I Awoke as a God After Auto Battling For a Million Years

An alternate world has arrived. Countless monsters have passed through the rifts, wreaking havoc upon human cities and plunging humanity into a doomsday crisis! Since then, a new era emerges where every human must embrace their destiny as Class Shifters. Kingdoms are proud to cultivate elite experts, striving for top ranks in conquering the otherworldly realms! When the first king of the Dragon Kingdom awakened from a million-year slumber, armed with boundless resources amassed during his prolonged idle state, the bosses from other worlds tremble. Even the world’s the top-tier Class Shifters can do nothing but kneel in reverence…

A Land Mine Vampire's Overbearing Love

I rescued a beautiful girl who had collapsed from anemia, but she turned out to be a vampire. From that day onwards, she started doting on me like crazy…

Children of the Rune

Child, you must survive! After the destruction of his House by his uncle, all that was left for a young boy, Boris, was the heirloom sword, “Winterer.” But little did he know that this treasure would become the cause of another crisis. As people seek “Winterer,” Boris’ heart grows colder and bleaker, much like the winter… The adventures of Boris, to survive, to protect the sword of his House, begin now. What awaits him at the end of this journey? And what secrets does the winter sword “Winterer” hold?

Hatch Potch Panch

She was destroying people… in her mind.Kiho Ishiguro is a high school girl who’s an honor student at school, and devotes herself to her disabled mother at home. She is quiet and gentle, but deep down inside she has always had the urge to “hit someone.” As her feelings gets stronger day by day, Kiho encounters a street criminal. She snaps and unleashes her rage on the bad guy without restraint…? Here comes the JK who will revolutionize the world of women’s MMA!Official Web Publication

Convenience Store Worker From Another World

The protagonist Chan, who was looking for a part-time job after his previous company went bankrupt, coincidentally discovers a convenience store. Lured by the very high hourly wage, he decides to become a part-timer from that day. But the customers who come in seem a bit strange. Vampires, kobolds, and even succubi??

Magic Academy’s Genius Blinker

A character with extreme difficulty and the worst performance, Baek Yu-Seol was considered tr*sh in the game because he couldn’t use magic in a fantasy world where everyone else could. However… [Due to the wrong ending, 90% of Aether World has been destroyed.] [Please reach the ‘True Ending.’] Suddenly, those words echoed in my mind before I was transmigrated to the Aether World. [You can use the skill ‘Flash’.] “Why did I possess this character?” Flash was the only magic skill I was given. Surviving in Stella Academy where many genius mages ran rampant, I became the notorious Flash Mage

Genius Archer’s Streaming

Yoo Sanghyun, once the youngest champion in a national archery competition and a highly promising talent, saw his dreams shattered by a tragic accident that rendered him unable to handle a bow ever again. Now, as a fallen prodigy, he faced the additional setback of being fired from the company he had joined. In order to make a living, he took on the persona of Almond and embarked on a new path as a gaming streamer. [You have selected the bow.] Swish! Thunk! [Headshot!] “Are bosses supposed to be defeated in a single shot?” His exceptional talent once again shines through! 28 years old. High school graduate. Unemployed. Specializes in archery. Returning as a streaming genius, he sets off on an entertaining journey of rebellion!

Healing Life Through Camping In Another World

The Star chef, KangHyun, hid in a quite countryside after losing his sense of taste where he found A pathway to another world in his grandfather's house. Since he was on the run anyway, he planned on enjoying a relaxing camp life, but... the people in the other world keep growing interested in KangHyun! Will KangHyun really be able to heal through experiencing a slow life?

Garuru Girl

The true identity of his first love was a wolf girl. Mochizuki is a boy who reunites with his first love, Kawuru, when he enters high school. Unlike in the past when she was naughty and dominant, Kawaru has grown into a graceful and beautiful girl, but her sense of distance remains the same as before. Immediately after entering the school, Mochizuki is put off by the current that has become the school’s most popular river, but after a certain incident, he learns her “secret”…!? An interspecies love comedy between a naive boy and a werewolf girl.

