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Antidote (Wu Zhe)

Status: Publishing
Published: ?
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Genres: Drama, Shounen Ai
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Antidote (Wu Zhe) summary:
A good-for-nothing young master without a single redeeming feature is driven out of his house by his family with nothing but the clothes he has on. A street thug with a dark childhood who is plagued with a mental illness. A fight at the dumpster started a no discord, no concord* destiny between Cheng Ke, the young master who has an extreme disability in living and taking care of himself, and Jiang Yudou, the guy who loves using brute force without reason. Ever since then, they became the only redemption in each other’s dark life. You’re my antidote, and I’ll take you when I’m sick. (*Note: No discord, no concord is a chinese proverb that means if there is no fighting, there can be no friendship made.)