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Holy Idol

Rembrary, the deputy of God loved by all and the holy high priest. When I woke up while fighting against the Demon King who invaded my world, I woke up as an underrated idol in Korea..! Will he be able to safely adjust to the idol life and return to his original world?

Blood Sacrifice

Ozae is a blood-drinking monster known as a Bat. Knowing his secret, Seoho offers him a deal. Initially wanting nothing but his blood, at some point the beautiful Ozae finds himself wanting all of Sheoho. While Seoho also soon falls for the beautiful man. How will their dangerous and dizzying dance end?


A virus is attacking people who abuse others on the internet. Comedic ass-kickings are occurring across the country by a sentient electronic entity that appears through the personal devices of bullies and babies alike. Who or what is OUTRAGE?

The Stairway of Time

Ryu Ji Hoon And Eun Yeon Ah... We were the best couple. The love of youth… crazy and crazy. But that love… I killed him and ruined my life completely. If I can go back to the past, it would do so much… Not to be tied to you. Avoiding you. 14 years later, in order to change this unfortunate reality of a greater unfortunate situation, Yeonhwa rises to the thirteenth stairway to the past, following a suddenly rising memory. If this is real... If she really jumped into the past, will she be able to avoid making this unfortunate mistake again?! 32 years old Yi Yeon Ah went back to the past, 14 years ago. Can she really break her relationship with her first love and change her terrible past? Climb with us to the STAIRWAY OF TIME...

Boundless Necromancer

I never thought I could become a hunter. I never thought I’d get the chance. But that wasn’t the case. 「 The ‘Tower of Trials’ has selected all suitable candidates from Earth. 」 「 Please select your difficulty. 」 「 The rewards you get will be directly proportional to your chosen difficulty. 」 I was given a chance just now. A special one, at that.

The Black Wolf's Bride

Mumyung was born a medium, a human who can communicate with spirits. She tried to live a normal life according to her dead mother's wishes, but when she comes of age, she starts attracting various spirits - including those dangerous and evil. This causes her to seek help from Heukrang the Black Wolf, a mystical creature who once aided her by guiding her mother's spirit to the underworld. With their fateful reunion, Mumyung must soon accept that she can no longer run from her destiny...

My Lord of the Sea, Please Do Your Work!

The Lord of The Sea — riding above the waves, calling upon the life of the seven seas, and even the beasts of the abyss listens to thy callings. As the acting Lord of the Lord of the Sea and possessing godly powers, I, Hai Ming, have to infiltrate the Magic Academy while pretending to be a normal student and doing ‘espionage’ work?? How low! But to save the world of magic, we have to battle against the evil demons! And I can only work hard! My Lord of the Sea, please do your work!

Bitten to Reign

After rebirth, the world has changed. The blood race has become the master of the world, and humans have completely accepted this life and are proud to be blood dependents, as the saying goes: humans who have not been sucked by the blood race are not good humans. Wang Zhe wanted to repair the regrets left in his previous life and make a better life, but….

King of Fire Dragon

Seo Moon Moo-hui, who had no choice but to look at the world with a different eye from his childhood, unfolds a new world from the tip of his brush, who unexpectedly went out to Kang-ho!

Tale of the Floating Sages

Sangun, the tiger lord of Baek Mountain, was living a peaceful life until a young, white-haired girl named Choa visits his cave, claiming to be his bride. Sangun immediately realizes that Choa is a descendant of the White-blooded Demon Beast, a dangerous creature feared by all spirits and beasts. He tries to send her away for fear of the dangers she will bring, but changes his mind upon discovering that she has nowhere to go. Unfortunately for him, this marks the beginning of his hardships...

Don't Fall In Love!

Jeong-hyun often acts before thinking, leaving her unemployed after fighting with the store manager for her part-time job. However, she signs up as a talent manager when introduced by her older brother. There, she falls in love with an actress, Hee-ra! “It was like…love at first sight!” but it turns out that Hee-ra acts quite differently from her expectations. Though she shouldn’t be swept away in the moment, looking at Hee-ra’s face makes her go through all sorts of emotions. Will Jeong-hyun finally be able to control her outbursts?

Complying with Imperial Edict

In Xia Kingdom, the general's granddaughter, Situ Xiu, is an eerie existence. She isn't only weak and cowardly but she is also a stutterer! One day, her younger twin brother decided to run away on a whim after he was appointed young general… Meanwhile, the emperor, not knowing the situation, issued an imperial edict, sending her younger brother to the borders to defend the country from invaders! Under the circumstances, Miss Situ had no other choice than to pretend to be her younger brother and go fight the Cha kingdom's God of War…

Land of the Crimson Moon

A doctor, Gyeonghun Min, has an exceptional grudge against Yeong-u Shin, the chairman of a gang called the Crimson Moon. Desperate to take revenge on Yeong-u for killing his wife and daughter, the doctor finally finds Sihwan Ryu, a police officer who has supernatural powers that can surpass the currently invincible Yeong-u. Leveraging this, Gyeonghun’s plan is to purposely create a reason for Sihwan to despise the Crimson Moon and destroy Yeong-u for good. Will his plans succeed? Will Sihwan and Gyeonghun finally wipe out the Crimson Moon?

Stop Bothering Me, Emperor!

Song Xiao only wanted to be a man of virtue, but somehow ended up being forced into a marriage with his Highness, plotted by the cunning emperor himself. However, just as the generation of great businesses began to flourish, the emperor died… When Song Xiao opened his eyes again, he finds himself in a college entrance exam… but why does his seatmate look so familiar?! His Highness: ▼_▼ Let me copy your homework. Song Xiao: …

How to End an Unrequited Love

"Kim Boksil, is better known for having no success at love having gone with unrequited love for 20 years now. She's now on her 9th failure of unrequited love since graduating from high school. Boksil, who vows that she will have a wonderful relationship when she becomes a college student, falls for her kind and handsome sunbae, Doyoon."


This is a story between a businesswoman and a trainee. She is a businesswoman. She is realistic and knows what is best for herself. She is a trainee at her company. She is optimistic and initiative. On the other hand (Second couple), She is a secretary who does not know where her life leads. Under life's pressure, she met her colleague who could not care less about her own life. Together, it became a game of cat and mouse… More characters will be revealed in later chapters.
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