Secret Lady

I, Yoon Seol-woo, a young woman with the ability to see ghosts, was reincarnated as Rosantine, the eldest daughter of a noble ducal house in a world were witchcraft is considered dangerous. I managed to fake not being able to see ghosts somehow but then... "Leave my sister's body this instant!", I cried out to the evil spirit who's possessed my one and only beloved little sister. Only the death penalty awaits me if my ability were to be discovered. Then, there's only one way... "You're planning to kill Prince Chartus, right?" I will save the Empire's second prince, Prince Chartus with this ability! "I'll bet my life on Your Highness."

My Mom Entered a Contract Marriage

Lyrica is a hardworking 8-year-old girl who has always used her vivid imagination to escape the harsh realities of living in the slums with her neglectful mother. After her mother has a premonition of a disastrous future, she snaps to her senses and devises a plan to provide a different life for Lyrica. But even Lyrica couldn't have imagined that the plan was to marry the emperor! Now that she has everything she could ever dream of, can Lyrica face reality in spite of her wild imagination

The Secret Bedroom of the Forsaken Princess

Princess Llewelyn, who was once an outstanding but now miserably abandoned. Her ugly curse is placed upon her, and no one protects her. It is a curse which makes her lust for men. In order to stop her curse, Llewelyn opens her bedroom in the end... Four men are entangled with the abandoned princess. Her childhood friend Armandite, who returned as a hero of the Holy Sword; Commander Tristan, who is as blunt as a rock, but somehow wanders around her; beautiful but somehow twisted, Holy Priest Ernel; and, watching her, ‘someone.’ Will the truth of the curse be revealed? And who will be the man who will end up with her?

Patchwork Future

From the creator of ReLIFE, YayoiSo, comes a long-awaited new series overflowing with love and sadness. The story is about three childhood friends - Haruta, Izumi, and Ichika - who were all seriously injured while trespassing into a scrapyard. Twelve years later, after being in the same school and class since kindergarten, they are now working together in the same company and department. The manga follows their miraculous recovery and bond, as well as the tender lies and hidden secrets.

My Cute Beast!

As the saying goes - never judge a book by its cover. Da-im is a lovely elementary school teacher, as well as a savage who can rip anyone apart with the fiercest comebacks. On-gyum is a florist with a heart of gold, who often gets misunderstood because of his intimidating looks. But as incompatible as they seem, their shared love of cats starts pulling the unlikely pair closer together... Here comes an upbeat romantic comedy between a sassy bunny and a sweet beast!

Nemu-chan Won't Let Me Sleep!

The succubus' target was a second grader!? So begins a seductive comedy with a clumsy succubus and a mature grade schooler!

The Taming of the Tyrant

All Charlize Ronan ever wanted was to bring honor to her family. But instead, she is forced into becoming a “living sword” — a mere tool for the emperors. It is from this hell that she prays for justice...and awakens in her former body. Now, determined to tear down this horrible empire, Charlize seeks out the young prince, Dylan Blade. She will put him on the throne, not as an honorable ruler, but as a tyrant. It is time for Charlize to tame the one who will bring forth her revenge.

Her, Who I Yearn For

Dream chaser Nuo En accidentally bumped into the queen of fashion Jun Ling one day, and since then accidentally interlocked their fates. Two individuals from completely different backgrounds began living together after that. However, conspiracy after conspiracy slowly unveil themselves over time; will timid Nuo En alone be enough to save Jun Ling's heart from freezing forever?

Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom

Fairytale stepmothers are notoriously wicked. But after a children’s clothing designer is reborn as young Princess Blanche’s stepmom, she’s determined to break the mold and shower her daughter with love. Now she just has to convince the girl’s cold-hearted father to do the same. In her quest to make a happier home for Blanche, Abigail begins to uncover secrets and schemes within the palace. Will devious forces tear the Freidkins apart, or can Abigail stitch them back into a family?

My Harem Is Entirely Female Demon Villains

Adapted from the novel [After Being Proposed To By The Villain]. A human being from another world, crossed over as a hero… into the bed of the female demon villain?! If I hadn’t established marriage contracts with all the villains in the game before crossing over into its word, I’d be a dead man. Now the villains are pestering me, making me assist them in dominating the world, contending for my hand in marriage, what should I do?! Stuck in the game… emergency!!!

Please Show Up!

One day, Kim Jiyong, an ordinary student, dreams of Jung Jihye and falls in love with her at first sight. But when he tries to find her... it turns out that the woman committed suicide 2 years ago?! The romantic story of Jiyong who wants to return Jihye's life, Please Show Up!

The Tainted Half

Two brothers. One concubine. Seolha’s face was disfigured by her mother, who sought to deny the emperor his prize: the most beautiful concubine in the world. Now forced to endure a lifetime of abuse, Seolha can only pin her hopes on Muon, the emperor’s twin brother. But is he really someone she can trust?

The Saint's Belated Happiness: Newly Single, Now Living with the Demon Prince

“Huh? You’re already 27 years old”. The Saint Marialight’s engagement with the crown prince was called off because of her age! Due to various circumstances, the level-headed Marialight acknowledges and returns to her hometown. She encounters a child raised in secret…? What's more, after growing up in a short amount of time, he falls for Marialight, and wants to take her back to his own country! A romantic fantasy story about a level-headed saint who gets dumped for being in her late twenties and ends up living with the demon prince instead! The adored fantasy’s long awaited serialization!

His Majesty's Secret Heroine

Yeon Lokheun is a girl who grows up living as a boy learning martial and spiritual arts. She heads for the palace in order to clear the name of her father, a wanted criminal, where she meets the young Emperor Garyun. He promises to save her father's life in exchange for her lifelong services. After gaining Garyun's trust, she travels the world solving supernatural-like problems that arise in place of the Emperor. But how long can she continue this life without the others finding out that she is actually a woman?
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