Shiitagerareta Tsuihou Oujo wa, Tensei shita Densetsu no Majo deshita

"I only do what I want to do. I have to 'clean up' anyone who gets in my way." Princess Claudia, oppressed and imprisoned, regains her memory of being the legendary witch Adelheid the moment her uncle pushes her down from the tower. With the power that once shook the world, she wishes for revenge. She wants to live a life of freedom, not revenge. Then she meets a boy suffering from a "curse" "I'll be your dog." Claudia takes Noah, a beautiful, unsociable boy, as her servant, and with her overwhelming magic, she enjoys her life as she pleases! The comfortable life of a legendary witch and a servant with a reason is about to begin.

The Siren: Becoming the Villain's Family

Aria offered a contract marriage. To Grand Duke Valentine who was said to have sold his soul to the devil. So she could protect herself and him. "Marry me." Aria passed him a note which asked for his hand in marriage with her little maple leaf like hands. "It's a contract marriage so we'll divorce 10 years later..." The young master grabbed the note Aria was writing and ripped it to shreds. "So where do I stamp it?" "You told me you'll divorce me once we're older." The young devil grew up and kissed her forehead. "Since we have become adults, we have to instead make a contract for adults." “If there is a next life, I will save you.” Aria is the last remaining siren, a monster who bewitches humans with song. Shackled, she is forced to sing to nobles until she coughs blood. By the time the demonized Grand Duke Lloyd Valentine frees her, it’s too late. She has already breathed her last… or so she thinks. When she awakens in the past, Aria dedicates her life to protecting the duke, but she wonders if that’s really all her life is worth. Will she ever be free? Or is this siren destined to sing the same song forever?

The Symbiotic Relationship of a Hare and a Black Panther

I was a rabbit shapeshifter who couldn't even transform into a human by my coming of age ceremony. My family said that I was just a halfling and placed me in a basket… "You're crying? Go on, cry more." Then I was then picked up by a black panther with an awful personality. "You're lacking in fighting spirit. I'll eat you the day after tomorrow, so keep trying." This fierce beast. Staring at my trembling face, the black panther's eyes glistened. "How thrilling." Mom, I think he's crazy! To survive a fairly crazy black panther. "The wild beasts are possessive, no matter what it is." …Is it possible? Vivi is a... wererabbit?! As a creature that’s supposed to transform into a human, Vivi is a failure, demonized as cursed and sent off to her doom. Luckily, her demise is cut short as Ahin of the Black Leopard Clan saves her. But with every threat and command this temperamental heir tosses at Vivi, she’s questioning her safety (and sanity). Surrounded by carnivores and their strong pheromones, she'll try to survive the chaos while stuck in her rabbit form. Will she figure out how to transform and tap into the power within her cute, furry self?

My Time Was Limited, so I Became the Villain's Daughter-in-Law

I've reincarnated as the young daughter-in-law of a villain who was taken in for his deceptive plans. The problem is that I'm terminally ill, so I'm going to die when I become an adult. "Luckily, I know how to cure it, but..." If I don't die at the right time, my father-in-law—no, the villain, Duke Ecarde—might kill me just to achieve his goals! But what kind of kid could actually adjust to this kind of household? "I want to live happily with Father and Evan for a long time... cough! Cough!" Me. I'm "that kid."

A Way to Protect the Lovable You

Finally, it was their first night. Leticia whispered, leaning her forehead against his chest, "As expected, is it too far? Should I get closer?" Dietrian barely swallowed a groan. His hand grasping Leticia's shoulder was shaking with a sweet faze, but she didn't notice. "I know that you're uncomfortable. But please bear with me until my mother comes." Dietrian hated Leticia. It was natural as Leticia's mother killed his family. She had never doubted the fact. So she didn't know, how badly his face was distorted by her words. "You just have to put up with me for half a year. Then, I will divorce you as you wish." At the word 'divorce,' he grit his teeth. Despite being the daughter of the Holy Empire’s most revered divine leader, Leticia is rumored to be a ruthless, bloodthirsty tyrant. The thing is… none of the rumors are true! After years of living as her vindictive mother’s scapegoat, Leticia is ultimately cursed to die if she doesn’t kill her beloved husband, King Ditrian, with her own two hands. But when the clock miraculously resets to mere days before their wedding, she gets a second chance to save not only Ditrian, but his entire kingdom. This time, will the world recognize the real Leticia before it’s too late, or is history doomed to repeat itself?

I'm Going to Marry the Poor Count in the Frontier, so I'll Work Hard to Reform the Territory

Angelique's engagement was broken by the second prince for the crime that she did not commit. Furthermore, by the order of the king, she will be married to the impoverished Count Sergei, who lives in a remote region. What awaits her on her way to the frontier is a very poor estate beyond her imagination and a handsome count!

The Fiancé of a Court Magician

Melanie, a member of the prestigious Stewart family, is a “dropout” with little magic power. When her engagement is called off because of her lack of magical powers, she finds herself in the library, where she succeeds in deciphering an ancient lost language! However, when her uncle invites her to a magic school, Quinn, the best court magician in the country, discovers her hidden talent…?

