Return of the Elemental Lord

This is a story about the king of elemental spirits who reincarnated as a human. His subordinates, the elemental spirits, have found him in the human world and are trying to help him remember his previous life.Original WebtoonElemental Lord (정령군주, lit.: “Spirit Monarch”, “Elemental Monarch” ) is a webtoon adaptation of the novel by the same name written by Sangyoung Seong, the author of the webtoons The Gamer and Wizardly Tower. Written and illustrated by Seungbeom Park, the author of the webtoon Wizardly Tower.

I Really Don’t Want To Break Through Anymore

Ye Xuan crossed the Primordial World and became the first disciple of Buddhism, activating the realm breakthrough system, breaking through realms as easily as drinking water! However, if he ascends to The Supreme Being, the world will be unable to accommodate his physical body and he will need to head towards the withered Hongmeng World alone. To all of this, Ye Xuan, who spent his whole life in the previous world as a vegetable, has stated that he just wants to break through realms a little slower! The reason is… being too powerful gets lonely! Thus, the Primordial World gained a lazy god, who sleeps soundly in the Purple Heavenly Palace and fishes leisurely in ancient secret realms! However, even so, his realm keeps being broken through, without an end in sight…

Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai!

Live free and be happy. ―These were the last words of Amemiya Yuya's sister, who was seriously ill. Despite her wishes, however, Yuya, who was suffering from the same disease as her sister, was supposed to end his short life without fulfilling his promise. For unknown reasons, Yuya was suddenly reborn in another world. Confused by his new life, Yuya begins his life as the second son of a count. One day, Yuya thinks about the possibility that his younger sister has been reincarnated in this other world just like him. In this world, there is a sister, a young fiancée, a slave, a maid, etc. - but one of them is his own sister!

Daddy Goes to School

The story of Kim JaeHan starts now! A dad who only has eyes for his daughter when facing sudden death. His mission is now to protect his daughter DaHyun from 12 bullies by using his powerful character from a webtoon drawing of when he was once alive! As a dad, he'll never let his daughter get bullied. If he sees this?... he won't let those bullies alone. Whoever touches my daughter, you're fucked.

Zao Saga

Taichirou was born without any power. Because of his powerlessness, his family despised him as "the shame of the family." Taichirou, who wasn't allowed to leave his family's property and longed for the outside world, finally rebelled against them. Once he jumps out his family's house and comes in contact with the outside world...?!

B & Alive

At the onset of his fourteenth winter, he shone with brilliance! Teru Niiyama, the central character, was a brilliant basketball prodigy in junior high. But when Teru suffers an unforeseen injury during a game, can he recover his lost glory? Will he set his sights on Inter-High and aim to be the best? This is a thrilling coming-of-age story about high school basketball, bursting with frustration, rebirth, and triumph.

The Constellations Are My Disciples

300 years ago, Martial God Hyun-oh Kim defeated Barche, the boss of the tower of destruction, and prevented the end of the world. Kim Hyun-oh, should have died suffering the same fate as the tower of destruction. However, after 300 years, he is reborn as the 17-year-old Kim Joo-hyuk. In the midst, he finds out that the “Constellations”, that were created during his absence, are his disciples from 300 years ago and sets on a journey to find them


In a world where humans are oppressed as beastman slaves, Haicha was born and raised as a soldier to fight sea monsters. He lived alone through the days of hell where he could die at any moment. Such a young boy struggles in an unreasonable world, and the Gemokujo battle begins!

Fire Emblem Engage

"Eleos Continent" where dragons are worshiped as gods. After protecting the world and falling asleep at the end of the battle, the "Divine Dragon" Ryul awakens after a thousand years. Along with the signs of the "evil dragon" resurrection, the battle between heroes and dragons begins again!

ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni - Episode Zero

ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni is a bold adaptation of Momotaro, the Japanese fairytale about a young warrior who travels to Demon Island to confront the Oni (demons or ogres) who terrorize the countryside. ONI dares to look at the other side of this seminal story through the eyes of a diminutive Oni and question the true meaning of justice in a world where humans and monsters live together.

Jinrui-Shoku: Blight of Man

“You just die one day and turn into a mummy!” Mysterious mummified corpses that people have nicknamed “Mummily-sans” keep being found one after another, causing a lot of fuss. One day, a boy named Seita notices that his friend is acting strangely…?! Don’t miss this thrilling suspense story about an invasion by the unknown!
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