It's Not As If I Wanted to Dress Like a Woman

For a tripled salary, Lin Zicheng, a straight man put on a woman's dress to go to work. He just did not expect Gu Fang, a CEO who never liked women would fall in love at first sight with his cross-dressed self! Wasn't it rumored that the chief's orientation is questionable, since he never approached women? "Where's your modesty, chief?!"

Starts From Baby

Kim Jun, an adult man who strongly dislikes kids, is contacted by his unrequited love, Min Ji-Hwan Ji-Hwan asks him to move in together to raise his baby nephew, and Jun accepts to stay close to him Jun has to adapt to his new role as a parent and overcome his past trauma to win Ji-Wan's love

Don’t Ignore Me

In a certain city there are such two school tyrants: One: not sociable, no early love, addicted to studying and progressively more withdrawn. The other: My partner must be dedicated, adorable and obedient. A certain day, these two school tyrants met. Jiang Yao: This brat, don’t know what’s good for you. Jiang Yao: This brat is actually quite cute. Jiang Yao: Brat... Yin Che: Get lost. Sunshine Big Bad Wolf vs Lonely Little Bunny Jiang Yao X Yin Che Don't Ignore Me Lǐ Wǒ Yī Xià Paying Attention to Me All at Once 理我一下

From the Serpent’s Eyes

The snake spirit Yi Mo and a scholar Shen Qingxuan met each other over a cup of tea. After Shen finally left with regret, Yi Mo realized that he counldn't live without him, so he pursued Shen in his next lifetime… Can a mortal and a snake spirit fall into a romantic relationship? 遇蛇 / 蛇遇伝 / 뱀을 만나다 / Aux côtés de l’esprit serpent / Seek For Three Lifetimes

Trapping the Foxy Doctor

Zhi Banyi has a secret. His heart only beats faster when he listens to a streamer called "Dust Under the Light" speak... So, Zhi Banyi decided to go see a psychiatrist. He never could have imagined that his psychiatrist would be the "female" streamer that made his heart beat every night! Tào Zhù Húlí Yīshēng Voice of the Heart 套住狐狸医生

The Werewolf Hunter

The Origins of "The Hunter"! The master of the diseased, clean and obsessive blood clan X is a cruel and powerful werewolf servant. Eno Azeril is a wayward and clean blood clan. He signed a master and servant contract with a werewolf on a whim. Ordering him to do things for fun, but I didn’t expect... I ordered, but the situation was a little bit wrong. "Wait! I didn't let you do this! "Master, please rest assured, I will make you satisfied." Dances With Wolves Shou Shou Bu Qin Zhi Yin Lang Ru Shi Shòu Shòu Bù Qīn Zhī Yǐn Láng Rù Shì Zero Hunting to Trap a Wolf Zero Hunting: Inviting a Wolf Into the House Zero Hunting: Leading the Wolf Into the House 危険な関係 狩受不亲之引狼入室

You Are My Sunshine

It’s was because of Xie Shiye, Fu Zhao even entered the showbiz. It's because of Fu Zhao that he tried to become popular. It’s his dream to be like Fu Zhao, Fu Zhao is his light. In the end, he became popular. But suddenly Fu Zhao left?? Xie Shiye wasn’t fond of inappropriate use of language. Agent: "Are the rumors and gossip true, do you hate the actor?" Xie Shiye gritted his teeth: "That correct, I hate him to death. He doesn’t have me, I don’t have him!” However... when it was night, when Xie was alone, Xie shiye opened a folder full of Fu Zhao's videos…….. (Sorry if the descriptions a bit confusing) 窥光 / Peek into the light / Peep Light / Peeping Light / Peeking light

Boarding House Number 5

“Come on in! It’s your first time at a boarding house, right?” The unemployed Sulwon has taken over his parents’ boarding house so they could return to their hometown to farm. A story about life with boarding house tenants of all kinds!

