Haisha San Attattemasu!

A human drama between a villany-faced yakuza and a dominant dentist! Give it a read and maybe your "wall" will be broken down...?!Official Manga: Shonen Jump PlusOfficial

LBX Girls

Battle of armored girls, less gag, more everyday! The blockbuster RPG app "Armored Girl Miserem Crisis" presented by Level-5 x DMM GAMES x CoroCoro Aniki is comicalized with less battle and more gag! !! The author is Hiroshi Kawamoto, a master of the beautiful girl manga world who has been active in numerous magazines such as "Comic BomBom" and "Comic Jumbo"! !! Twice Armored girls live a happy life in public baths, table tennis, beaches and mudless (the world does not save).

Kimi dake ga Hontou

High school boy, Rikimaru, is unable to touch women due to childhood trauma. He has a pair of childhood friends who are siblings. The older sister, Kagami, and then the younger brother, Kyou. Between the two of them they share a similar height and appearance. Under these circumstances a unique twin love romance begins to bloom.

Killed Again, Mr. Detective

Sakuya Oizuki, a high school student whose father is a legendary detective, As a semi-private detective, he worked as a detective with an excellent beautiful girl assistant Lilithea, Triggered by the "special constitution" that dwells in Sakuya, and a request that came in one day, They get involved in a big incident, and their destinies change dramatically. "Really, a detective is a profession that is not enough no matter how many lives there are." A new era mystery light novel, comicalized opening

Manekarezaru Shinnyo

The pure crystal showed you as one of the goddesses. Ariallante, a nation that prospered under the kind-hearted goddess Liliana. In this country, which is said to receive the blessing of the goddess, while the privileged class "Kamimin" benefited, the "abandoned people" who made up the majority of the population were forced to live in poverty. Kukuru, a girl who was born as one of those abandoned people and leads a depressed life. Her life changes completely when she meets Kilik and Kaito, two people from the divine capital. It is said that once every 100 years, Kukuru has been chosen as a "goddess" who is said to receive the power of the goddess and bring prosperity to the divine kingdom. The girl travels to the sacred capital where conspiracies swirl, and eventually gets involved in a great turmoil that shakes the very foundations of the nation. The long-awaited comicalization of the big favorite western fantasy from the web with a total of over 1.5 million PV!

The Last Bloodline

Mallory was a naive college student until she stumbled into the dangerous world of international vampires. After a prophecy names her the new “Queen of Vampires,” she needs to earn the title or risk falling into the clutches of those who seek to destroy her.

Umeko-chan is in Love

Although he's tall and athletically gifted, Oga Masamichi is a boy best known for being a huge scaredy-cat. And recently, there's something that's got him even more on edge than usual... And that's him being haunted by what he's sure is the ghost of a girl who committed suicide at the school long ago, and still stalks its halls! But, the truth is, the girl that Oga has been swearing up and down is a ghost that's out to get him is actually Sayama Umeko, a sweet and pure girl who is totally in love with him.

My First Love Childhood Friend Is Back as a Zombie!?

My first love childhood friend is back as a zombie!? Tamaki, a girl who died in an accident, became a zombie and crawled out of the grave to convey her feelings to her childhood friend. Shin, a lonely high school boy, remains confused by the fierce attack of Tamaki...! A surreal romantic comedy!

Since I've Entered the World of Romantic Comedy Manga, I'll Do My Best to Make the Losing Heroine Happy

In the world of a popular rom-com manga, my only mission as the friend of the MC is to make the losing heroine, Sei-chan, happy! "I'll definitely make you happy. Please go out with me." "W-Wait, what!? Y-You're being serious...!?" The manga adaptation of the sweet rom-com from Kakuyomu starts now!
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