665 realms before invading the human realm. It was a brave hero who ceased the war. Thanks to their divine sacrifice, mankind barely managed to survive. But that led to the story of the new Demon King. Meet Demon King Demiourgos, the 666th. “I quit being the Demon King,” he said, before leaving the demon realm. This is a story about a runaway Demon King and a hero who becomes his subordinate. Why did the Demon King quit?

Debut or Die!

After a night of drinking, aspiring civil servant Ryu Gunwoo passes out, only to awaken three years in the past in the body of a young man named Park Moondae. Before he can even assess the situation, he's given a mission: Debut or Die! Now, Moondae has one year to debut as an idol or face his doom. Luckily, he's able to snag a spot on the famous survival program "Idol Inc.," but with his skills so low and the competition so high, does Moondae stand a chance at becoming a shining star?

Celestial Phase

Fifteen years ago the evil spirits caused a big chaos and the human world became hell on earth. Now, a weird spirit manifestation is finally unveiling the truth of the big chaos! Who will rise and fall upon myriads of spirit manifestations? When the evil rises, who will protect the world? And when the world falls into chaos, who will predict the future?

Kamisama no Youjinbou

"You won't be able to become a great rabbit if you do that!" A former samurai trains at a shrine in order to be reincarnated as a rabbit...? In the early Meiji period, a former samurai who was supposed to have died in the Hakodate War wakes up in a strange shrine. There, there is a small, fluffy boy who calls himself a god, and tells him that he needs to train in order to fulfill his unknown wish of being reincarnated as a rabbit...? The Japanese-style ayakashi tale of a former samurai and a small god begins!

The Genius Actor’s Aura

Shin Yoomyeong, an actor with a very low amount of presence. He had spent his whole life on acting and had tirelessly strived to faithfully portray the small roles he was given although no one recognized his efforts. After 15 years, he found out that he had liver cancer and was unable to act anymore. Flooded with despair, he then met Miho, an acting spirit who told him that he could go back in time. Once more, his life begins again
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