Typhoon Relief

The Hitaka brothers who live in different houses but belong to the same high school baseball club. Family, friends, rivals, companions ... His reliever, which looks disjointed, depicts the connection.


Nozomi Komine, who enrolled in the prestigious Ogami Gakuen in order to aim for the NBA, suffered a serious injury immediately after enrolling and was cut off from the player's life. Nine years later, it is informed that his former teammate Okido made his NBA debut in Bokai, who gave up his dream. "If I had to get seriously injured that day," one night with such regrets, Bokai, who had a traffic accident, was shocked by the impact and timely leaped in high school before he was injured! In order to have a dream that he gave up once, Bokai starts walking again with the knowledge of the future as a weapon!

No Scope

Friend versus friend. Grand Master pitted against noob. Self-confident alpha high schooler meets loner who may or may not be a gaming savant capable of defeating everyone he plays. All this and more comes together on the battlefield of PSI BOND – the hottest online game in the world played by the coolest kids in Korea. High speed connections and high school will never be the same again. Amigo contra amigo. Grão-Mestre colocado contra noob. Alfa auto-confiante do ensino médio conhece solitário que pode ou não ser um gênio dos jogos capaz de derrotar todos com quem joga. Tudo isso e mais se junta no campo de batalha de PSI BOND - o jogo online mais popular do mundo jogado pelos garotos mais legais da Coreia. Conexões de alta velocidade e ensino médio nunca mais serão os mesmos.


Rena Takizawa knows everything there is to know about Italian Motorcycles—she owns a repair shop and has a good business dealing with exotic bikes. Susumu Miyagi, a 19 year-old, rents the apartment upstairs. It's cheap, but it's noisy as hell living above a motorcycle shop. But Susumu has the hots for the older Rena, and he will do what he can to help Rena, despite the fact that she knows far more about what she's doing than he does...


"Diego !!" is a story about Alfred Bruno, a man who was allowed to carry the name "Diego", the god of soccer. Ashiya of "Junior" draws the trajectory of an Italian genius player.

Red Blue

Aoba, the hero who has walked the path of the shade. In order to push through the unyielding “feelings”, he will jump into the world of mixed martial arts “MMA”-!!

The God of Pro Wrestling

Junho Kim, he loved pro-wrestling more than anyone but he couldn’t escape the racial standards. After his meaningless retirement, while working as a construction worker, he got caught up in an unexpected accident… And after he opened his eyes, he returned to the day before his WWF entrance exam! “This time, I won’t end as the villain ‘king-fury’ with a 0.7% success rate!” He returned to his 20s body with all the knowledge he’s worked so hard for and information about the future. He will not repeat his history of being ‘jobber’, the expert at losing. He will rewrite the history of pro wrestling together with the wrestler that will take over the era in the future! To ultimately become the god of pro wrestling, an ‘icon’ of the era!

Hitsujigaoka koko yakyubu no kiseki

Misato Shiina, the manager of the baseball club at Hitsujigaoka High School, is a girl full of fighting spirit who played baseball as a player until junior high school. However, the important members and directors are ingrained in losing dog guts. Meanwhile, if you let her transfer student Tachibana, who was watching her practice, hold the bat just for a trial, this is a great talent! In fact, Tachibana was a former fourth batter at the prestigious Koryo Gakuen, but she was fired for some reason ... The author's true essence, spokon youth baseball romance to the muddy smell!

Hachinai S

At a small high school, I went to the baseball club on the verge of discontinuance as soon as I entered school Tomorrow Suzumura who offered to join the club. "In the baseball club ... I have something I want to try." Friends gradually gather in the "big dream" that Tomorrow has set up ... Another youth story that intersects with Arihara Tsubasa. Cinderella Nine in August, the curtain of a new summer rises!

Sinui Sokdo

Yunwoo's been facing off in tournaments with and against his best friend Mir for the past 3 years. Even though he's got twice the experience, at the end of the day, Mir's on the podium and he's not. After a string of losses capped by a bad showing at his final junior high tournament, Yunwoo decides to hang up his saber for good. But he's about to learn that just because he's done with fencing doesn't mean that it's done with him.


Shishi Sakurazaka, a soccer boy in the third year of junior high school who dreams of participating in the official game. Although he is as fast as the track and field club, he is just fluffy no matter how many shots he hits, and he has stopped working for a long time. One day, the only mysterious famous genius gamer I met in an online soccer game discovers the talent hidden in the lion. "I have something I want you to try in the practice of the next club activity." Did you meet God or the devil !? The opening of the next-generation soccer manga where cyber and reality intersect!

Kiss Me, Sugar-kun!

While reciting dialogue from a play in the empty archery clubroom, Satou's naked body is discovered by Yanagawa, the ace of the Archery Club. Suddenly, Satou embraces Yanagawa. The feeling of Satou's white, smooth skin and the shape of his buttocks get stuck in Yanagawa's head. The next day, Yanagawa's archery slump magically ends, and now he feels great. Is this some sort of "good luck charm" where they need to hug each other every day!?

Little Hands

Handball, known as the sport in the sky. In a game where "height" is an overwhelming advantage, Ishino Mikage is no taller than an elementary school student when he joins the handball team at Fuuchou High School! Even so, he is armed with a "heaven and earth" shot given to him by his father, a star athlete. This is the story of Mikage working to achieve his dreams with his friends...!

Subete no Jinrui o Hakai suru. Sorera wa Saisei dekinai.

July 1999, the month the world ends according to Nostradamus. Middle school boy Hajime always scores second place against his elementary school rival, the beautiful girl Sawatari. She didn’t declare him her rival though, after he introduced himself as her rival when she first overtook him in elementary. He is also an avid “Magic: The Gathering” player. While looking for new cards in the neighboring town he finds out that Sawatari plays MTG too, but in secret. She runs away though after recognizing him during a one-on-one card game. The next day he challenges her to a duel, with a special card deck crafted against hers, promising to keep his mouth shut and do anything she says if he loses. One thing leads to another and they finally become friends. Which he recognizes was his original goal in elementary. The title is a play on the Magic: The Gathering card “Wrath of God”s text: “Destroy all creatures. They can’t be regenerated.”

Wind Breaker (Part 3)

Jo Ja-Hyun (Jay) is the student president of Taeyang (Sunny) High. He is not just a smart student but an extreme biker with high techniques. As you follow his bike, you will meet his friends, love, and adventures.
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