Everyone’s Darling

The daughter, raised by the wealthy Lu family for over a decade, turned out to be an imposter! Yao Huo

The Marriage of the Unseen Duke

Alfred, the head of the Duc de Besculey family, is known as the "Bandaged Duke" and is feared by everyone for the mummy-like wrappings all over his body. One day, the king suddenly orders him to get married. Even more shocking—his blind bride-to-be, Sierra, is somehow head-over-heels for him! The story of the marriage between a lonely duke and a songstress with the blessing of a goddess begins!

Konyaku Haki de Tsuihousarete, Shiawase na Hibi wo Sugosu. - ...E?, Watashi ga Sekai ni Hitori Shika Inai Mizu no Seijo? A, Imasara Nakitsukarete mo, Shirimasenkedo?

Agnes is a girl who belongs to an adventurer's party formed by her fiancé, the third prince, as a hobby. One day, the prince abruptly breaks off their engagement and expels her from the party because she can only use water magic. Being freed from the prince, Agnes takes advantage of the situation and sets off on a free-spirited journey with Inari, a legendary fox she met while camping out. However, Agnes's water magic has extraordinary abilities...?

Be The Butler

'Sara' who died from a car accident is brought back to life by the grace of the God of Cats but changes into a cat on rainy days. There is only one way to rid herself of this magic, to find the butler of fate that sincerely loves and cares about cats, fall in love and kiss. One day while struggling to find the butler of fate, Sara witnesses someone kill a cat and is now being chased by the killer. As if turning into a cat isn't bad enough Sara's also being chased by a murderer. Will Sara be able to get through this situation and find her butler of fate?

Ponkotsu Outaishi no Mob Ane Oujorashii kedo, Akuyaku Reijou ga Kawaisou na no de Tasukeyou to Omoimasu

Luthia, the first princess of Fatisia Kingdom, He meets Alicia, the daughter of a marquis, who laments, ``I never want to be the daughter of a villain.'' In the future, she becomes engaged to Luthia's half-brother Lyle, He sympathizes with Alicia, who confesses that her engagement will be broken off and that she will be executed. He sets out to prevent the death of his father, the king, and his older brother from contracting an epidemic! A 10-year story of a maiden game's mob princess and villainess carving out their future!

Inchiki Seijo to Iwareta no de, Kuni wo Dete Nonbiri Kurasou to Omoimasu

As a saint born once every hundred years in the Kingdom of Eustatia, Frémère prays for the people. However, due to a conspiracy within the royal palace, she is made out to be a "fake saint"...?

Akuyaku Reijou wa Mou Zenbu ga Iya ni Natta no de, Kioku Soushitsu no Furi wo suru Koto ni shita

My engagement was called off, so I pretended to have lost my memory, and everyone started dissing my ex-fiancée...! ? A love story between a former villain's daughter and a determined and steady prince! Cecilia, the daughter of a duke, wants to please her fiancé, the first prince. She was behaving like a villainess from a story, which I heard was his favorite type of woman. However, her efforts are in vain and the first prince tells her to break off the engagement. What she did when she became so desperate that she hated everything, It's pretending to have amnesia! ? While the family is in turmoil, the second prince Six, who is worried about Cecilia, visits...? Starting with (pretended) memory loss, A love story of a serious but slightly eccentric young lady!

Even After My Reincarnation, I Will Still Love My Prince

When I woke up, I was a horse, but in human form! Lucania was the favorite horse of the second prince of Radius, who was alone in all his life. However, she loses her life in an attack on Radius. "On the day of Shining, he is in the depths of despair, but you must bring him back to the light...". Lucania receives powers from the goddess and is reborn as a human. She goes to Radius, but he rejects the kindness of those around him and continues to search for her, believing she is still alive after her disappearance. In the darkness of solitude. "I will make her smile." Lucania hides her past like a horse and decides to save Radius from loneliness in the limited time she has.

