My Secret Affection

It’s been thirty years since meteorites from space turned everyone on Earth gay. In a world where heterosexuality no longer exists, Takanashi Kazusa falls for her childhood friend Ayumu–a boy. Though she’s doing everything she can to act normal whenever they hang out, her love for Ayumu is growing stronger by the day. How much longer can she hide her secret feelings?

You're Perfect for Me

To make sure her webtoon is perfect, author Baek Mireu starts working as a maid at the Sophist Hotel to help inspire her story, but ends up in trouble that could make her lose her job. Thankfully, the good-looking and wealthy hotel president Kang Hyuk is there to save her, but there's a catch—she must agree to a contractual relationship to help get his marriage-crazed mother off his back. But even though the relationship is fake, Hyuk slowly finds that his feelings for Mireu might be real.

Peerless Refiner

She is the greatest and the last cultivator of the twenty-fourth century; however, due to a certain mishap, she crossed into another world, into another body which has families oppressing her, a scumbag fiance abusing and stepping over her... Trying to take advantage of her now? Keke! Knocking on death's door! Those who follow her will prosper, and those that oppose shall die! Behold as she pays back those who attempts to climb over her several folds!

Akutou Ikka no Mana Musume, Tensei Saki mo Otome Game no Gokudou Reijou deshita. Saijoukyuu Rank no Akuyaku-sama, Sono Dekiai wa Fuyou desu!

A girl who grew up as the granddaughter of a gangster family was reincarnated in a otome game, where the early modern mafia makes a secret move. She was the beloved daughter of the five major families that support the monarchy from behind the scenes! A dangerous love game between a former gangster's granddaughter and a villainous fiancé begins!

Welcome, It's Your First Time Seeing a Cute Villainess, Isn't It?

I went back to my hometown after accepting my dying fate, but I learned about my birth secret that was like dog shit. That I was actually Sophia Herman, the granddaughter of Grand Duke Herman, the empire’s greatest evil family. The woman that I believed to be my mother was actually a kidnapper. Hercio Herman, a man without blood or tears and my grandfather, told my kidnapper to do whatever she wanted with me. [But I couldn’t bring myself to kill you…I’m sorry. Please be happy, Lisian…] It sounded like crap. I crumpled my mom’s, no, my kidnapper’s letter. At the worst moment of my life, I returned to when I was a 5-year-old. In order to escape a miserable death, I went to Herman Duchy, the family who abandoned me and the greatest evil family in the empire. With plans to take advantage of them, save my life, and then escape again!

The Runaway Flower Boy and the Young Girl

In order to find the life she wants for herself, Xia Yuan moved into a small run-down house in a little rural village. However, she didn’t expect that she would meet the Prince of the Flower Fairy Kingdom, Ellis, who was running away! From here, their story begins. 在逃的花儿与少女

Straight to the Red Carpet

The first time Vedis transmigrated into the novel Princess of Eventide, she followed the original plot exactly for seven straight years-and lost almost everyone she loved along the way. Lucky for her, she's been sent back to the start again along with her close friend Rosanne, the princess of Moselberg. Together, they will do everything in their power to prevent the violent rebellion and save the people they love. But when they start making different choices, what else will change? And will they discover the traitors in time?

Raise a Mink as My Wife

A lovely spirit animal from heaven is forced to marry a man? Travelling into another world, the girl actually became an adorable spirit animal and she even offended the cold and kindless prince who wanted to marry her! She thought she put herself under the patronage of a higher-up, it turned out that the new world is filled with danger and conspiracies...

The Evil Princess Dreams of a Gingerbread House

Following her reincarnation into the body of a storybook princess, little Asya only wants one thing: to bake lots of sweet and delectable desserts! Of course, her family is the poorest of the poor, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect her dream and live a peaceful life surrounded by cookies. Unfortunately for her, Asya realizes that she is actually the malevolent Princess Anastasia, a girl who was blessed by a great and powerful spirit, whose hubris brings about her own miserable destruction. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Asya isn’t above using her childish charms and excellent baking skills to secure her safety! Plus, what could possibly go wrong when she has the mighty Spirit of Sensation at her side?

Yue Shang

Since ancient times, witches fought demons to save the world. However everything changed 100 years ago. The clan of witches secluded themselves in the mountains with a shield enchantment. Only the talented ones are able to freely enter and exit. And among them predicted that the clan of witches would destroyed by the one with siler hair. Daughter of the clan’s patriarch, a head of silver hair, born to change the skies…

The Legendary Wicked Woman Who Disappeared on the Guillotine Wishes For a Peaceful Second Life as a Boring Bespectacled Studious Girl

“Don’t you think it’s stupid to be crazy in love?” Queen Letizia was executed on the scaffold. For she has done evil things to make her lover turn her infatuated husband. However, she thought she was dead, but for some reason, she goes back in time and her second life begins. “I won’t fall in love in my next life. I’m going to live a peaceful life by becoming a sober student with glasses!” I will be taken. After that, for some reason, Camilo’s raging love affair began…!? I’ll somehow survive with these glasses…!!

The Villainess Doesn't Know the Prince's True (Doting) Nature

Another world reincarnation love comedy of Yandere Prince × super insensitive villainess daughter! In a meeting with Prince Dylan, Bertia suddenly recalls her previous life and realizes that she has been reincarnated as the villain’s daughter in an otome game. In order to avoid the bad ending, just as she thought to distance herself from the Prince, she was chosen as his fiancee. "Do not let the prince have a sad childhood!” It's only 5 years until the lonely prince meets the heroine. He is a temporary fiance, but she decides to become a friend and support him until then. But as we get along smoothly, the skinship of the prince gets intense!? i love you so much. Not a heroine, I have been doted on ──!!?
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