Green Boy: Shouting to You

Jae-in is an irrepressible girl who aims to be a champion, and Tae-jin is the innocent boy who loves her. This is the story of their challenges on the road to the championships, and an unlikely summer-time love.

The Baby Isn't Yours

Callia Taxicate was a mere commoner until she saved the life of Simon Tereloane, the son of a duke. In return, the duke helps make her commander of the emperor's knights and she becomes a war hero. Though she only sees Simon as a friend, the two unexpectedly spend the night together and she ends up pregnant! Terrified that he and his noble family won't accept a child out of wedlock, Callia runs away to raise the baby on her own. But how long can she hide this secret, especially from the father?!

One Pair Lady

After rescuing a little boy and obtaining a magic ring by chance, Adele is suddenly transported 10 years into the future as a high roller. She participates in the gambling tournament at Grand Master Rudy's request, and came to meet the Young Master Elfenheim, whose name, speech and appearance seem oddly familiar. What's this weird sense of deja vu? "I'm not sure if you've heard of this before, but the Young Master Elfenheim even went on a ship to find his first love using a pendulum as bait." "His first love?" On top of that, she apparently looks quite similar to the description of his first love?

This Star

Fei Yu Bei Tang, who was the heir of the Yanye royal family, was born and lost in the civil strife. Bei Tang had many near-death experiences and separations from loved ones, and after many times became numb to saying farewell. When Bei Tang felt as if all hope was dashed to pieces, the enemy country refugees adopted Bei Tang. The last descendants of the royal families reformed themselves, and intertwined with one another in the net woven by the bloody feud between the two countries and the redemption of familial love. To protect the beloved one, Bei Tang regained hope and embarked the way to redemption.

Somehow, I started Living with a NEET Kunoich

Otaku Kunoichi ≒ Otaku NEET ≒ Girl with Zero Romantic Experience! A normal salaryman, Tsukasa, is attacked by a Youma and is gallantly saved by the appearance of the genius kunoichi, Shizuri. However, when she is not working, she becomes an otaku NEET... Today, Tsukasa's househusband skills will continue to spoil Shizuri. A prescription delivered directly to you♪

Right and Wrong

Truth or Lie: This is a story about a former idol who's always fooling around with the boss of a company who never properly goes to work. Truth or Lie (ranana) Right and Wrong Shifei Shìfēi 是非

All the Heroes Love Me

When Lan Jin went back to her own world three years later, she found that her reputation was ruined. What's more, she had five fiancés and five sons who came from five time-travel worlds. She was not a loser anymore. And all the heroes loved her. Furen Ta Chengle Da Laomen De Tuan Chong / Fūrén Tā Chéngle Dà Lǎomen De Tuán Chǒng / The Madam Has Become Big Shots' Favorite One / 夫人她成了大佬们的团宠

Former King

[Translated by Mosh Scans] After badmouthing the Gods, He Muyan was thrown into the system to be reborn infinitely. He was reincarnated as an elf in his seventh rebirth, when he realized the reality and planned to head in a bad direction before seeing a face he could never forget, his ex-boyfriend, Jin Yuanchen. How could he be here, and why had become a bandit, and kidnapped He Muyan to be Mrs. Yanzhai (Husband)? Bad show x Cynical evil 前任为王

If you don't have the skills, you'll have to level up - start at level 8 million in a world where 99 is MAX

The main character "Ryuya" is told that he has no skills and is abandoned by his friends. The only way for him to compete with those possessing skills is to raise his level. After five years of training in the forest, he has raised his level to 8 million. Due to his excessively high level, he is beyond the reach of skilled humans, demons, or even gods. This is a story of a simple hero who feels guilty for not having skills, and how he helps others.

Judge and Executioner

Shin, a serial murderer, has shaken the entire nation of South Korea to its core. Jihu Seo, who lost his father to Shin’s evil deeds, meets another victim: Duseok Kim, a former detective who also had his family murdered by Shin. Duseok vows to turn Jihu into a human weapon to exact revenge on Shin -- in prison, with his bare hands. “Korea has not implemented the death penalty since 1997. With no one else upholding justice, what other choice is there?”

Emperor Jiwu Xuan

Above the heavens and the earth, the emperor of Taixuan, who goes in and out of the sky, is rampant, and I am invincible. The genius of the cold door, the enchanting of the family, the sacred son of the Zongmen, the young king of the beast, the king of the battle, the king, the ultimate is the hero, the middle of the beautiful, the sword and the scorpion! A teenager, a blood sword, a lot of beauty, a group of spiritual pets Emperor Wu ; Ji wu xuan di ; 极武玄帝 Emperor Jiwu Xuan Fanatical Martial God The Greatest Martial Emperor 极武玄帝

Pornstar in another world ~ A Story of a JAV Actor Reincarnating in Another World and Making Full Use of His Porn Knowledge to Become a Matchless Pornstar~

On his way home from work, Aokai Seiji, a struggling actor in the JAV film industry, accidentally looks away and got hit by a magic mirror JAV Truck! He wakes up in a medieval-like world and gets caught up in the "filming" with beautiful elves?!

A Deceitful Marriage

Silvia Lauren is the duchess of the Aswan estate and the wife of the bloodthirsty war addict, Duke Victor Aswan. She is also one-month pregnant with Victor's first child. At least, that's the façade she has created in order to secretly reside in the duke's castle while he is away fighting in a war. But when Victor returns from battle much earlier than anticipated, Silvia fears that her intricate lies will all come to light. However, instead of throwing her out of his home right away, Victor decides to go along with her scheme and happily awaits the birth of his nonexistent child—and by happily, it's more like threateningly. How long will Silvia be able to keep up with her lies and remain by the ruthless duke's side?

The Super Book Of Death

I'll decide my own fate! A plucky young man changes his fate, against all odds!High school student Li Gaolou discovers the Book of Life and Death in his school bag one day. The Book can change his fate. Saving a damsel in distress, making a fortune, becoming powerful… Things he'd never dreamed before are now possible! The Master of Fate ; Chao Ji Da Zhu Bu ; Chāo Jí Dà Zhǔ Bù ; The Super Book of Death ; リライト~運命の生死簿~ ; 超级大主簿

Complicated Cohabitation

A businesswoman who is in her thirties, Yugyeong Seo. She’s in a relationship that seems to be sinking every second. One day, her younger brother’s friend, Ijun Gwon, abruptly comes into her life physically and mentally, starting an odd cohabitation. Ijun Gwon, although he is the perfect house husband material, good at all kinds of house chores, he seems to dislike treating Yugyeong as a senior. Why does he care for her so much? Why does he not like to treat her as Nuna? Well, maybe this cohabitation is rather impure.
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