My Wife Might Be A Hentai.

Even though I'm still a high school student, I married my childhood friend for some reason. It's not that I don't like him or anything, it's just that I'm still thinking about divorcing him... I said, "I don't know" "Are you married to me for now?" "Yes, if everything goes well, we don't even need a divorce" This is how our newlywed life started. It was a bit weird at first, but not so bad... "Okay, say "aaah"! Isn't it nice? Isn't it nice to be able to live a beautiful life with your wife who spoils you so much?

Victoria of Many Talents

In an age where agents operate unknowingly to the populace, a certain Hagul Kingdom's Chloe spends her days completing difficult mission after difficult mission with her unparalleled skills in disguise and the combat arts. However, following her boss's betrayal, she revised her life plan - to live a normal, happy life as a regular citizen by the name of Victoria in the nearby kingdom of Ashberry. Her unexpectedly happy first day of her second life as Victoria was marked by the coincidence of taking guardianship of a certain young girl and the beginning of many a meeting with people. On the other hand, shadows of assailants approach the talented Victoria at the behest of the Second Prince with an interest in Victoria's strength, and the organisation——!? Here marks the beginning of the restoration of Victoria's life filled with action and emotions that warm the heart!!


The grandson of an antique dealer and the beggar princess got married. Lasting for two years, they were to engage in a contract marriage to fulfill their respective interests. An aspiring naval officer and wealthy man, a grandchild of an antique dealer who is despised solely due to his humble bloodline despite his golden success. Bastian Clauvitz needed a stepping stone for success and revenge. A fallen aristocrat who can only relive the glory of the past, a princess who makes a living through manual labors even though she has the blood of the imperial family flowing within her. Odette von Dysen needed money to start a new life. Both thought it was a beneficial deal, until something unexpected happened. "You ruined the most precious thing to me, so it's only fair if you lose something equally precious, too. Am I wrong?" Bastian decided to hold her responsible for the damage that occurred. Hate, resentment, regret, even the name of this damn woman. For the sake of a complete end where everything was burned white and faded.

How to Live at the Max Level

Even a graze from her is a Critical Hit! The tormented goddess who can’t land a weak hit has descended! A stress-free fantasy adventure romance between a girl who fell into a world inside a game and a mysterious and virtuous man! She was summoned to the Otherworld after she mistakenly clicked a quest window of , a game that provided a reality-like fantasy. Nicknamed ‘Chaos Demon King’, Ju Sae-Young fell into the Otherworld ‘Arcadia’. Her confusion was only momentary, and clearing the Otherworld was easy as pie for a max-leveled user like her. She collected cute party members, destroyed dungeons to obtain treasures, and even got to date the dreamy and virtuous man, ‘Callad’. But the Quest of the ‘Supreme God’ that would grant her a return to her original world entangles Sae-Young and her comrades into a grand and dark conspiracy! And to clear the quest, she has no choice but to sacrifice Callad…? Will she be able to break through this series of legendary difficulties?

My Girlfriend's Child

"I think I might be pregnant." Sachi, a high school girl, has a childhood sweetheart, Takara. One day, feeling something wrong with her health, she buys a pregnancy test. Using the test at a diner in a town far from home, she sees two lines that indicate a "positive" result...

Concubine Walkthrough

At first, Yona gave some major side-eye to the popular game "Concubine Walkthrough" until she got sucked into it—literally! Now stuck as the villain, she has her hands full facing the infamously cruel emperor, shaking off scheming concubines, and befriending NPCs. There’s only one way the Game Master will let her out and that’s to become the Empress! Will she be able to stay true to her honest and straightforward self despite the palace’s intrigues? One extra problem: she’s got competition...