You, Aquarist

“Yo, Aquarist” is a story that begins with a frustrated delinquent boy picking up an abandoned goldfish on the night of a festival. The main character, who had an experience when he tried to buy a goldfish at home when he was a child and let it die, tries to clear his regret that he should have escaped to the river instead of trying to keep it. However, it is forbidden to throw away goldfish in the river, and a mysterious girl calls out to him.

Solo Strike: A Hundred Million Damage

When the game world and Blue Star merge into one, the era of dawn arrives. Zhou Yi teleported into it and became a mere assassin, but something wasn’t right about his skills. The Eye of Death: All True Damage becomes five times more? 9999 damage is easily dealt with the flick of a knife? The Hand of God: Definite success in stealing. Even monster attributes and skills can be stolen? Therefore, Zhou Yi decided not to be a human being anymore. Turning into an elite monster? In seconds!

Sorry, My Skills Are Automatically Maxed Out!

Jiang Li, after being reborn on the Blue Star, has passed eighteen years. With his excellent learning ability, he is praised by everyone as a genius. However, this genius, during the Awakening Ceremony at the age of eighteen, only awakened as an ordinary mage, mocked by his enemies. However, only Jiang Li knows at this moment that he has awakened a divine-level talent, and all his skills are automatically at max level! With his auditing talent, Jiang Li levels up and clears stages all the way, establishing a guild and achieving unprecedented glory! Eighteen years have passed since Jiang Li was reborn on Blue Star. With his excellent learning ability, he was hailed as a genius by everyone. And it was such a genius who only awakened into an ordinary mage during the awakening ceremony at the age of eighteen, and was ridiculed by his enemies. However, only Jiang Li knew at this time that he had awakened his god-level talent, and all his skills were automatically maxed out! Relying on his talent, Jiang Li advanced all the way through the ranks, established a trade union, and gained unprecedented glory!

I Became A Childhood Friend of A Mid Level Boss

Do Kyunwoo is the black sheep of his renowned swordsman family. He cannot even catch a rabbit on his own. On his first day of fifth grade, he meets a tranfer student and recalls his past life. He had reincarnated into the world of a game he used to play called [Brave Hearts]. He was already frustrated that he had reincarnated as a loser, but on top of that, the transfer student is an intermediate/mid-tier boss who will destroy the world! “Why are you being so nice to me?” “Because I want to be friends with you.” Do Kyunwoo’s plan is to become friends with the transfer student in order to prevent the end of the world! In order to survive in this new world and to reach an ending he desires. He becomes childhood friends with a mid level boss.

I Rely on My Invincibility to Deal Tons of Damage Passively!

In his previous life, Cheng Qianmo attained the prestigious title of 'God' across all professions in the game 'Genesis,' poised to ascend to the pinnacle of the gaming world. However, just when he stood on the cusp of becoming the game's top player, he suffered a regrettable defeat. Yet, fate granted Cheng Qianmo a second chance as he unexpectedly traversed into a world with a setting eerily identical to 'Genesis,' a world where everyone could switch professions freely. Armed with the god-tier title across all professions, he resolves to rectify his past regrets, embarking on a path no one has ever tread before.

Invincible in the Apocalypse: I’m The Only Beta Player

Five years ago, the online game “Star Brilliance” unexpectedly manifested into reality. Ye Chen, the only surviving beta-test player, tragically met his end due to his own naivety and folly. However, perhaps favored by destiny, on the brink of death, he found himself transported back to a time before “Star Brilliance” descended upon the world. In this life, he is determined to rectify all the mistakes he made in his past life, vowing never to repeat them. Even if it means standing against the world itself!

The King Of Snow

The stars shift, the blizzard persists, the icy apocalypse is imminent, food! Temperature! Violence! Dependence! In this dilemma, under the distortion of human nature, has desire given birth to monsters? How to break out of adversity and find a way to survive!
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