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Kang Pado is a boy who accompanies his father on their countryside farm; raising cattle, fruits, and vegetables for a living. At the same time, he is studying at the not-so-nearby high school which, travelled by land, is 10km away. However, Pado’s father unwittingly mentions to him a shortcut using the river, shortening the distance to only 3km. Being an obedient kid, he takes his father’s advice and swims every day back and forth to the school whenever he has classes. However, circumstances occur when, due to a lack of students in their high school, the administration shuts it down, leaving Kang Pado no choice but to go to Seoul, where his sister lives. There he will continue his high school studies and deal with what Seoul High School Life has to offer!

The Tomato Can

Elijah Zelenoff dreams of making it into the #1 Mixed Martial Arts promotion Pankration F.C. and becoming the world champ. The only problem is that he absolutely sucks. To others, Elijah's known as a Tomato Can--a stepping stone for up-and-coming fighters with better records. Elijah's goals seem unattainable until he's offered the chance to compete in an MMA reality show against 14 other fighters by the president of Pankration himself, Joesph "J.J." Jericho. The winner will earn fame, glory, and a seven-figure contract. Does Elijah have what it takes to become the champ?

B & Alive

At the onset of his fourteenth winter, he shone with brilliance! Teru Niiyama, the central character, was a brilliant basketball prodigy in junior high. But when Teru suffers an unforeseen injury during a game, can he recover his lost glory? Will he set his sights on Inter-High and aim to be the best? This is a thrilling coming-of-age story about high school basketball, bursting with frustration, rebirth, and triumph.

Drawing Romance

Chan-woo finds it difficult talking to Sul-hee, who seems to be always angry about something. However, what he says to her actually makes her heartbeat like crazy! A sweet, romantic story of a young couple's first love!

Kanojo no Sore ni Yarareteru

A gloomy boy suddenly getting close with the popular track and field club ace?! A short comedy about invading someone else's spot to skip class is about to begin!!

Taka no Shishou, Kari no Ojikan desu!

Aiming for unity of man and hawk! Living with a goshawk "master", hunting and tasting the prey. A four-panel essay on falconry that teaches the traditions of falconry and nature. Its partner falcon "Donko", his hound Mira and a variety of wild birds! Meet lots of animals!

Winning Shot!

Ahn Shiyun is a pitcher who doesn’t mind his team losing streak, as long as he can play baseball. After continuing his dream in middle school, his life begins to change when he meets Baek Tae-Oh, a catcher of the opposing team. This is the story of amazing people who can throw powerful winning shots at the top of high school baseball's elite!


The Genius Fighter Jason Kim. However his winning streak ends with an accident during match, and he couldn’t use his left arm anymore. After defeat, he quit the pro scene and returned to hometown, but the life is just hard to live quietly for such fighter.

Green Boy: Shouting to You

Jae-in is an irrepressible girl who aims to be a champion, and Tae-jin is the innocent boy who loves her. This is the story of their challenges on the road to the championships, and an unlikely summer-time love.

Vanguard of Fencing

After attaining the title of fencing champion at the Olympics, Chris died in a car accident. At the funeral, Lin Yifei found out about the feelings Chris had never revealed before. As Lin Yifei realizes the regrets Chris had before he died, he unexpectedly returned back to his childhood?! Since he had the chance to relive his life, Lin Yifei chose to accompany Chris on his journey to attaining that prestigious throne once again!

Cruyff-ism of the Evening Sky

"Let's make this the most beautiful defeat ever!" Every year, the private high school Kido Academy's soccer club is just "one step away." The fall of their second year, while starting up the new team, their coach suddenly gets pulled away by another school! And on top of that, the finishing blow for the greatly damaged club members, a new coach appears…!?


"It's okay. It'll be okay." On November 8th, Shinwoo, who is holding on to life by a thread, is saved by Han's warm words. Afterwards, Han pursues Shinwoo, and the two quickly become close. However... "You get tired of toys you've played with for a while." For reasons unknown, the two grow apart, and just like that, 13 years pass. The two meet again as members of society, but for some reason, Han doesn't even remember Shinwoo... "Who is he?" Slowly, Han remembers what happened with Shinwoo, realizes all of his habits are related to him, and figures out why he forgot him. "I only realized it today, but I think I like you a lot." He tries expressing his affection for Shinwoo in earnest, but the wary Shinwoo does not open his heart easily. Han, worried about Shinwoo's overly pessimistic attitude, learns about Shinwoo's past- which he hadn't even cared about before... Can their clock start again?

Superhuman Battlefield

Seo MoonYeob was the world’s greatest superhuman, who sacrificed himself after saving humanity. Thought to have been dead, he returns 17 years later to a now-peaceful world, and the superhuman sport faces seismic change. The story of a modern-fantasy sports-action starts now!
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