The CEO Is an Idol Stan

A foolish CEO who didn't want to work, come experience an idol stan's foolish daily life

You Too

Two childhood friends meet again as roommates at university.

My Boss Is A Goddess

In this world, there are many special, unique, and glamorous people. However, there are those who play a supporting role in these relationship dynamics. Lin Mu was one such character, where he played the role of a wallflower.

Straight or Not

He is a sunny, hilarious, positive and obscure actor. He is a composed, generous and graceful general manager. Because of a strange request, they began a long journey of attracting each other. What should they do? Nonsense, of course becoming lovers.

Voice of Love

After experiencing a traumatic incident involving a previous lover, Jiho is too afraid to tell his classmate Soohan that he likes him. Thankfully, Soohan can hear otherpeople's thoughts and asks him out first. But, as we all know, love isn't always that easy. Will Jiho and Soohan really get their happily ever after?

Antidote (Wu Zhe)

A good-for-nothing young master without a single redeeming feature is driven out of his house by his family with nothing but the clothes he has on. A street thug with a dark childhood who is plagued with a mental illness. A fight at the dumpster started a no discord, no concord* destiny between Cheng Ke, the young master who has an extreme disability in living and taking care of himself, and Jiang Yudou, the guy who loves using brute force without reason. Ever since then, they became the only redemption in each other’s dark life. You’re my antidote, and I’ll take you when I’m sick. (*Note: No discord, no concord is a chinese proverb that means if there is no fighting, there can be no friendship made.)

Sora's Eyes

When Jeongha, the temperamental young son of a wealthy businessman was suddenly stricken down with a mysterious illness, his father scrambled to look for a cure. But the debilitating affliction persisted. Desperate and out of option, the father sought out help from a temple up on a misty mountain to save the life of his only son. As he stood waiting at the foot of the mountain for the temple people, he was approached by a village elderly man. The man told him that if the problem was small, he would be met by young temple people. If the problem was average, he would be met by middle aged people. And if the problem was grave, he would be met by elderly people, in which case he would need to prepare his heart for the worst. But on the rare occasion where a child came down to meet him, he would have to beg for his child’s life as if his own life depended on it. As the elderly man was leaving, the temple people arrived. Who came down from the temple to find the father?

Hope You've Been Well

Ten years ago, the frustrated Gu Zhuoyan met Zhuang Fanxin, a bright ray of sunshine. Zhuoyan was healed, and Fanxin was moved- but their mutual interest ended due to the distance between them. Ten years later, Gu Zhuoyan finds himself on a blind date with the one that got away. All the feelings he had long sealed away in the depths of his heart awake once again, but how will he win back the heart of his old flame?

Best Actors Life: Take-Two

The Golden Horse Award winner for best actor, Yuan Mu, was murdered but his soul was trapped in a young and handsome body. The place of rebirth unexpectedly is the bed of his enemy, Huo Yi! And Huo Yi is his breadwinner?! While dealing with this fickle breadwinner, he is also trying to take down the man who killed him. Spending time with Huo Yi, Yuan Mu seems to have gradually fallen in love with the man he once hated the most?

I'll wait for you in 1999

I want to protect you forever... Because you and I have no other loved ones in this world. The coming-of-age story of two orphans who become best friends.

Cinema Next Door

The walls are thin, and it's hard not to know what your neighbor is up to, especially when they cry loudly every time they watch a movie.

Body of Crime

“Who am I?" Death is just a new beginning. When Xie Lanshan returned to the police force after his undercover mission, another memory in his body gradually woke up and swam along the tip of a knife. What kind of sparks will happen when the elegant yuppie front-line criminal police meets the cold and mysterious analog portrait expert? Meeting each other is no accident, and it takes you step by step into the dark.

I'll Get My Deskmate to Hit You

The poor little top-scorer was bullied, so he transferred from a high-ranked high school to an ordinary one. Class teacher: Zhan Ming, look at the score you got! Zhan Ming: I'll ask my deskmate to teach me. Former classmate: Gu Qinan, don't think we can't find you just because you transferred. Gu Qinan: I'll tell get my deskmate to hit you.

Swing Baby

Baby can’t get promoted. He’s been languishing as the most junior member of his team for years. When he gets a new boss, he’ll do anything to suck up to him and get noticed. But this new boss is awfully sweet and charming, and somehow, he even perfectly matches the love interest of the dating sim Baby’s playing...! If Baby can play the game right, he may just win both his way up the corporate ladder and into his boss’s heart!

The Way to Appeal to the Devil

Li Fei, who had to come out to "work" because his mother was seriously ill, was somehow caught up with a super rich boss. Not only was he asked to help the boss with work, but also to accompany him to eat and play? Then, Li Fei discovers that the true identity of his boss is the Devil himself...

Untouchable (Wen Yangdao)

A bad boy on the surface, a good kid on the inside; A bully on the surface, but a mischievous little devil on the inside. Two teenagers with different lives and different personalities develop a wonderful friendship by sheer chance. How will they make it last? "Untouchable" is here to answer that! 触不可及
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