Sannin no Rival Reijou no Uchi Hazure Reijou ni Tensei Shita you desu. – Zense wa Byoujaku deshita ga, Iyashi no Mahou de Kondo wa Watashi ga Tasukemasu

At the age of five, Liliana, the daughter of a duke, regains memories of her previous life as a sickly high school girl.One by one, Liliana fulfills the small wishes she could not fulfill in her previous life, such as a picnic in the garden. One day, she meets Chris, a boy who is about to lose his life due to a curse and poison.Having saved him with her healing magic, she decides that she wants to use her powers to help people!A few years later, Liliana is invited to the castle as a potential fiancée of the third prince. There she meets Chris, who she discovers is the prince. In addition, two rival daughters who appeared in an otome game in a previous life are also invited to the castle.This is an otherworldly reincarnation fantasy of a woman fulfilling the regrets of her previous life that will cheer you up when you read it!

Wakiyaku Tensei shita Otome wa Shinitakunai – Shibou Flag wo Orutabi ni Renai Flag ga Tatsu Sekai de Ganbatte imasu!

No matter how many times I try, everyone dies!” A female gamer spends her days trying to conquer the otome game “The Queen’s Blessing,” a game with only bad endings. When she dies in a car accident while protecting a child, she sees a person who claims to be God. The God reincarnates the woman into the world of the game and proposes that she try and rescue all the characters that die..

The Invisible Wallflower Marries an Upstart Aristocrat After Getting Dumped for Her Sister!

Can An Ordinary Aristocrat And A Nouveau Riche Tsundere Find Love In An Unconsummated Marriage?!Iris, the daughter of a marquess, not only had her fiancé stolen by her younger sister, but she also ended up having to marry Lord Lucas, a nouveau riche merchant who was shouldering her family’s debts. However, this former-commoner-turned-baron’s reason for marrying her was just to have Iris teach him and his servants how to survive in high society!“I was told that I lack presence and that I’m like air. If someone as plain and dull as myself could be of any use to you, I will be more than happy to help, Lord Lucas,” Iris said with complete seriousness, throwing Lucas off guard. Will Lucas be able to resist being slowly drawn to the dedicated Iris, who strives to support him and the people in her life? A complicated romcom that starts with a mariage blanc begins here!Source: Cross Infinite World

Bad End Mokuzen no Heroine ni Tensei shita Watashi, Konse de wa Renai suru Tsumori ga Cheat na Ani ga Hanashite kuremasen!?

One day, office worker Suzune (Reine) is reborn as Raine, the heroine of a "work-based otome game" that is too far away from romance. She wants to fall in love with a handsome man in this life! However, she finds herself in a world where there is a magical caste system, and to her surprise, she is the lowest rank! Her family treats her coldly and she is on the verge of being expelled from school. ...... Even so, she is undeterred by the "strong mentality" she has developed in her previous life. Practising magic, studying, and increasing the likability of her targets, she runs hard to avoid a bad end and get a sparkling school life! As Rene pushes forward with such a bright and positive attitude, her high-spec brother Julius, with whom she was supposed to be on bad terms, somehow begins to dote on her - or does he? A school fantasy about a strong mental heroine who is loved by everyone!

Akuyaku Reijou no Keibo wa Ni ga Omoi no de, Zenryoku de Shiawase Route Mezashimasu

~I will save the future villain parent and child~ I don't want to be the stepmother of the future villainess! Aim to avoid bad endings! Another world reincarnation love ♡ comedy, opening!! The matchmaking partner was the villain Duke (provisional) who is too handsome. I, Barbara Seitel, am a reincarnated person from modern Japan. It's been 18 years since I was reincarnated in the world of light novels that I loved when I thought I died in an accident. As the daughter of an earl in this world, she grew up to be a young daughter, Finally, when I had a happy marriage meeting this time, The opponent will plunge this country into chaos and fear in the future in this world. The worst villain, Duke Harold!? If I fall in love with this person, I and my family will be ruined. Even though I thought so in my heart, the duke was so refreshing and handsome, My heart is pounding, I can't stop the rising feelings... When this happens, he and his stepdaughter (=villain daughter), who is planning to do evil things with him, are all together, I have no choice but to aim for the happy route with all my might!? Avoiding bad endings is tough! !

How to Survive a Thousand Deaths: Accidentally Wooing Everyone as an Ex-gamer Made Villainess!

Grimoire Alchemist is a dating sim popular among both boys and girls in Japan. The player’s rival in love, Claudia Ellington, is jokingly called the “Villainess of a Thousand Deaths.” But this alias of hers is actually no joke; she really does die a thousand times in the game! Alas, our poor little protagonist ends up filling Claudia’s shoes when she gets reincarnated in the world of Grimoire Alchemist. Determined to escape the dire fate she has in store for her, Diehard Grimoire Alchemist Fan #1 (now the reincarnated Claudia) does everything she can to avoid entering the love interests’ romance routes in an attempt to separate herself from the game’s storyline and save her own skin. Despite her best efforts, she fails spectacularly as her love for the characters and game compendium of a brain lead to her pulling off impressive feats one after another. Join her as she (much to her dismay) magnificently steals the hearts of the game's charming love interests!

Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife

"You'd better not even dream of being recognized as my wife. There will never be an heir from Balajit's daughter.” Nadia couldn't agree more with his opinion. Thank you, Marquis, be sure to keep your word. “The Marquis said you had no intention of sleeping with me.” “… … .” “So, to ensure an heir, there's no other choice but to take a concubine... … .” Nadia's head jerked at the sound of something crushing on her. Then, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw that the table her husband was working on had cracked. No, why did it suddenly break?

Kawaii Gimai ga Konyakuhaki Saretarashii no de, Ima kara "Orei" ni Mairimasu

Admired by everyone, Rozelia is the country's most talented individual, accomplished in both the literary and military arts. Today is her wedding with her childhood friend and lover, Robert, who is to be the successor of a duchy. Everyone wished them well, and they were supposed to spend the rest of the happy lives together, however... that night, Robert's sister, Margaret, arrives in the mansion in tatters! Margaret was the crown prince's fiancée, but she was suddenly falsely accused of a crime, had her engagement broken, and suffered terrible violence. Rozelia was greatly angered at the fact that the selfish prince would treat Margaret in such a shameful manner despite Margaret being the one to have cleaned up all the mistakes he caused. For the sake of her beloved sister-in-law, Rozelia decides to cut up the corrupted royal palace straight from the front!

Keikoku Akujo no Yarinaoshi Oujotan – Kishi Danchou ga Bukiyou de Hanaremasen

Princess Sophia, the villainess who tilted the country and staged a coup d’etat, ended her life with a cup of poison – or so she thought.When she woke up, she was looped back to 5 years ago!Starting over from the age of 14?!In order to avoid the execution, she decided to be a good person in her second life!Then, a serious knight protector did his best to protect me.But don’t get carried away. I was the cause of his death the first time!A love story about a former princess of a leaning kingdom and a hard-nosed knight who are trying to avert all tragedies.

Rikan Koukoku Hikikomori Zuichou Hiden – Hibi Koukyuu no Nukedashi, Yuunou Kanri Yattemasu

A hikikomori princess and a talented government official, a success story of a male government official who uses two different faces! The 6th Kakuyomu Web Novel Contest Special Award in the Romance Category & Comicalization of the already published reprinted topical work! In a Chinese-style different world, Saya was picked up by the emperor of the Likan Empire and became the concubine of the inner palace. However, when she reaches the limit of her boring life, she sneaks out and disguises herself as a man and starts working as a government official. A seldom-seen "Hikikomori princess" and a talented government official who rose to the rank of second in charge of the Shoshosho in just five years. Use two different faces to solve the crises of the country that are coming one after another!

It's Not Easy Being the Ice Emperor's Daughter

Princess Dia of the Freige Empire was killed by her father, the emperor, on her 17th birthday. Afterward, the emperor embraces her daughter's corpse and freezes the world to destruction. Anna, an office worker of a black company, was reading a novel with a tragic ending before she went to bed. When she woke up the next morning, she had become Dia in her novel?! Of course, her father is the Ice Emperor, who is feared for his cruelty and ruthlessness. Just like in the original, the Ice Emperor mercilessly directs his bloodlust toward his young daughter. "At this rate, she will really die on her 17th birthday... no, she will be killed before that. Trying to change... Why did the Ice Emperor destroy the world while crying after killing his daughter?"

Imouto ni Konyakusha wo Toraretara Mishiranu Koushaku-sama ni Kyuukonsaremashita

When she breaks off a bad engagement, the young duke proposes marriage to her and she goes into love mode! Amalia, the count's daughter, whose sister has cuckolded her fiancé, becomes desperate and goes to a nightclub. There, she gets drunk and tells a young man who is talking to her about her situation. The drink overwhelms her and Amalia asks him to help her break the engagement, but discovers that he is actually the young duke... A beautiful love story about an unhappy young woman whose fiancé has been stolen from her, and whose life is turned upside down when she is treated with affection by a Yandere duke.

After Becoming everyone’s Favorite, I went on a killing spree

Growing up as an orphan in the arena, Ora was determined to awaken her summoner bloodline and gain immense power. However, her world turns upside down when she learns that the king has taken her loyal companion, Dragong, putting him in grave danger. In a daring escape, Ora and Dragong flee together, embarking on a series of thrilling adventures. Along the way, Ora hones her strength and resilience, while meticulously planning her revenge against those who have wronged her.

The Ruthless Emperor Is Doting on the Hostage Princess

When you wake up, you're in the form of a stuffed animal!? Heartful fantasy that is inevitable to be healed! Ferlina, the third princess, married to the cold-hearted emperor Wald as a hostage for the sake of peace. However, due to a certain incident, he possesses a cute ""stuffed toy""! And then, when the emperor finds out about his appearance, he finds himself in a big pinch of desperation――or so I thought...

100-Year-Old Top Chef

The world’s greatest chef. First, second, third… and sixth life. The combined time I’ve spent on cooking is over 100 years. “I can’t do this anymore.” There is only one way to stop this endless reincarnation and regression. This time, I will definitely succeed.
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