Always a Catch

From a very young age, people noticed that Maria, the youngest daughter of a duke, was filled with potential. She was raised as the heiress of her house, until the birth of her baby brother relieves her of her duties. She scrambles to find a husband, but all the eligible bachelors in her duchy are taken! At this rate, she's doomed to the life of a spinster! Maria decides to study abroad in Rubini in hopes of finding a husband, with the help of her distant relative, Aida. But in a twist of fate, the Crown Prince breaks of his engagement with Maria, even though they've never met before! "Huh?! I don't remember getting engaged!?" Enjoy this fluffy romcom with a late-blooming villainess!

A Splendid Revenge Story of a Super-Dreadnought Cheat Villainess

I woke up and I became my favorite villainess---. Lunaria il von Solfege. The protagonist, who was reincarnated as the villainess of her favourite game, was flooded with tragic memories of Lunaria. She was condemned, left alone and uncared for, and tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself with a dagger. "I'll take care of everything, Lunaria. Now that I'm Lunaria, I won't give you any mercy." A brilliant revenge drama of a villainess who fights for love begins...

Senjou no Seijo - Imouto no Kawari ni Koushaku Kishi ni Totsugu Koto ni narimashita ga, Ima wa Shiawase desu

Unlike her sister, who is known as the saint, Fine is a simple girl who has been treated very unfairly by her family, a line of earls. She is sent to a dangerous battlefield to work as a military doctor when she meets the duke knight Leon. She saves him from dying with a healing spell, and later asks him to marry her! She suspects that he might be mistaking her for his sister, but...?

Watashi no Ue ni Ukabu "Akuyaki Reijou (Hametsu suru)" tte Nandeshou ka?

While attempting to do good deeds, she seemed to have entered the prince's doting route! Louise, the count's daughter, for some unknown reason, can see letters above people's heads. Written above her own head are the words, "Villainess (doomed)." To change that, Louise aims to be a good-natured noblewoman. However, when she is pressed by Sylvile and tells him truthfully that his descriptor reads, "Love interest: Second Prince (Easy)" his interest is piqued and they become betrothed. Furthermore, he offers her a promise, "To make you feel at ease, I'll show you that I can change my descriptor."

Kusuri de Osanaku Natta Okage de Reikoku Koushaku-sama ni Hirowaremashita – Suterare Seijo wa Renkinjutsushi ni Modorimasu

Cherise, who is the country's saint if only in name, is falsely accused of a conspiracy by her step-sister, Aria, and is exiled from her country. She flees for her life—until, when faced with a life or death situation, she consumes the potion given to her by His Majesty, and to her surprise, her body changes into that of a young girl! She is then confronted by Diaz, who is rumored to be a "ruthless duke." In this fantasy story, with her changed appearance, she starts her second life!

Nariyuki Kon, The Poor Lady’s Impulsive Proposal Somehow Leads to Getting Locked Up by the Infatuated Duke

“Umm excuse me… Are you willing to be my fiancé?!” What was meant to be their first meeting became a once-in-a-lifetime confession for Alice, the bullied daughter of a poor noble. Not only that, the one who accepted was the Duke heir of the Verfeze Kingdom! In an unexpected twist of events, the handsome Arthur Grindelvalt agreed with a kind smile to the timid Alice, swearing “I will do anything for you.” Following that eventful meeting, Alice took the first steps upon her path to become the future duchess. What she did not know was how dangerous that path would be, with endless doing all that they could to take advantage of her timid personality. However, no matter what predicament she finds herself in, time and time again, Arthur’s love for her only becomes more and more passionate. From going together to school and making their way home again each and every day, to letting her live with him at his mansion and even installing a lock for her room…?! “Don’t worry. I won’t let anyone touch you anymore.” (…Why does he love me so much?) A secret past between the two of them will bring forth a sweet, romantic miracle in this classic Cinderella story that will sweep you off your feet!

I Awoke as an Imprisoned Villainess

Sophia Alcott, the daughter of Earl Alcott, lives a lonely life as a maligned and infamous shut in, with nothing to do but to work on her skills as a budding apothecary in the dusty storeroom she's forced to call home. That is until she suddenly wakes up one day and finds herself in the body of an even more infamous villainess (one who actually earned her reputation) locked up in a tower. But although the only clue she has about how this happened is a cryptic note, instead of despairing about her new situation, she's in awe at just how luxurious the treatment she's receiving in this 'prison' is compared to how she had to live before. Meanwhile, back at Earl Alcott's mansion, all hell is about to break loose. That's because...

Wakiyaku no Watashi ga Heroine ni Naru Made

Rui wakes up in a mysterious dungeon. She meets Claude, who rescues her from demons, she realizes that he has been transported to another world, the "Tower of God," the setting of a popular otome game. The other transfer, Mayu, has an imprint that proves she is a heroine. Rui, however, has no mark and cannot use magic. In order to return to her original world, Rui accompanies Mayu as a burden mob while being abused by Mayu. As Rui begins to connect with the object of her attack, the mark of the heroine begins to appear on her as well...! In a labyrinthine dungeon, she turns into a heroine! A love fantasy with a great reversal of fortune begins.
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