Wild Strawberry

Plants have evolved. They can now feed on humans and become terrible monsters known as Jinka. Kingo and Kayano do their best to survive in a Tokyo overrun by plants, but when Kayano becomes a Jinka, Kingo will do anything he can to get her back!

Tokyo Murder School

Ayato, a boy who spent his childhood being raised by an overseas terrorist organization, is troubled by the fear of his own power and his own worth. The school that came to scout him is... "Murder School". A vivid dark action that fights the good and evil of life with the words "There is a life that can be saved by killing"! Re: imboss

Kaminagashijima: Reincarnation of the Shrine Maiden

Survive, Girls---!! High-school student Amane Miko is a famous miko in her hometown. One day, she gets involved in a strange traffic accident and finds herself waking up in a world filled with grotesque looking monsters roaming around...!! The constant fear of those monsters attacking!! However, to solve the mysteries of this world, Miko advances through this world of despair. Cooperating with the other surviving girls to escape this solitary island in the distant sea in this Panic Horror Action!

My Roommate Isn't From This World

The young man’s new apartment is haunted, but as it turns out, even the dead have their own personal shortcomings… issues of the flesh included.For the dead have lingering desires, and are more susceptible to the world of the living than what one may think. There’s anger, there’s hate, there’s curiosity… and there’s love too.Here he finds a ghastly girl who observes him quietly, certainly desiring something…(No wonder the rent is cheap!)

Poison Poison Forest Forest

In the deep, deep forest. Tamagotake, a mushroom fairy who has been left alone in the world after her parents were killed, is chasing after the culprit, Tsukiyotake, to take revenge on him. In the Sea of Trees, where life and death intersect, can the young Tamago take revenge on the hated Tsukiyo? An unprecedented mushroom suspense begins

My Girlfriend Gives Me Goosebumps!

Meet Haruka Kawatsuji, a young boy who miraculously survived a fall from his apartment's balcony as a child. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts to find that same thrill in sports and horror movies, he's never quite managed to feel as alive since. However, that may all be about to change in a fateful encounter with one very eccentric girl!


Since childhood, Bak-ha has been able to see "things" that others can't. On the first day at his new school, Bak-ha meets Jindo, and due to the sickeningly sweet smell Bak-ha has, Jindo notices he is different, just like himself. As they get closer, Bak-ha finds out that he was the moonchild, the mythical creature who ruled the spirits in the past, and realizes that this is why the ghosts and demons are after him.

All Purpose Apocalyptic Upgrade System

In a world overrun by zombies, survival is difficult, but I suddenly gained an all-purpose apocalyptic upgrade system. What is this?! By killing the zombie and completing tasks, you can earn upgrade points that can be used to upgrade anything. With this, I no longer fear material scarcity, I just have to keep upgrading. From fruit cores to trees that last for millennia, from wild fields to super farms, from broken guns to plasma explosive weapons, from peas to super zombie-killers, and from paper airplanes to F22s. With this system, a single person is equivalent to a whole city! [Phantom – Blackout Scans]

Gangho Apocalypse

Shigure has appeared in Kangho! And destroyed Kangho! This is the story of the people who survived the disaster. Cheongsu, a disciple of the Volcano sect, who had been hiding his abilities. For some reason, he was sentenced to three years of solitary confinement in the mountains. Three years later... When Cheongsu leaves the confession hall, he sees Kang Ho, who has been erased. To find his missing siblings, who might still be alive somewhere. He wanders through the ruins of Kangho.


One day, junior high school teacher Yamauchi Umi sees a news report about a murder case. The murderer is Suzuki Yumi, a classmate from junior high school. A few days later, Yamauchi's girlfriend, Tamahuri Yagisawa, a rookie editor of literary books, finds a work that closely resembles the murder in a novel that was unsuccessful in a public contest. The author's name is Haruto Saeki. Soon, just like in the novel, an invitation to a class reunion arrives for an old friend... The first suspense horror volume by Masanori Morita!

Slave GO Didi

The clash of the strongest vs. the strongest slaves, the future when the bell rang for an invitation to a further hell—Roku, a young man who leads a boring life, is challenged to a little game by Ebe, a millionaire he met at his part-time job. Unaware that this has opened a door to a disgusting world of corruption... a new slave game heads towards another dimension! Play with people, with life, with everything in the world filled with depravity!

The Spooky Love Tale of Gongchan Seol

This is a mysterious romance between horror novelist Seol Gongchan and his downstairs' neighbor. Ghosts aren't real... right? Gongchan has a wild imagination as a horror-novel author with a knack for turning his mundane life into a harrowing ghost story. These spooks live only in his head... that is until he meets Youngmin, a man haunted by the supernatural specters in Gongchan’s novel! With everything around him suddenly turning into an eerie mess, is Gongchan's growing love for Youngmin the reason why his heart is racing? Or is it the bloody ghost behind him?

Collector of Creepiness

Despite transmigrating to a strange world filled with formidable anomalies, Li Fan became a trainee under the Anomaly Response and Management Association. On his first day at work, he suddenly discovered that he was the world’s second antagonist — The Collector. “Can’t I just fool around until I retire?” “Mr. Collector, we all support you becoming the president, so you must be mistaken, right?”


In the spring of my third year of middle school, I found Shibata buried beneath a sakura tree. We watched movies and became fast friends, even planned to make a movie together for the school festival...but no one at school seemed to know him. I will discover Shibata and the whole world will turn into Shibata. This is a story of, by, and for Shibata. Now showing in a theater near you.
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