I'm Being Shipped With the King of Film!

(Note: CP = Character Pairing) Whaaa?! The demon spirit management just arranged a husband for me again?! This time, the guy's a movie god! OMG~ I'm only a recently matured small fox. Arranging such an old demon to me, what am I to do~

Woman's Best Friend

There's a crazy dog at Sungwoon Publishing Company. It has an expressionless face, a monotone voice, cold and dark eyes, and a difficult personality. Its name is Woojoon Seo. But is this man really crazy? Taeryung is exhausted from love, work, and even her her own family. To the tired Taeryung, Woojoon's gentle and tender actions seem more like of a loveable pet than of a crazy dog. She doesn't know what to make of him! At times, he seems like a loyal doberman and others, a cute maltese. What's a girl to do?

Don't Fall in Love with Mugi-kun

Yui is a 28-year-old office worker who has just moved into a share house after a break-up. There, she meets a 19-year-old boy who is a member of a band...?! What kind of turn can this love that they can't tell anyone take?

The Naive Mr. Lu

Disguised as a man, Lu Dingning picks up a bunch of girls with her gentleman index all on max and her prince charming smile leveled up! Women are constantly surrounding her and men are getting mercilessly bent in her presence. Life motto: As long as the hoe is dancing well, there's not a single boyfriend she can't steal! Zong Jize, king of the city, treats her as his brother but ends up pushing her onto the bed. Lu Yining says furiously, “Master Zong, I treated you as my brother but instead you sick bastard just wanted to sleep with me!”

My Unexpected Marriage

Laritte Brumayer, the illegitimate daughter of a count grew up in an abusive household. As if that wasn't enough, she's sent to marry Duke Ian Reinhardt after he was killed and named a traitor, instead of her sister. Despite her dreary prospects of being a dead man's wife, Laritte is ecstatic to escape and start her new life! Just as she's settling in, Ian returns, claiming he was framed. Though wary of him at first, she agrees to help clear his name, oblivious to the hardships that lie ahead...

I Must Be the Empress

The infamous murderer, ‘female devil’ Xia Zhi is tied to the full-time empress system. She traverses three thousand small worlds, subdues scumbags, flirts with men and fights for the position of empress! To wash away the sin of murder and resurrect, she prevents all kinds of poisonous women from becoming the empress and ruining their empire…

You Loved Me First

Lie down and undo your underwear." The cool man's voice fell on her ears. As a famous star, Zuo Yuzu came to the hospital for a breast examination, but met the boy she had a crush on when she was young. After the examination, she pretended not to recognize him and asked: "Doctor, what is your name? Leave your contact information, I'll contact you if anything happens." Dr. Xi then looked up and looked at her with extremely raised eyebrows: "Miss Zuo, when you were in high school, don't you remember who you wrote a hundred and twenty love letters to?"

Last Summer Vacation

"I ended up seeing that girl in my class who didn't want to be seen by anyone"—The bright and cute Mizuki who selflessly takes care of her sick mother—Seemingly the perfect “good girl” in every respect. But what about Umino, who saw a girl like that in a way she absolutely should not have? What is arriving at the end of escaping from reality? This is sure to be a road trip story about sad girls

Blue Night, Ronde of Ecstasy

Kang Seoyoon, a normal office worker, falls asleep in the performance hall of the pianist Ahn Heewon. Being the only left in that concert hall, she witnesses Heewon abetting a murder incident and performing the piano in a puddle of blood…? “So to die or be consumed. Make the choice, my dear Seoyoon.”

I'm Into You

A compilation of romance short stories that happened among people who have resonance in love.
Total: 570 stories
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