All Purpose Apocalyptic Upgrade System

In a world overrun by zombies, survival is difficult, but I suddenly gained an all-purpose apocalyptic upgrade system. What is this?! By killing the zombie and completing tasks, you can earn upgrade points that can be used to upgrade anything. With this, I no longer fear material scarcity, I just have to keep upgrading. From fruit cores to trees that last for millennia, from wild fields to super farms, from broken guns to plasma explosive weapons, from peas to super zombie-killers, and from paper airplanes to F22s. With this system, a single person is equivalent to a whole city! [Phantom – Blackout Scans]

I Don't Want to Be the Magpie Bridge

I was reincarnated as a supporting character in a novel. And on top of that, I had the role of a ‘magpie bridge’ inside the romance story <Hestia’s Boys>. Anyways, romance was impossible, and my future seemed bleak with my debt-riddled family. After becoming a civil servant, I tried to enjoy the wealth and honor I couldn’t have in my past life, but… Unlike the originals, the male characters seem kind of strange?! “Imagine, how would Char-Char look blushing and shy while looking at someone she likes?” “Wow….. that’d be amazing.” Keurigord gets blank-stared, Hylli wants to talk whenever we see each other, and Yves wears an expression and mutters to himself. “Should I take you and run away….” Sean would cover his face with both hands without saying anything. His blush used to only reach his face but now the red spreads to the tip of his ears. Why are you guys not obsessing over the female lead and doing other stuff instead? Charine West, who wanted to live a normal life, and her survival at Char-Char’s reverse harem

My Secret Roommate

Hyemin's life as a neurosurgery resident is thrown off balance when her childhood nemesis and popular actor, Sooha, shows up at the hospital with narcolepsy. Because of the dirt he has on her, she has no choice but to comply with his demand and secretly treat his illness. On top of that, their relationship takes a complicated turn when their parents make them consider each other for marriage! And because Sooha puts the burden of rejecting the marriage on her, Hyemin vengefully does the opposite. But after the dust settles, the two realize what they have to gain from this unlikely union: for Sooha, it's a doctor who can treat his narcolepsy round the clock, while for Hyemin, it's a successful husband who won't interfere with her career. Maybe they can keep the truth a secret from their fans and loved ones... if they can stop fighting for two seconds, that is!

The 108 of Them

Dessa, a witch who built an empire for the human she loved, but did not believe in him. In a situation where she must renounce her witch’s powers and become an ordinary human in order to give birth to an imperial grandson, she proposes a bet to test the emperor Hartwan who swore eternal love. To find yourself among 108 women with the same face. Emperor Hartwan accepts this, and in the end, no matter who he chooses, he even puts out an unconventional condition to welcome the chosen one as an empress. The empire and 107 women resembling the witch gather at the imperial palace. Meanwhile, Arit, ayoung witch who admires Dessa sneaks into the imperial palace in order to prevent Dessa from becoming human interferes with the her bet with the emperor?! The search for the empress proceeds with chaos. Who will win in the end?

This Villainess Wants a Divorce!

We all hate the greedy villains hell-bent on sabotage. Enter Carnelia Easter, the awful secondary villainess of the romance I’m reading, who trapped the prince in marriage at the behest of the evil empress. I didn’t shed a tear when her head’s lopped off, but now I’m Carnelia! I gotta play this smart and convince him to divorce me instead! Still, between the prince, the empress, the heroine, the second prince, my terrible health...this story’s getting unpredictable. Will I survive after all?

For Better or For Worse

The spunky Lady Dillon didn't realize she was the villain of a romance novel until she encounters Marquess Cedric. Seeing him jogs a dormant memory of the novel's plot, in which her beloved younger sister dies in childbirth after marrying Cedric. Determined to prevent this, Dillon marries him herself, but what fate awaits her when she knows he's meant to fall in love with the real female lead later? In this marriage of convenience, it seems nothing turns out quite how either of them expects...

Tensei Shitara Hime Datta node Dansou Joshi Kiwamete Saikyou Mahou Tsukai Mezasuwa.

Ikuto, an ordinary high school boy, is reincarnated as Isabella, a sheltered princess in a world of magic?! Although he is happy to be able to use magic, Ikuto's ambitions are crushed when he discovers that, in this world, women are not allowed to use magic. Still, Ikuto is not ready to give up, and at the age of 16, he decides to leave the castle and embark on a journey to learn magic...?! A new sensation about a princess disguised as a man (while inwardly a high school boy) and a handsome wizard with special circumstances!
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