The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

Cyan Vert, the best assassin of the continent, meets a pitiful death after having been betrayed by his own brother, whom he had trusted all his life. "If I were given another chance at life, I would live it differently. I would only trust myself, and achieve all the things I want on my own without serving anyone else but myself." That is how he was given a second chance at life. The Cyan Vert, a shadow who lived for others, is no more. He will now pave a path on his own, for only him!

Monster Devourer

‘Meok Gwi-Sa’ is a Monster Hunter who eats monsters to protect the human world. After the release of the Hell demon, he lost his power. He managed to survive and met Goyoung. Goyoung, is a young individual with a petite build, who has endured a lifetime of torment due to his physical stature. His childhood friend, Kang Jong-bo, suddenly transforms into a bully during high school. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when Goyoung acquired a mysterious power which is the ability to devour monsters. Goyoung embarks on a perilous journey to protect humanity from the impending threat of the Gate to Hell. Will he be able to control his new powers and save the world from its impending doom?


Haku Ogino, who was once hailed as a genius child actor, attends in the entertainment department of Seigun Gakugei High School, one of the top schools in Japan. In this class where stars gather, Haku doesn't have any work in the entertainment industry and spends his days being made fun of, but in reality, his secret identity is Kanda, the mediator who controls the activities of suger moms and dads with his claassmates! A suspense drama about a man who burns with quiet anger and uses celebrities to make a lot of money!

Daikai Gertima

The port town of Sukuba was hit by a huge wave caused by a monster that suddenly appeared from the sea. The inactive monster dissolved into the sea and became a rich source of nutrients for fish and shellfish. As a result, Sukuba's economy thrived. The monster started to be called Gaea-Tima, the god of the harvest. A young girl, Yako Morinomiya, a victim of the disaster, made a doll of Gaea-Tima, as a memento of the event, which was sold as a souvenir and became a popular item. However, for the first time in 10 years, a monster appears in the reconstructed town of Sukuba... Is this monster a friend or foe of mankind?

Famous Restaurant

A years-long unemployed 'Joo In Gong', he lied and said he's a famous restaurant owner under his friend's provocation at the alumni reunion. In order not to be embarrassed in front of his friends, In Gong must become the owner of a really famous restaurant! As he was anxious to see his restaurant only being visited by flies, he got a mysterious ingredient from a foreign worker who lived upstairs. He then became the owner of a famous restaurant flooded with customers overnight. The happiness that seemed to last forever was short-lived because not long after, Joo In Gong found out the truth about the spice….

The Wailing Perversion

Ananta, a barbaric warrior cursed by a demon god. In order to punish the incarnation of the wings, who turned his fate into a tragedy, he endlessly feasts on demon gods in a story of blood, sweat, flesh, and bones that yearns for revenge.

Yumegahara-san wa Yumemigachi!

One day, Asagiri-kun, a member of the public morals committee, discovers his classmate Yumegahara-san drawing erotic manga in the school library. Asagiri-kun struggles to rehabilitate his shameless girlfriend, but Yumegahara-san's delusions are non-stop...!? Not to make it the worst, but the purest school romantic comedy!

The Days of Diamond

Despite his athletic gifts, Ayasegawa Jiro is a loner who causes others to lose or give up on their dreams, all because of him. While struggling with his loneliness, he discovers the “Bambies,” an uncompetitive baseball team whose motto is “having fun.” Jiro finds joy in his baseball life with his teammates, but…This is a baseball youth drama that explores the relationship between a genius and his peers.

Regressor of the Fallen family

A life filled with regrets. Once he realized his faults and decided to lead a new life, it was too late. His family was already gone. He had borne through each day with pure rage. Finally at the end of his misery, his wish reached the heavens—an unforgiven one. He goes against fate to raise his sword.

99 Boss

The protagonist, Na Seon-wook, was born with the heart of a tiger. He was a troublemaker, but at the request of his parents, he hid his strength and transferred to Gukyang High School, a school located in a remote area that he thought would be quiet. However, it was a place where various old-fashioned cultures and dangerous people gathered. Seon-wook, who wanted to graduate quietly, eventually he couldn’t help but feel his hot blood and began educating them!

Angel of the Void

Suddenly, Shugetsora [Akatsukikuu] is called to another world with three of his classmates, who are not all that close to each other. It seems that the three classmates were a hero and his followers. However, Kuu seems to have the protection and title of an evil god, so he becomes a sinner. Meanwhile, he regains the memory of his childhood friend Yuna, who he had forgotten about for some reason! Will he be able to meet his childhood friend in the land where he is called and considered a sinner? An adventure story about a boy who does his best for his childhood friend.

Koutei no Mago ni Tensei suru Koutei

The first generation emperor rose up from being a mere slave to a man who built his own empire. However all 26 of his heirs were incompetent. If he left things as they were, the empire would fall into ruin. To solve this crisis, the emperor decides to reincarnate as his own grandchild.

Houtei Yuugi

A legal suspense story about crime and punishment! Three people who wanted to become lawyers. One became a lawyer, one became a defendant, and one lost his life. Leaving only the mystery behind. Winner of the 62nd Mephisto Award! "I want to read mysteries!" 2021 edition (Hayakawa Shobo) The shocking mystery novel that questions "the nature of crime and punishment," which received a lot of attention and won the Newcomer's Award, has been made into a long-awaited comic! ​

The One-Eyed, One-Armed, One-Legged Magician - I Was Living in a Cabin in the Woods and Before I Knew It, 2000 Years Had Passed. I Was Being Called a Demon King. All I Want to Do Is Pursue My Magical Research

In the autonomous city of Ainz Territory, magic and wizardry have flourished, becoming increasingly sophisticated. The tranquility of this region was shattered by a young man with an unusual appearance—beautiful yet missing an eye, an arm, and a leg. This young man was none other than Ainz Silvetas, the legendary magician who laid the groundwork for everything two thousand years ago! Time passed while he secluded himself in a cabin in the woods, and when he ventured out after reaching a deadlock in his research, he found that his “notes” had been deemed a holy scripture known as the “Magic Tome,” and he himself was being worshipped as a “Demon God.” Unaware of his newfound status, he casually sets out on a journey to pursue his curiosity in magic. As he touches upon the laws of the world, he unintentionally throws nations out of balance! This is the carefree tale of the strongest Demon God in a full-scale fantasy.

The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide

I possessed a third-rate extra villain character in my favorite game. I have no ambitions and I just want to live a quiet life. But sheesh, this world is a hard place to survive in. I will survive to the ending of this story, in a way the protagonist cannot. I will survive in the way of a third-rate villainous character.

Mukan no Kishi, Youjo ni Tensei suru

A professional Shogi player in his 40s who has never won a championship is reborn as a young girl in shock after losing to a young prodigy called "Maou" in the Meijin Tournament! She is called "Sakura" and has a twin "Ouka" by her side. Sakura, who has an unquenchable thirst for Shogi and vows to take revenge on the "Demon King," discovers the talent of "Ouka"! This is a reincarnation-style Shogi manga.
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