100-Year-Old Top Chef

The world’s greatest chef. First, second, third… and sixth life. The combined time I’ve spent on cooking is over 100 years. “I can’t do this anymore.” There is only one way to stop this endless reincarnation and regression. This time, I will definitely succeed.

Futarijime Romantic

Kumamori has always been in pursuit of the ideal ideal romance. When she changes classes for her second year of high school, she is unexpectedly reunited with "Tajima," the partner of her first kiss. Unfortunately, he is dry and stoic when it comes to romance.... 200% heartwarming! A realistic but cute and romantic opposites-attract love story!

Teacher Addiction

A high school girl with a sex addiction is gently (?) raised again by a sadistic teacher? Misao is a high school girl who lives alone. She seems normal at first glance, but she can't stop having sex no matter how hard she tries. The person who buys her one day... is somehow her form room teacher at school!? She's shaking, but the teacher makes an outrageous proposal to her...!? A dark and heart-warming avant-garde romantic comedy interweaving two somewhat shady people.

I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart

I am the sole friend of the Crown Prince, the Young Lady Euceniel Hardrant. One day, my family was chased out of the Capital all because I was considered a bad influence on the Crown Prince. After reuniting 14 years later, he had changed drastically. When I asked why he had changed, he said it was because that was the kind of appearance he felt I preferred of a Crown Prince, no, of the Emperor, Tesvalun Neusville. But it seems his appearance wasn’t the only thing that had changed.

The Heiress's Double Life

Rexid van Hexen, prince of the Hexen Empire and feared defender of the border, wants to become emperor. But because his brain doesn't even come close to his brawn, he enlists the help of the "Viper," a notorious swindler and master of disguise. With her life on the line, the Viper must now pull off her greatest scam while posing as... Rexid's heiress? Will the unlikely duo succeed, or will they end up being deceived themselves?

Kakan no Oukoku no Hanagirai Hime

A princess from a flowery kingdom marries into a desolate snow country!A love comedy that begins with a strange “political marriage” and ends with a difference of opinion!Princess Florence of Esca Torronea, the kingdom known as the ‘Kingdom of the Flower Crown’, is severely allergic to flowers! She constantly sneezes and has a runny nose and stays indoors. The “turning point in her life” came when she was offered a marriage to Prince Iska of the northern frontier kingdom of Laja Radma. A barren, allergy-free land is my paradise! Florence is elated, but Iska is wary: “Why would the princess of a great country come to such a remote place? She is suspicious…”

Boys Over Flowers (Colored Edition)

Tsukushi Makino, a working-class girl, attends an elite elevator school called Eitoku Academy, populated by children from rich, high-society families. She is the "weed" of the school surrounded by all the rich kids including the "Flower" Four (F4). The F4 leader and son of the wealthiest, most powerful family in Japan, Tsukasa Domyoji, takes an interest in Tsukushi, because she is the only girl at Eitoku who doesn't fawn over him. However, his hot-headed nature and bullying ways are originally a major turn-off for Tsukushi, who has her sights set on someone else. (Source: Wikipedia) Volume 1: End of the Century

Ochibure Saijo no Koufuku – Heika ni Suterareta no de, Saiai no Hito wo Sukui ni ikimasu

A diligent and hard worker hated talented woman A re-departure story from the fall!! Celia, who is the leader of the "Saint Players" who heal people with performances that borrow the power of the spirits, was misunderstood and shunned by those around her the more faithful she was to her duties. Even so, he tries to stick to his beliefs with the support of his old friend, Dennis, and his secret lover, His Majesty, but with the appearance of a ridiculous newcomer, Muriel, he loses everything... A miraculous comeback played by Celia, who has fallen into the abyss!

Danzaisareteiru Akuyaku Reijou to Irekawatte Konyakusha-tachi wo Buttobashitara, Dekiai ga Matte Imashita

"If I were her, I'd blow them away..." I was reincarnated due to a traffic accident, and in the world of an otome game, I was replaced by the villainess daughter Alexandra during a condemnation event. Manipulated by the heroine's enchanting magic, she blows away her fiancée, the second prince, and just when she thought it was going to be a happy ending, the world collapsed, and she had to start over from her childhood――!? Moved to avoid the event. Then, instead of her ex-fiancée's second prince, she begins to be attracted to the older, high-spec handsome crown prince, but... The thrilling romantic comedy fantasy from "Let's become a novelist" finally opens!

Tearmoon Empire: Tea Party for Followers

Today, too, peaceful times are flowing at St. Noel Academy. Anne, a maid from a commoner's background, seems to be struggling every day for Princess Mia. However, Anne is an extremely clumsy girl who makes one mistake or misunderstanding after another. What will happen to her......!? In addition to Anne, the other followers do their best for their masters in this story!

Omae no Youna Shoshinsha ga iru ka! Fuguushoku Shoukan-shi Nanoni Last Boss to Iwarete Iru soudesu

Although she is just a beginner, Yohan finds out a VRMMO is having a collaboration event with an animated series called "Bachimon". Since she used to love that series as a kid, she decides to start playing the game. And of course, she chooses "summoner" as her occupation! While loving and admiring her long-missed Bachimon, she plays the collab event over and over and over again... And after all of that, she earns the last boss's equipment?! Now that Yohan can use all of the summoning beast's skills for herself, she even makes friends with the boss of her class?! And after bursting onto the scene, this impossibly strong newbie unknowingly starts rising through the ranks!

Otaku mo Koi mo Rensa suru

Kakoi Yuzuru, who sits next to me, has a pretty face. But she has an incredibly handsome boyfriend, Kawai Chihiro-kun. And me... me, Otonari Wataru... I'm living a rosy high school life just shipping those two! --centred around the disappointing but beautiful nerd Otonari-kun. This is a non-stop fanboying school love comedy!

Moumoku no Orihime wa Koukyuu de Koutei to no Koi wo Tsumugu

In the young emperor's hands holds a harem of 1,200 beautiful women. Han Renka (Fan Lianxiang) is one of the exclusive seamstresses who have been summoned to the imperial harem to work as a maid. Though blind, she has a natural gift for weaving, differentiating between the sound when two threads meet. Able to discern small noises such as the beat of one's heart or the moment when one tells a lie, Renka gradually unravels the troubling mysteries within the imperial harem. Among these mysteries is the important secret that there in fact exists two emperors who are in control of the imperial harem. In order to maintain this secret, she had thought that she would be killed, but for some reason she is lavished with love instead. Renka had intended to live a quiet life as a seamstress... but it seems that even that won't go just as planned. Author's Note: This work is a Chinese-styled fantasy set in a fictitious era. Though the imperial harem system is referenced from ancient China, the rest of the setting is my own creation. The weaving system is also Chinese, but I have referenced Nishijin brocade.

Megasameru to Hyakunen-go no Koukyuu deshita: Koukyuu Jijo Kougyoku

Lin Xing, a maid of the imperial palace who was put into a hundred-year sleep by a curse, awakens in the arms of a handsome man who looks exactly like her ex-husband! She changes her name to Hong Yu and fights against a conspiracy in the imperial palace that has lasted for a hundred years!
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