Dragon and Chameleon

Garyou Hanagami is a veteran mangaka. Best known for the behemoth of a series that is Dragon Land, Hanagami-sensei has years of experience under his belt and is always thinking up new manga ideas. Shinobu Miyama is not. An amateur working for Hanagami-sensei as an assistant, Miyama is nicknamed “The Chameleon” for his ability to copy the artstyles of those he works under. However, his true dream is to escape the faceless crowds and become someone. So what happens when a work accident causes them to swap bodies?

A former noble lady marries the lonely god of death

When the daughter of a fallen noble family is chosen to become a sacrificial bride, her groom is none other than the Shinigami— a cold-hearted, human-hating God of Death. Chizuru works for the Sanjou family, a newly made noble house with a thriving textiles factory in Koishigawa. However, as the daughter of a family which once ranked far higher than the Sanjous, Chizuru receives nothing but scorn and contempt from her new employers. Without warning, a plague breaks out in the town and victims of the disease all die with the same words on their lips: ‘The Shinigami stands at my bedside.’ In a desperate attempt to appease the god who brought the plague upon them, Chizuru is selected as a sacrificial bride. This is a story of a ruined noble, a God of Death, and the romance that blossoms between their two lonely souls.

Mysterious Eel

A school wonder life of two girls! Nagi, a girl who sees stars in her eyes when she wanders, and Yu, who cares for her. Their friendship is at the mercy of mysterious events that occur one after another.


The best cruise in Korea invited the Yongjin Taekwondo team, which has amassed ten million views on YouTube and is growing in popularity, and boarded to perform. But what awaits them after their performance is a <Zombie Group>?! There is still a week until the cruise gets to land. On top of the sea, where there is nowhere to go, the cruise turns into a prison where the people are locked up in an instant, and the fight to survive the zombie chase begins!

Shaman King: The Super Star

Continuing after the events of Shaman King Flowers, the group of "Super Stars" will join together and spin together a new legend.

I Have 999 Abilities

In a world where almost everyone has a supernatural power, Yang Xi swore to avenge his beloved sister and make those who hurt her pay for their sins. With this in mind, he started snatching others' supernatural powers through his own power; growing from a greenhorn in combat to being the leader of a plane-spanning organization. With a combination of strength and strategy, he destroyed the dark forces one after the other, gradually collecting 999 types of powers. Eventually he becomes the king of supernatural powers whom everyone has to look up to!

Children Of Illusion

Tae-kyung, who is sick of ghosts, got entangled with someone more dangerous than ghosts at the cursed school.

Moon Worm

The universe is invaded by destructive forces. An organization determined to control such forces; An investigator committed to seek the truth behind his childhood nightmares; A cold-faced woman shouldering her family’s curse… A terrifying tale has unfolded in the mysterious town.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Meteor Mission!

After defeating Dark King Demigra, Goku, and his allies go to visit the Planet of the Kaio, only to find that Kaio North and co. are nowhere to be seen... While our heroes are trying to figure out what could have happened, a mysterious new foe appears!

Regressing with the King’s Power

"I’ll eat all your skills!" "F*ck this awakening bullshit." "To hell with being a loser." Kim Taehyun, whose awakening level remains undetermined, was treated as a loser because he failed to awaken. However, he awakened his ability at the moment of his death when a gate was created which lead to the king. Afterwards, Taehyun, who has returned due to the power of the king, gains a new skill called Predation. Taehyun, a 35-year old male, regresses to when he was 19. [Skill has been devoured]. Using this power, I can be placed among the best

Goblin’s Night

“Choi Si Woo is always conscious about his weight.” Until one night during his jog, he comes across an old man. In the blink of an eye, the old man covers Choi Si woo with the straw backpack he’s carrying. After opening his eyes, Choi Si Woo then finds himself in an incredibly vast abandoned Hanok (Korean traditional house). At the edge of the spacious courtyard, numerous black shadows surround them. The old man spoke to Choi Si Woo, who is confused and has no idea what is going on. Every 666 years, a festival is held to select the king of ghouls, and each ghoul family in this world possesses one ticket to participate. Choi Si woo, a half-blood human-ogre, the last descendent of an extinct ogre’s blood, has no choice but to participate as the sole survivor endowed with ogre blood, Choi Si woo’s adventure as a half-man; half-ogre begins.”


Tatari is a lone stray cat. He is taken care of by his siblings Takeru and Yuki. In a ramshackle apartment, they lived a poor but happy life. Until that day. "Tatari" is the Japanese word for the curse of a vengeful ghost, by the way.

Please Call Me Ghost Messenger

After the eternal night, terror resurges! Supernatural ghosts and monsters descend upon the modern city! All common knowledge and rules are overturned! Blood rains down beneath the calm campus, tombstones crack open in the outskirts’ cemetery, and dilapidated apartments are haunted by numerous apparitions… In this dark and desperate environment, there stands a midnight-revealing post office, and a young boy dressed in black navigates through mysterious and terrifying places. The young boy in black becomes the forbidden legend in people’s mouths, “He is the Great Lord of the Underworld!

Ayakashi Oniyome Konin Tan

Riho, who grew up all alone, was adopted by the Hanabishi family and spent harsh days being oppressed by everyone around her. And on her 17th birthday, Riho is told by her adoptive father to become Ayakashi’s “sacrifice”. However, the ayakashi emperor who appeared in front of Riho, who was in despair, seemed to have intended to welcome her as a “bride” instead of a “sacrifice” -!?

Koukyuu no Kemonotsukai – Kemono wo Mofumofu Shitai Dake no de, Koutaishi no Dekiai wa Komarimasu

Based on the celestial’s decree, four palaces were set up in name of the Four Auspicious Beasts*. They then instructed humans to rear animals in each palace. Though this role was deemed to be the lowliest job in the palace, to Yu who is an animal lover, being able to eat high class leftovers while taking care of animals was like heaven. With her cheerfulness and vast knowledge of animals, she solves the palace’s problems one after another. Then one day, she is assigned to take care of a terrifying divine beast…*from Chinese myth. Also known as the Four Symbols.

Kyuubi: Choujou Jiken Taisakuka

The ``divine power incident'' crushed over 100 people to death without touching anyone. Kibi, a man who lost his father in that incident, was chasing supernatural phenomena like supernatural power incidents. Meanwhile, Kibi meets Todo, a woman who claims to be a detective from the Paranormal Incidents Division. She says that supernatural phenomena are caused by psychics called "Fox Possessions"...! ?A non-stop mystery begins that uncovers "paranormal murders" that cannot be judged by law! !
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