Witch Creek Road

A survival horror about love, acceptance, death and revenge. And sexy flesh-eating demons. Yeah, it has those, too.


People are having the serious issue with the global warming in 2014, but what if unknown gigantic insects appear in the city because of pollutants are above the average? Now, here is the last human-being (main character) tries to escape from the danger and tries to find a way to save the city.

Cleo and the Forest of the Undead

The Forest of the Undead”. People live their lives by using the mysterious sacred trees that tower there. However, there are terrifying beings called the “Keepers” who reign over the forest. An epic fantasy adventure that revolves around Cleo, the daughter of a feudal Lord who challenges the forest and Joker, a Magic Artisanー!

BRAIN Anthology

Are you ready for BRAIN Anthology? From mind-bending stories, to disturbing tales of our most primal fears, this anthology is designed to make you think and keep you up at night! New stories released every Saturday. Featuring stories from the 2020 Short Story Contest.

Dead Days

Beginning on the 4th day after a zombie virus has broken out, this is a story about the will to live, human instincts and our selfish desires. A thrilling tale about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

Kaya-chan isn't scary

Kaya-chan is an infamous problem child in kindergarten. However, when Chie-sensei is assigned to look after her, she finds out that Kaya has an ability... Presenting to you, the strongest horror action series set in a kindergarten!!

Friday: Forbidden Tales

Every Friday, forbidden tales will be revealed.

Zombie Ship

Roberto Hoffman, a Navy SEAL officer, had a loving family and a peaceful life. However, his life takes a sudden turn when zombies appear. After losing his wife and son, Hoffman is only left with his niece, Ara. The two of them hop on the world’s biggest cruise ship, Noah, hoping to find a new land of life. Will this ship promise them the hope they are looking for?


Web graphic novel about a larger than life love story. Every week a new page will be unveiled.


After being declared clinically dead, traveling salesman Ed Zamsa tries to go on with his life regardless of his strange condition. As if things weren't hard enough without being dead.

I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey

Lin Jie, a transmigrator, is the owner of a bookstore in another world. He’s kind and warm-hearted, often recommending healing books to customers who are going through a tough time. From time to time, he secretly promotes his own work too.Over time, these customers begin to respect him greatly, some even frequently bringing local specialties to repay his favor. They often seek his professional opinion when it comes to selecting books, and share their experiences with this ordinary bookstore owner to people around them.They respectfully and intimately refer to him using names such as the “Demon God’s Lackey”, “Propagator of the Flesh and Blood Gospel”, “ ‘Corpse Devouring Sect’s Rites and Customs’ Author” and “Shepherd of the Stars”. I'm Really Not the Evil God's Lackey

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Oni

Taisho year 12 (1923). A tragedy occurring in Hinamizawa changes the fate of a lone girl and her friends. The turbulent early life of Oryou, head of the Sonozaki family, one of the Three Great Families, who would later be feared and known as Empress Sonozaki. A missing link connected to the original Higurashi story revealed now.

Rot & Ruin

Benny Imura and his friends must navigate a post-apocalyptic zombie-infected America in which teenagers are forced to find labor or face starvation. When Benny grudgingly joins his annoying older brother Tom as an apprentice zombie hunter, he soon discovers that almost everything he believed about his sheltered life is wrong--and zombies aren’t the greatest thing to fear in the Rot & Ruin. Based on the novel Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry.


Jaeshin sees dead people, and Officer Han can sniff out evil. Literally. Their search for a missing friend leads them and professional stuntwoman Yuhyeon into a tangled web of vile cover-ups and twisted violence. Can they handle the overpowering stench of evil?

A Former Hero Returning From Another World Gets Involved in a Death Game

He was living a peaceful life as any normal high schooler would, until one day he and his classmates were suddenly brought to uninhabited island. “I’ll have you kill each other until there’s only one of you remaining.” Hearing these words from the man strangely dressed in a military uniform, his classmates panicked. Yes, he was setting up the stage for a death game. One where the strong devoured the weak. The weak would die without mercy and only the strong would taste victory. That was the plan. However, they were unaware that the hero who was hailed as the strongest had just recently returned from another world. The organizers behind the game were already out of luck by the time the game started as the expectations they had for death game that they had worked so desperately to set up would be unwittingly crushed before them.

Beetle Hands

Welcome to the Heartland, a nightmarish realm where your own memories come back to hunt you -- literally. Dragged into the Heartland by the terrifying Beast that lives inside it, Matthew must survive long enough to free himself and his best friend Kenma before the Beast consumes them both. Better run fast, Matthew, before the Beast can catch you.
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