The Executioner

A hero should never kill anyone, not even the worst of villains. Gangyu could never understand why his team of heroes lived by those words, but he tried his best to do the same… until the villain who wiped out his squad killed his brother in prison. Gangyu breaks his vow and enters Ruculus with permission to kill as the prison’s executioner. Now, he must fight his way through the villains to kill the worst of them all.

Reto the Protector

Clad in a blood-soaked coat and with no destination in mind, a young boy named Reto wanders into an Ainu village amidst a blizzard, whose residents provide him with much-needed shelter. All he has are two things: the memory of his mother dying before his eyes, and an ancient hunting knife without a blade...

Kyokutou Necromance

One day, Kaoru Uno suddenly starts seeing mysterious monsters known as shiryo or death spirits. With the arrival of his late father's coworker Yoji Amane and a special ring his father gave him, Kaoru is ushered into the world of necromancers! From the creator of Aliens Area comes a fantastic new series of necromancer battles!

Maxed Strength Stats Necromancer

Qiao Yu enters the world of the meta-Universe and gains the hidden class of a Necromancer. Unfortunately, his initial intelligence and spirit stats are both at 0, and he even draws a strangely unique talent. In a fit of anger, Qiao Yu puts all his attribute points into strength! Who says a Necromancer can't engage in hand-to-hand combat? As Qiao Yu punches the World serpent, Yemojia, to death, players in the meta-Universe are driven mad. Bro, please, stop brawling! You're a Necromancer! Just summon an undead, please!

Shiretto Sugee Koto Iteru Gal. – Shiritsu Para no Marukoukou no Nichijou

Youth = friendship, effort, and future prediction!A very ordinary and supernatural daily life sent by the strongest and invincible gal with different abilities.

Astro Royale

The new series from Ken Wakui, the creator of Shinjuku Swan and Tokyo Revengers! As the battle to decide the next leader of the Yotsurugi gang that runs Asakusa is heating up, a meteorite strike suddenly awakens superpowers in the people of Japan. How will Hibaru Yotsurugi, the son of the previous gang leader, come out of this?!

I Got the Weakest Class, Dragon Tamer!?

Combining reality with a gaming world where ferocious beasts roam freely, filled with numerous mysteries and dungeons. In order to defend against the onslaught of these beasts, everyone undergoes class transfers and crazily levels up. On the day of his transfer, Lu Fan becomes a hidden class - Dragon Tamer. However, due to the immense strength of dragons, it is deemed impossible for anyone to tame them, earning Dragon Tamer the reputation of being the most useless class. Fortunately, he awakens the Super Treasure Map System. As Lu Fan, with his mighty dragon, sweeps through everything, the entire world trembles.

Ghost Fixers

Following a certain event, Mikurigaoka New Town transformed into a crucible of supernatural phenomena known as GHOSTS! In said town lives Hifumi, a middle school boy, who one day encounters a girl who just moved in... Help "correct" the supernatural in this action-packed tale from Yasuki Tanaka, creator of "Summer Time Rendering"!

Monster Hunter

The monsters take everything away from a boy and keep him captive as their food. He grunts his teeth and seeks revenge, but the human power has fallen short to beat the monsters. At that moment, a monster hunter appears…

Left Handed Mutation

Human genes mutate, those with extraordinary genes may gain superpowers, and those with monster genes may mutate into monsters. Xingcun, who became a monster, was awakened and later reborn after the sacrifice of the heroine. In this life, the prodigal son shall use the mutation to fight back and protect the heroine. While he may lay hidden among the supermen, and he shall secretly use his mutation to hunt monsters, seize the power of the ancient demon god, and prevent his resurrection

The Novice Alchemist's Store

For an orphan who had no family for the rest of their life, the only way to become an upstart was to obtain the national qualification as an alchemist. After graduating from the Royal Alchemist Training School, which acknowledged nothing but ability, my master (teacher) gave me the right to open my own shop as a graduation present. After being sent off by my generous master, I, Sarasa, set out with a dream of having a slightly elegant life as an alchemist. But… As soon as I arrived at my destination, I was shocked. Because… I arrived in a ‘very rural’ area that was beyond my imagination. However, if I couldn’t run my shop in this place, I wouldn’t be able to make a living…

The Wretched

Ji YouChuan was investigating the mysterious organization Blaze in order to take revenge for his parents. 36 demons were released during one of the confrontation with Blaze and he signed a contract with the strongest demon, Chelsea. He joined the “Wrath of Heaven” team for the sake of investigating Blaze even more deeply and to retrieve the 36 demons, but after getting betrayed by his teammates, the sacrifice of his friend, wandering the wastelands and various other incidents, Ji YouChuan and Chelsea will uncover the thousand-years conspiracy behind the Red Rain catastrophe!

Cthulhu Creator

A strange woman’s video message made me miss my girlfriend’s date. Has my father who died in the fire reappeared? Retired firefighters are infected with the "otherworldly virus". Could it be an evolution or mutation catalyst? The mysterious Solomon girl, the stunning assassin demon hunter, as well as ghouls, Taoist priests, and immortals. The major sects and factions are ready to move, and the mysterious Creator is planning to rule the world again… Who is plotting all of this?

Super Psychic Policeman Chojo

The creator of Samon the Summoner returns to Jump with a new series about a super-powered policeman! In Chinjuku, the city that never sleeps, there is a psychic senior police officer who has powers beyond human comprehension! His name is Meguru Chojo! Along with his judo expert partner Nao Ippongi, this hilarious duo will keep the streets clean by any means necessary!

Monster Devourer

‘Meok Gwi-Sa’ is a Monster Hunter who eats monsters to protect the human world. After the release of the Hell demon, he lost his power. He managed to survive and met Goyoung. Goyoung, is a young individual with a petite build, who has endured a lifetime of torment due to his physical stature. His childhood friend, Kang Jong-bo, suddenly transforms into a bully during high school. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when Goyoung acquired a mysterious power which is the ability to devour monsters. Goyoung embarks on a perilous journey to protect humanity from the impending threat of the Gate to Hell. Will he be able to control his new powers and save the world from its impending doom?

Dear Anemone

When Gaku lands on the Galapagos Islands, a paradise is the last thing he'll be experiencing. With creatures undergoing horrific evolutions, only one rule still stands--the survival of the fittest!
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