As If Love Doesn't Exist

Siyeon had the rug pulled out from under her when she realized that everything in her life was a lie—her parents are not her real parents, her fiance not really her fiance, and her cousin Eunhye is actually the birth daughter of this household. Siyeon is resigned to her misfortunes until Eunhye reveals to Siyeon that all of this was planned and orchestrated. Swallowing her tears of anguish, Siyeon makes a fateful wish that brings her 10 years into the past where she may be able to change everything...or can she?

It Seems That My Fiancée Is Cheating on Me, but Does That Mean I'm a Popular Villainess?

The marquess’ eldest daughter, Rose Adeel, admires her fiancée, her third prince, Licht, and has worked hard to become a suitable princess for him, but she witnesses the moment Lihit falls in love with her other girl. While Rose is deeply hurt, she realizes that her current position is exactly that of a fashionable “villainess noble girl”. “The only thing I can do to support Licht-sama, who I love so much, is to stand in her way as a villainess and ignite their love…!?” . It was Licht’s older brother, Richard, who reached out to her…! Will Rose be able to become “the greatest villainess ever”!? ?

Zense Seijo datta Watashi wa Kusushi ni narimashita

A thousand years ago, a saint who saved many lives lost her own life in return. She is now a legendary great saint.Alasia was reborn with her memory and power, she regrets her previous life, where her power and the number of people she could help were limited. In this life, she hid her status as a saint and became a court apothecary in order to create a panacea that could save even more lives. She was recognized by the two princes and was living a fulfilling life, but one day, another saint was born...? I want to be fulfilled in both work and love, which I couldn't do in my previous life!

Mieru Reijou to Tsukare Yasui Koushaku

This serial novel remains unfinishedOver a yearIt has not been updated during this time.It is highly likely that the next episode will not be posted in the future. Please accept this in advance.

Michinoku Ginzan Onsen – Ayakashi Oyado no Wakaokami ni narimashita

Yuka is assigned to work at Hanayuya, an inn in her grandfather's hometown of Ginzan Onsen, Yamagata Prefecture. What awaited her at the Taisho-romantic inn were palm-sized demons. To Yuka's surprise, Keishiro, an employee and messenger of God, tells her the shocking truth. According to Keishiro, the inn has been serving ayakashi for generations. Yuka is also told that she is a descendant of an "ayakashi messenger" and is asked to become the inn's young proprietress...?

My 8th Loop Happy Life ~ With My 7th Loop Experience and [Appraisal] of the 3rd Princess, and My Partner Behemoth, I’m Peerless

At the age of 15, he started a party with his friends, and one day when he was 18, he lost his life protecting his friends. Remil, a boy from a knightly family, has met the same ending six times in his looping life. Then, on the 7th time, he is abandoned by the friends he has trusted and dies... Next time, Remil decides to change the tragic outcome and get back at the friends he betrayed. The third princess, Ciel, who has an "appraisal eye" appears, and her eight lives begin to take a big turn...! An exhilarating heroic tale from another world about a man who has been betrayed seven times! !

For My Adorable Fiance's Sake

The world, it seems like it is that of the Otome game "Welcome Princess", but there's something off!? Elliot, the eldest son of a Marquis family and one of the targets you can go after is an insanely handsome young man, both cool and wicked, master of both pen and sword. His only weakness (?) is that he is "hopelessly in love with his (the villainess?) fiance Francine!" The story of Elliot and how he began drowning in love for his fiance at the age of 7 starts here.

Akuyaku Reijou Cinderella – Kishi Danchou no Kyun ga Hageshi sugite Uketome Kiremasenwa!

When she is reincarnated in another world, she finds herself in the middle of a decisive event in an Otome game. She's just an ordinary girl on the inside, but because she was reincarnated as "Elvira, the rare villainess", no matter what she does, she'll always be hated and her life will go on Finally, as the game unfolded, she was condemned for a false accusation she didn't remember, and she was ready to say goodbye to her peaceful life ....... I've been watching you all along. The king's most trusted and brave knight, Gareth, suddenly proposed to me!  I had always thought he was someone who watched my every move with a scary face, but now he gazes at me with hot eyes and courts me. ...... Gareth is not the rare villainess who is shunned and feared by everyone around her, he has noticed the real me⁉ Aim for it! I'm going to be a villainess again! From today onwards, as the beloved wife, it's the beginning of the continuation of my Cinderella story!