The Rewards of Marriage

Notorious for her extravagant spending, Wilhazelle Fossier drove her house to complete financial ruin. To pay her family’s debt, she resolves to collect a bounty from the wealthy Duke Heillos by finding his missing nephew. Although her search is successful, until the skeptical duke can confirm the young boy’s identity, Wilhazelle must spend one month living at the Heillos manor. But when one month turns into one year and a contract marriage, she starts to wonder if the money is worth it!

I Became the Wife of the Male Lead

Evil mage Fiona Green was destined to die at the hands of the protagonist couple in "The Emperor and the Saint." That is, until the story’s author became Fiona herself! Though mistreated, cast out by her pompous family and thrown into the battle at Heylon, Fiona is determined to use her magic for good. But things take a rather unexpected turn when she rescues the male lead, Siegren, turning him from foe to friend...Will she successfully rewrite her fate without changing the story’s happy ending?

My Bad Boyfriend

What happens when the scariest kid in school asks you out on a date? YuGeong struggles to survive what may just be the worst day of her life.

Revelation Of Youth

A close and dangerous cohabitation with the pseudo-religious son has begun! Chung-ah was swindled by her uncle who she trusted and her parents disappeared, saying they are chasing their missing uncle, and Cheong-ah suddenly lives alone in an empty house. But it wasn't just Chung-ah's family that was scammed! The biggest pseudo in the autonomous district, "Millennium Adventist," was also deceived by her uncle. And "Yohan," the son of the headmaster who came to Chung-ah's house. He's dragging his luggage in...! God, is this cohabitation gonna be okay?

Two Steps Away

Hosu is an average, carefree high school student who isn’t particularly special in any kind of way. Danwoo is the attractive, untouchable top student of the class. There shouldn’t really be any reason for them to interact at all. But one day, Danwoo announces that he wants Hosu to sit next to him in class. In fact, he wants to be within her presence as much as possible, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to stay by her side. Not too close, but not too far. Just two steps away is enough. However, will they be able to maintain that distance? Come take a closer look, from just a couple steps away

From Superfan to Stepsister

When my mom announced her remarriage, I knew I would be getting a stepbrother. But to my surprise, it was my idol, the super famous model Noa! He has made a name for himself with his cold attitude, but for some reason, he is extremely nice to me! The number one model waking me up in the mornings, helping me with my homework... and even giving me the occasional hug?! What other wholesome antics can we expect from this mysterious idol?! (Manga Up! Global)

The Prince's Keeper: The Cursed Prince Is Too Fluffy to Resist!

In the residential area of the royal capital, a socially anxious apprentice witch, Miranda, manages the storefront of an enchanted medicines and sundries shop. Her quiet life is interrupted when an invitation to a royal tea party arrives. At the palace’s greenhouse, she encounters Prince Heinrich—but…as a cat?! Cursed to take the form of a fluffy feline, he then shockingly requests her to become his keeper! Thus begins the slightly suggestive tale of a witch with a handsome prince as a familiar!

Byoujaku na Akuyaku Reijou desu ga, Konyakusha ga Kahogo sugite Nigedashitai (Watashitachi Kenen no Naka deshita yo ne!?)

A corporate slave in her previous life, our protagonist finds herself reincarnated as Fiona, the villainous noble lady in an otome game she used to play. Finally, this is her chance at a leisurely life... but it turns out that Fiona is actually quite sickly and weak. Hey, this was not in the original setting!! But now, everything makes much more sense. Clearly Fiona was a villainess in the original game because she was always unwell and ended up taking her frustrations out on others... If things continue like this, Fiona won't be able to live a leisurely, slow life! In order to improve her health, she changes her lifestyle and attitude, but as soon as her fiancé Louis, who had always been hostile to her, finds out about her situation, he becomes super overprotective. Why does he have to start doting on Fiona now?! "Breaking off the engagement? There's no way I'd do that." "From now on, you can ask me for anything. I'll make it happen. whatever it is." It's too sweet compared to the original...!
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