Be The Butler

'Sara' who died from a car accident is brought back to life by the grace of the God of Cats but changes into a cat on rainy days. There is only one way to rid herself of this magic, to find the butler of fate that sincerely loves and cares about cats, fall in love and kiss. One day while struggling to find the butler of fate, Sara witnesses someone kill a cat and is now being chased by the killer. As if turning into a cat isn't bad enough Sara's also being chased by a murderer. Will Sara be able to get through this situation and find her butler of fate?

The Wailing Perversion

Ananta, a barbaric warrior cursed by a demon god. In order to punish the incarnation of the wings, who turned his fate into a tragedy, he endlessly feasts on demon gods in a story of blood, sweat, flesh, and bones that yearns for revenge.

Reincarnation Path of The Underworld King

The underworld has collapsed. In the barren land where blood should flow, now clear water flows, and the cauldron that used to boil the souls has long since gone cold. The retired King of Underworld, in pursuit of his own happiness, seeks the path of reincarnation. However, due to the chaos in Underworld and the disappearance of his successor, he is unable to walk the path of reincarnation. To become a god in the human world and to track down the missing successor, The King of Underworld descends to the human world. But the human world is in chaos due to the escape of the deceased from Hell, orchestrated by his successor's masterful plan. The King of Underworld joins forces with the 'Guardians of the Life' who protect humans, using the power of the Hell's ledger, in a struggle to capture his successor and restore the world to its original state. Will King of Underworld be able to safely walk the path of reincarnation?

I Became the Chef of the Dragon King

Shim Cheongi threw herself into the sea of Indangsu! What will happen when she wakes up in a lazy dragon's dungeon? Meet many cute monsters while living a delicious, symbiotic life!

Lovers of the Galaxy

Six years ago, when Wooju lost her father, she came across a kind-hearted alien in the mountains. Ever since then, she's been an avid fan of aliens, but she pretends not to believe in their existence out of fear that her classmates will ostracize her. One day, Wooju discovers a school club that meets her interests. She's excited to finally share her passion for aliens with others, but she has no idea that this will be the beginning of her exciting romance with the student body president Huimun, who has a secret of his own.

This Life Starts as a Child Actor

Was this life a failure? On the contrary, I like it! Kang Su-hyun, who has failed in everything he has done in life for four years. He finally found his calling as an actor and thought he was seeing the light, but he collided with a truck coming from the opposite side and despaired as death approached... “Wait a minute, didn’t I die?” When he regained consciousness, was his appearance reflected in the mirror the cutest version of himself from when he was 5 years old? Yes, in this life I start as a child actor! Kang Su-hyun's acting career begins.

Mr Devourer, Please Act Like a Final Boss

Deep within the most infamous dungeon, the 'Primordial Core', lives the worst boss monster of all time. Its the story of the struggle of a boss monster who just wants to rest.

The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide

I possessed a third-rate extra villain character in my favorite game. I have no ambitions and I just want to live a quiet life. But sheesh, this world is a hard place to survive in. I will survive to the ending of this story, in a way the protagonist cannot. I will survive in the way of a third-rate villainous character.

Foreigner on the Periphery

I don’t want to work. Like at all. But I don’t have a choice. On earth where Humans, Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Dragons, and Alien immigrants live, it is an endless repetition of incidents. This is the story of a man that’s had to work in secrecy for 800 years because he’ll die if he doesn’t work.

Demi-Human Sharehouse

The communicative, corporate animal Kei Sato applies to move into a share house in order to make friends with whom he can have casual conversations.The three people there were Chiyuki Himiiyama (Snow Woman), Meme Janome (Medusa) and Melodrama Incuria (Incubus).This was a share house exclusively for subhumans, who were supposed to be invisible to humans…The share house life begins with a lot of difficulties ahead!

Michinoku Ginzan Onsen – Ayakashi Oyado no Wakaokami ni narimashita

Yuka is assigned to work at Hanayuya, an inn in her grandfather's hometown of Ginzan Onsen, Yamagata Prefecture. What awaited her at the Taisho-romantic inn were palm-sized demons. To Yuka's surprise, Keishiro, an employee and messenger of God, tells her the shocking truth. According to Keishiro, the inn has been serving ayakashi for generations. Yuka is also told that she is a descendant of an "ayakashi messenger" and is asked to become the inn's young proprietress...?

Kodoku no Immortal

Google Translated from Japanese to English Would you like to live with me as a dad? That is the world of "Papa Katsu that no one knows"―――― This is the world of "papa katsu" that no one has ever seen. Abandoned by both his wife and daughter, Yukihiko Fujioka, an unsatisfied office worker, meets a super-beautiful female college student, Misuzu, at a papa activity that his colleague has forced him to do. In order to regain her confidence as a man, Yukihiko tries to go on a date with Misuzu in a healthy way, but Misuzu takes her to a hotel town from the first date, and she kisses her like never before. receive. However, Yukihiko, who had a "bug" implanted in his body by kissing it, has a supernatural "abnormal power"! ? Furthermore, he ends up getting involved in a battle between similar "papas"...! ?

Ikiteru Uchi ni Oshitekure

A new frontier drawn by Mr. Niwa of Tokusatsu Gagaga! Fans are only spirits! ? Idol on the edge of the cliff, exorcist started- Since childhood, Misaki Kira has been a loner because of her ability to "see" strange things. When she came to Tokyo to change her life, she was scouted and debuted as an idol! Start your glittering idol life! When you think about it, the only ones who can help you are spirits... Life as an idol doesn't go well, and on the day before he gets fired, he meets a priest with mysterious powers!? An exorcist unit comedy by a precipice idol and a fishy boy!

Seirei Tsukai Elementalors: Chito no Jinshi

The fantasy giant that was a big hit in the 90s is back! The Sword War, which was fought over the supremacy of all things, has ended, and the warrior who was supposed to be dead has been brought back to life. A newly rising power attacks the spirit users who were preparing for the next war! Its true identity is a vampire! A heated battle for the survival of the talented people begins!!!

Tales of A Shinning Sword

"Eun-ho was the strongest in the monster world! Losing the woman he loved and committing murder for her gave him a chance to become human. He passed through the gate of his reincarnation by accumulating merit for a thousand years to abandon his immortal body… When he became human, he took up a sword (劍) first and started learning martial arts (武功). But isn't this too… easy?"

Shadow Eliminators

Kasane are spirits who latch onto the shadows of people's hearts. But as long as Yayoi and Aoba are around, evil spirits won't be hurting any students at the school! Beautiful art and occult action! The door to the unknown has now been opened...
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