Rainbow Amber

Because of his work as a banker, Zheng Yu An met Yan Shu Wang, the CFO of a partner company. In the process of talking about cooperation, Zheng Yu An slowly developed a good impression of Yan Shu Wang under the CFO's teasing. Zheng Yu An didn't know that, not only Shu Wang had deliberately flirted with him, but he also carefully planned it... Affectionate and patient/Long-haired beauty/CFO Yan Shu Wang (Gong) X Gentle/Charming/Bank Corporate Department Director Zheng Yu An (Shou)

Social Temperature

Song Yuan Xun is a homophobe with a cold personality. He matched with Fang Zhao Mu on a dating app, but he absolutely detests him. He discovers that Fang Zhao Mu is more clingy than he thought!

The Bite of A Wolf

New and budding actor, Yu Nian, never imagined that his idol, the top actor in the industry, would one day walk down the red carpet with him. This single event then stirs the scandal of the century. However, that's not all. Yu Nian finds out an even more baffling secret. A-list actor, Xie Youjun, turns into a wolf during a full moon. Besides that, this stunning star even ends up biting him and tells him that he has the smell of an Omega. Out of the blue, Yu Nian finds himself taking a step into the mysterious Omegaverse. The Bite of A Wolf (Official) / Alpha Omega-Beta / Gebissen vom Wolf / Je suis mordu par un loup-garou / Lang Lang Shang Kou / Láng Láng Shàng Kǒu / 月夜の狼 / 狼狼上口 / The Wolf Wants To Bite My Neck

There's a Problem With His Persona

The top, a talented author doomed to be single forever and an expert in the arts of switching between personalities x the bottom, an inspiring actor with a hint of crackbrained-ness amidst his handsome look. Gu Lizhou, a legendary author with works renowned all across the country, got set up and ended up becoming the target of the entire internet's mockery. Zhong Weishi, a stuntman that has been making a living on the outskirts of the entertainment industry, acting roles like palace servants with less than ten seconds of total screen time. Due to an accident, the two met. The first time they saw each other, Zhong Weishi believed the other was a boytoy who lived off the providing of a wealthy older woman, while Gu Lizhou thought that Zhong Weishi was an escapee from the asylum. Essentially, there's a problem with his persona... After some time, Zhong Weishi, "... Then can you talk to me in the tone of the characters from your novel? I want the voice of the male protagonist who's overbearing but gentle, powerful, yet sweet!" Gu Lizhou, "Then can you be as wild in person as you are on television?" Screen reader support enabled.

The Tiger King's Diary

The king of the tiger spirits picked up a cute, wimpy “devoured ghost” while patrolling the mountain… Hey, stop crying! What if… I provided for you?! [Villainous tiger king x dumb, but cute devoured ghost]

Bittersweet Martini

Before starting work, Jiao Yang, a straight sales intern, discovered that the flirty guy he rejected at a bar a while ago would be his own boss --- famous screenwriter Liyuan Xiao! He navigates this deep river of love with his good friends, and discovers that love is like alcohol, which is actually bittersweet.

Merry Marbling

When he was young, Lee-ahn found and returned a large bag of money and garnered fame as a "Christmas Angel." Since then, Lee-ahn has been very conscious of how others perceive him. Yugeon, who has just moved into Lee-ahn's building, could care less about the gazes of people around him. He acts out at school and even ditches classes. When she learns of Yugeon's arrival, Lee-ahn's mother hopes that he will take care of the outsider for the sake of his reputation. Reluctantly, Lee-ahn obeys his mother. However, Yugeon realizes that Lee-ahn used him for his own image. When Yugeon threatens to tell Lee-ahn's schoolmates about it, Lee-ahn gets defensive... "I don't care if you tell them. Just know, whatever happens next is not my responsibility." I was just going to end things with no regrets... Just wait! Do whatever you want!! Like a beautiful marbling that doesn't mix with water, these two create a beautiful dissonance.

Fire Without Flames

Ling Zhuo is a popular idol. He is good-looking and has a strong business ability. His debut on the show went smoothly, until he was pushed into shooting a movie by his agent and met Lu Chixie; the sickening but charming demon king. The Great Demon approached him forcefully, snatched Ling Zhuo from people's cupid arrows, hooked Ling Zhuo into his territory step by step, made the ground a prison, and posted a blog to announce to the world: "This man, mine" 暗火 / Àn Huǒ / Fire of Darkness
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