Cthulhu Creator

A strange woman’s video message made me miss my girlfriend’s date. Has my father who died in the fire reappeared? Retired firefighters are infected with the "otherworldly virus". Could it be an evolution or mutation catalyst? The mysterious Solomon girl, the stunning assassin demon hunter, as well as ghouls, Taoist priests, and immortals. The major sects and factions are ready to move, and the mysterious Creator is planning to rule the world again… Who is plotting all of this?

The Descent Of The Patriarch

Once upon a time, an ungifted Taoist by the name of Qin Que stole the Book of Earth, fled the Wudang Mountain, and used human sacrifices to enhance his power. Grandmaster Xie Luo descends the mountain to pursue this man, but the trail goes cold for many years. Then one day, he finds a clue to finding the traitor while helping investigate an unsolved occult case.

Set it and Forget it

At 25, Fuko’s true love isn’t romance; it’s food. Her path to cooking begins with a lucky bingo win—a nifty rice cooker! But with her kitchen occupied by her pet hermit crab, Hikki, Fuko has to get creative... Cooking with only a rice cooker?! Challenge accepted! Join Fuko as she steams ahead in this lazy gourmet adventure!

Unrivaled in the World of Superpowers

The peerless cultivator, Shangguan Yun, unexpectedly lands in a world brimming with beings endowed with superpowers. Despite his initial intentions to adapt and live a serene life, he is continuously confronted with challenges. However, none of these opponents are a match for his prowess. Revered as the strongest, Shangguan Yun advises, “Mortals, cease your futile struggles!”

Surviving with an SSS-Rank Inventory

‘One day, I became a ‘Storage Character’ within a game!’ A no-life gamer with seven max-level characters is stuck within the highest-difficulty Virtual Reality game, . Unfortunately for him, he just had to get stuck when he was on his level 10 ‘Storage Character’. It might be a shabby start to his new life, but at least he can take comfort in his abundance of items, right?

Millennial Cultivator

[This person has obviously been cultivating for millions of years.] Since time traveling, the transmigrator Ye Fan has been living in seclusion in Tianwu City with the intent of living a worry-free life, until one day he awakened to his millennia of cultivation. While others feign at advanced cultivation, Ye Fan acts as though he knows nothing of it.

Becoming A Legendary Ace Employee

Kim Tae-seok, who worked on a construction site, receives a notice of passing the document screening for the major company El Sung. At the same time, a message pops up in front of him: 'You have entered the path to becoming a regular employee tutorial. Would you like to proceed?' Follow Kim Tae-seok's struggle to become the legendary all-around employee in this corporate adventure!

Super Psychic Policeman Chojo

The creator of Samon the Summoner returns to Jump with a new series about a super-powered policeman! In Chinjuku, the city that never sleeps, there is a psychic senior police officer who has powers beyond human comprehension! His name is Meguru Chojo! Along with his judo expert partner Nao Ippongi, this hilarious duo will keep the streets clean by any means necessary!

I Became The Game’s Biggest Villain

This is an extremely difficult game. If you don’t have enough abilities, you won’t be able to escape!

Dear Anemone

When Gaku lands on the Galapagos Islands, a paradise is the last thing he'll be experiencing. With creatures undergoing horrific evolutions, only one rule still stands--the survival of the fittest!

It All Starts With A Group Of Primitive People

Chen Liyi, who was shopping with a rich woman, accidentally traversed to the Stone Age, leading primitive people to fight beasts, build civilization, and become the emperor of this land. The system is in hand, the inheritance of technology can be obtained at will, Not only that, even the primitive people can also play with guns!

Astro Baby

The remote town of North Hill has been quarantined to prevent the spread of the mysterious Couper disease that is turning people into cannibals. Young soldier Billy returns to his hometown for the first time in six years for the woman he loves, but what horrors will be awaiting him...?

The Strongest Adventurer’s Life Begins with the Skills [Regeneration] and [Destruction] ~I Was Banished for Picking Up Garbage, But I’m Born with Extraordinary Power!~

Rolf, a boy who received the rare skill [Regeneration] and belonged to the strongest party. However, the skill never activates and is banished as useless. He spends his days alone with only a tattered sword as a memento, but when he meets Elsa, who has the [Destruction] skill, his ability awakens…!?

Why I Quit Being the Demon King

In a time of chaos, the Demon King traversed through 665 realms before invading the human realm. It was a brave hero who ceased the war. Thanks to their divine sacrifice, mankind barely managed to survive. But that led to the story of the new Demon King. Meet Demon King Demiourgos, the 666th. “I quit being the Demon King,” he said, before leaving the demon realm. This is a story about a runaway Demon King and a hero who becomes his subordinate. Why did the Demon King quit?

Celestial Phase

Fifteen years ago the evil spirits caused a big chaos and the human world became hell on earth. Now, a weird spirit manifestation is finally unveiling the truth of the big chaos! Who will rise and fall upon myriads of spirit manifestations? When the evil rises, who will protect the world? And when the world falls into chaos, who will predict the future?

Kamisama no Youjinbou

"You won't be able to become a great rabbit if you do that!" A former samurai trains at a shrine in order to be reincarnated as a rabbit...? In the early Meiji period, a former samurai who was supposed to have died in the Hakodate War wakes up in a strange shrine. There, there is a small, fluffy boy who calls himself a god, and tells him that he needs to train in order to fulfill his unknown wish of being reincarnated as a rabbit...? The Japanese-style ayakashi tale of a former samurai and a small god begins!
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