Elite Jieikan ni Dekiaisareteru… Rashii desu?

Nagiko's long-term boyfriend also dumped her on the day her employer went bankrupt. As he ponders what to do with his life, he meets his childhood friend Kohei Samekawa for the first time in several years. And while we were talking about what was going on, he suddenly proposed to me!? We started our newlywed life in confusion, but once we became husband and wife, our bodies and souls were melted by the overflowing passion... -? The long-awaited comic version of the heart-pounding newlywed story!

The Dragon King’s Imperial Wrath: Falling in Love With the Bookish Princess of the Rat Clan

Princess Ruiying of the Rat Clan, the weakest of the thirteen animal clans, was summoned to the palace of the Dragon Clan, as the Dragon King sought a bride. But instead of competing with the other princesses, her goal is to check out the dragon palace’s library, the largest in the world. Seven days after arriving, Ruying was reading alone in the library when she was caught by a handsome man of the Dragon Clan. He suddenly kisses her and says, “I’ve finally found you,” and her future is about to change forever.

From a Fake Daughter to a Loved Doctor

Maria, the daughter of a count, was approached with a marriage proposal, but decided to fake her death and escape to a monastery. The reason being that she was a fake daughter who had no blood relation with the Count. She got onto her carriage with haste, but she passed through the glass forest where mythical beasts lived. She ended up in quite the difficult situation as she was suddenly taken away by a giant hamster, which was in fact a mythical beast. That was when the neighboring country’s prince appeared. Not only did he save her, he also prepared a place for her to work as a doctor which had been her dream. Regardless of whether or not there were any hidden intentions involved, Maria appreciated it. This is a love comedy about a girl who somehow got entangled with a mythical beast.

Insanely Radiant

Radiana didn't want to die. Offered as a sacrifice to the sun prince in place of her scheming halfsister, she decided to do whatever it takes to survive... but never dreamed it would be in the bed of the sun prince! Oratio is sick and tired of receiving human sacrifices. A disillusioned sun prince with the ability to read minds, Oratio involuntarily rescues Radiana from the burning altar...and is shocked to see that she can meet his eyes without bursting into flames. His interest piqued, Oratio offers to let Radiana live... by spending a passionate night in his arms, but Radiana would rather die than go to his bed willingly. Unbeknownst to them, however, there are forces that will stop at nothing to break them apart. Will Oratio and Radiana realize they're meant to be together... before their enemies come to break them apart?

Empress of Hell’s Mission Guide

Qin NianNian, the SSSSS-level Queen of Mercenaries, became the ruler of the underworld after her death— The Empress of Hell! She is highly intelligent, callous, and cruel in her methods. With her adorable pet, TangYuan, she transmigrates into thousands upon thousands of worlds and switches on her ‘punishing scums’ mode!

The Abandoned Baroness Is One of the Black Knights Favorites

Sophia Lenish, the Baron’s daughter, was eventually kicked out of her home after the Countess abandoned her engagement. When I woke up in the forest where I was tired of walking, crying and sleeping, I had nowhere to go … Did she have a sword at her throat!? “You should live by my side.” “But I… will just be a burden.” This is the magic knight, Marquis Gilbert Forster, called “Black Knight” and Sophia was picked up by him. A story of sweet and sweet love that takes back what you lost!

Empress Mother

The tyrant Xi Wuji always thought that his pampered queen treated him affectionately, like a delicate little lotus flower. He thought she loved him, but on the day of his death, he opened his eyes. As a result of his death, she took charge of the government and had many lovers, and lived in debauchery. But he became her favourite lover again in this new life!?


"He", a police officer on his shift, happened to meet "her" on the streets, by chance. Through its bold, yet delicate brushwork and elegant prose, this stylish, full-colour comic illustrates the subtle air of intimacy between these two individuals.
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