Uchuujin no Kakushigoto

The girl I fell in love with is an alien!? I, the class president, end up falling in love with my classmate, the eccentric Haru. I decided to confess my feelings, but her true identity was an alien who had come to Earth to investigate. ``I still love you!'' I started dating Haru, but I ended up having another ``secret''...

What This World Is Made of

After losing everything, the Nakata brothers find a mysterious app that offers a chance to make large sums of money. But are they ready for the danger they must now face, the deadly monsters known as WORLDs...?

Star-Embracing Swordmaster

Vlad was a vagrant child of the slums who always admired knights. After an incident where he was struck by black lightning, he began hearing a voice. A knight of blue moonlight appeared one day, and Vlad’s back-alley life was turned upside down… Even an obscure star that does not shine in the highest peaks of the night sky is still a star if it wishes to shine.

I became an evolving space monster

In the vast expanse of space, inside a cargo compartment made of cold metal, I couldn’t help but acknowledge one thing: I had become an antagonistic extraterrestrial life form in an SF survival game.

Insanely-Talented Player

It has been six years since the game to decide the world’s fate began. The strongest player, Hero King Kang Yoosung, who has never lost his first place as the top ranker, greets a new season. “It was… over for me a fucking long time ago. I’m just doing this for the money.“ [Provocation stat increasing exponentially!] [The Clown Lord expresses satisfaction with contractor’s behavior!] The survival journey of a player with insane talent begins now!

I Became A Terminally-Ill Knight

Minhyuk, a bedridden man in Korea, meticulously counts his waning days when suddenly, he's transmigrated to another world where he gains the new identity of Levis, the Soul Harvester. In this world, Levis must claim lives to extend his own, a haunting paradox that he must come to terms with. Forced to grapple with a life tethered to a merciless ticking clock, Levis becomes a harbinger of fate, tasked with the daunting responsibility of ending the lives of others in order to preserve his own. How far does the will to survive stretch? Is one life's preservation worth another's demise?

Regressor’s Life After Retirement

After the first Gate opened in 2018, Lim Dae-In survived for 20 years on Earth while being connected to other dimensions. The day after his long-awaited retirement celebration, he regresses by 20 years, back to when he had nothing…

Steel-Eating Player

Lee Hyunwook, the steel emperor, was the last savior of mankind, but died. In order to change the future, the place he regressed to was… The military?!! "Why here of all places?!" The start of Corporal Lee Hyunwook, who gets stronger in a special way, by doing a steel mukbang!

Saikyou Skill "Inochigoi" de Kuyashii Kedo Musou Shi Chau Moto Maou-sama no Sekai Seifuku Katsudou

Village girl Chelsea, who is beloved by everyone, is actually the reincarnated ex-Demon King. However, when she reincarnated, for some reason neither her magical powers nor skills were inherited, and she was forced to live as a normal human being. Humiliating days continued until one day, the remnants of the Demon King's army appeared to loot the village. Hunted down by her former subordinate, who did not realize her true identity, Chelsea finds herself in a perilous situation. Then, a skill finally manifests! The name of that skill is "Begging for Mercy"!?

Yupita's Girlfriend,

Right above the room where unsuccessful manga artist Mayuzumi Violet lives, there is a young, beautiful girl named Io. One day, he realizes that she is an "avid" fan of his work. Is this a coincidence? Or...? A neighbor suspense love story!

Behind the battle of the Hero and the Demon King

The battle between the Demon King and the Hero will decide the fate of the world. Verna, the son of a nobleman, who remembered that he was reincarnated in the world of an RPG game, He was originally a mob who died without a name. The reason is probably the attack on the royal capital by the Demon King's army. Judging that, Verna mobilizes all the knowledge and wisdom of his previous life to find a way to survive in order to avoid a tragedy. Train yourself with the knowledge of the game and become friends with the Hero Mazel... The game start event "Monster Runaway Stampede". On the battlefield where the Hero is absent, Werner shows a lion-like performance by thwarting the aim of monsters that no one has noticed, and will change the history of the game!? The full-fledged war fantasy of mob characters who struggle behind the legend begins here.

Kodomo no Mama demo Mama ni naritai! – Dokidoki Happy Home

Under the guidance of an advanced AI, three elementary school moms have come to your house!? "Rokyubu! A comic version of a loving sitcom depicting a new era of family, presented by Sag Aoyama, has started ♪ The drawing is the comic version "Rokyubu! Yuki Takami will be in charge of this, and will deliver exciting and happy days spent with elementary school moms!

Wakaba-chan Wants to Make It Clear

Four-eyes who’s bad with girls is only able to talk to with his tomboyish childhood friend Wakaba. But one day Wakaba appears before him in an amazingly cute outfit…!?This is a battle rom-com between Wakaba who wants to be loved and four-eyes who gets flustered by girls!!

Legend of the Holy Sword

The one and only weapon to take down the Dark Lord. The Holy Sword. And the Warrior who lost it… He will keep seeking and seeking until he finds the Holy Sword. 10 years, 20 years, 30 years… From the Dragon's Nest till the Spirit King's Hideout. The Warrior has seeked the Holy Sword still to this day.


Mankind has been ruled over the earth by monsters called "spawns". The only ones who can oppose it are the "divine possessions" that have been chosen by the gods and who have taken on their divinity. Haruto, a boy possessed by the evil god Cthulhu, wields the power of the abominable evil god in order to exterminate all the spawn! ! Humanity's counterattack fantasy, war begins! ! !
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