Twinstar Cyclone Runaway

The story is set 6,000 years after humanity has spread out across the stars, and takes place inside a gigantic city ship orbiting a remote gas giant. The ship is home to a civilization of space fishers that catch valuable fish-like creatures known as Besshu. The society harvests the Besshu through ships operated by enforced male-female pairs of operator and pilot, who are seen by the male-dominated society as a married couple. The story centers on Terra, who is seeking a partner to operate a ship, and finds her in the mysterious runaway girl Diode, with both uniquely able to use the ship despite both being female.

Your Reason for living

Congratulations on being born." Once I opened my eyes, I was in a cold laboratory. I wasn't born because I wasn't human, I was created, but she still celebrates it nevertheless. I learned how to live by drinking coffee together, smelling the scent, hearing the sound of decoration shaking due to the wind, and becoming close to the rabbit who often came to visit the garden. However... "Actually, in a week from now, I'm going to die." She, who neither complains about pain or reveals her pain, is calm, but why does my heart hurt so much? I was also a person who could shed tears. "Why did you create me? Why did you make me like you?"

My Adventurer Life - I Became the Strongest Magic-Refining Sage in a New World

After his tragic death, Minato was reborn in a world where Offensive Magic has not been banned. He was thrilled to see that Offensive Magic for the first time, however he couldn't help but wonder why all the magic circles are so inefficient?! After witnessing how ineffective the magic in this new world is, he decides to use knowledge from his previous, far more advanced world to improve it. Come along on Minato's quest to improve the magic of his new home!

I became an evolving space monster

In the vast expanse of space, inside a cargo compartment made of cold metal, I couldn’t help but acknowledge one thing: I had become an antagonistic extraterrestrial life form in an SF survival game.


On an Earth rampant with malevolent aliens, a mysterious young boy and a stern old man cross paths in a curious twist of fate...In a universe where magic reigns supreme as the ultimate form of military might, their epic adventure begins!

Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls

The stage is "Universe in 2045" with the Internet and convenience stores. Boys and girls are hit by a big disaster at the Japanese commercial station "Anshin". Separated from adults, children aim to escape on their own from "anshin" where the net and oxygen supply are cut off. Sometimes with the help of their friends, sometimes with the help of AI, they take actions to survive and reach the "truth" of the terrifying prophecy spoken by the most intelligent AI in history. What will children touch, what will they worry about, and what will they choose to do in this desperate situation?

Watch Dogs Tokyo

The first manga based on the world famous game! The story of an attempt to regain freedom, given in exchange for convenience... In Tokyo, the city infrastructure management system "J-ctOS" developed by Blum-Japan has been introduced. The convenience gained as a result of her work in various areas of life has dramatically changed people's lives. But the reverse side of the coin also appeared imperceptibly...

Shojo Null

With the proliferation of organic robots called Gijins, humanity is enjoying prosperity in 23rd century Tokyo. But when a young man named Riaha meets a certain Gijin, he uncovers the dark truth of the world! From the creators of Hiasobi Domei!

Because of my OCD I became a king

High school student, Yin Yongtian, has OCD. He got on the wrong side of a bully after His OCD interrupted his proposal. He was almost beaten to death, But he activated-The my Compulsion, your Compulsion system! The protagonist, Yin Yongtian, has no interest in cultivating, but due to constant reminders like “Unfinished Notification Mission” “Almost Full Skill Proficiency” and “Extremely Irregular Hexagonal Panels,” he makes his compulsion even stronger! Relying on his skills that are a hundred times more powerful than ordinary people, home and his friend’s adventure to the dungeon world- and his compulsions set him on the path to becoming a king.

The World of Otome Games Kindergarten is Tough for Mobs

Spin-off Comic from "The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs" Starts! A kindergartener mob life comedy! Even when they're tiny, they're still female chauvinists!

August 31st Long Summer

Suzuki-kun and Takagi-san are two high school students who met in a time looping August 31st. Only the two of them keep their memories. The cause of the time loop is believed to be something Suzuki-kun has left undone over summer vacation, a teenage boy's biggest goal... A youthful time loop comedy that faces romance head-on!

Monster Holic

People become primal beasts, give up rational thought, and celebrate their freedom in anonymity. This is the "Masked City." It is a town where anyone can casually transform into a beast by taking a "monster supplement" and do whatever they want. It is the only government-approved "slum" where one can forget the stifling atmosphere of a completely monitored society. In this town, a vampire boy named Zero, who was a real monster, and his werewolf partner Tsuki take on the job of "exterminating vermin" as street cleaners. They search for hit-and-run centaurs, hunt JK bunnies, and fight to the death against an urban legend that has emerged. An encounter with the "Medicine Witch" will change the destiny of Zero and his friends.

End of Arcadia

Due to advancement in clone technology, mankind had finally obtained eternal life. Arcadia, the ultimate life regeneration system. Through it, the frail mortal human received salvation from absolute death… Or so it was meant to be. For some reason, the implantation of memories into duplicated bodies were only successful in the case of teenagers. With the onset of war, this defect meant the deployment of these undying children to the frontlines. Ichinose Akito was one of them, a second lieutenant in the United States of Elmea Army. As penalty for his militaristic underperformance, the platoon he led was ordered to undertake a salvage operation for top secret information with a survival rate of virtually zero. In the midst of a sudden enemy encounter, Akito covered his teammates from a crustal collapse and found himself face-to-face with his arch-enemy: Philia Loadrain of the Lorelia Federation. To make things worse, they were cut off from the surface and the ability to respawn. The two of them with opposing personalities and skillsets must put aside their differences as they make their way up the surface—.

Spider-Man: Octopus Girl

Doctor Octopus falls into a coma and when he awakens, he finds himself inhabiting the body of Japanese middle schooler Otoha Okutamiya.

Don't Cry

When a young Reya Tang thwarted a kidnapping attempt on her friend, it left her blind and shunned by her family. A chance encounter brings Zayn Luo into her life and their surprising connections (including being engaged to her horrible sister!) keep pulling them back together. She wants nothing to do with this bad boy and yet the usually cold and standoffish Zayn can’t help but be drawn to her. He’ll basically do anything, yes, ANYTHING, to stay in her life! But how can he get closer to her if he constantly keeps her in the dark?
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