Martial Legacy

A boy named Shi Shan along with his little sister were offered as sacrifice to a demon that has been haunting their village. They were rescued by a martial artist who exorcise demons. He took the siblings in as his disciples and taught them the art of cultivation and about the demons that dwell in this world.

Alone Like the Wolf

Towards the end of the Joseon period, In a village between the borders of Joseon, Russia, and China, an old man who buried his violent past, ‘Mu Myeong’, lives his life out. Suddenly, a pale Russian girl, as white as a birch branch, comes into his life. For the girl, he plunges himself into the inferno once again! The blade of twilight shining in the sea of blood! The birch tree branches cannot be trusted!!!

Knights of Night

Knights of Night , 夜刑者 , Night Crawler Ye Chen, a second-year student at Shen Jiang University, lost his memory in a car accident and at the same time is suspected by the police of being a murderer in a new case. Surprisingly, the place where the murder took place is exactly the same as a scene that appeared in his dreams. As the investigation progresses, Ye Chen discovers that his life is shrouded in a fog, and that it all seems to be connected to his lost memories ...

House of Riddles

The brutal and bizarre murder raises the curiosity of the famous gentleman detective Lucien, but the crime scene is destroyed by a fire. And the last person to arrive at the scene was Scarlett Atissian, the producer of the house who learned from the crime scene. To find out the truth of the case, Lucien had to" bully" the strange lady to cooperate with his investigation. He didn't know Scarlett had so many bloody secrets... Don't covet the beautiful young master / 不准觊觎漂亮少爷; House of riddle

I Know Your Secret

After she was nearly killed and then rescued, Ruan Ruan lost all her memories. Her savior, Ding Xiao, treated her with all the tenderness in the world; she completely let her guard down in the face of his perfect image. After figuring out the identity of her attacker, Ruan Ruan naively thought they were heading toward a happy ending. However, after discovering Ding Xiao’s secret, her world turned upside down! With danger looming on all sides, will she continue to be the prey, or will she become the hunter? Wo Zhidao Ni De Mimi / Wǒ Zhīdào Nǐ De Mìmì / 我知道你的秘密

I Was Found Out Pretending To Be a Rookie in a Paranormal World?!

In order to investigate a case that happened 10 years ago, Yu Lian hid away his top-tier talent as a Ghost Hunter from the public, choosing instead to disguise himself as a less than average student. At least…that was what his original plan was supposed to be…but why is everyone constantly finding out that he’s more powerful than he’s supposed to be?!

Convenience Store of the Dead ~The Convenience Store Clerk Will Get Rescued in 100 Days~

A zombie panic breaks out in Tokyo, and a high school girl named Hino-chan, who is a part-timer, has to wait out till X-Day. Stuck in a convenience store and waiting to be rescued…. When all of a sudden, zombies have flooded the world. Will Hino-chan be able to escape from the convenience store before the food and supplies run out!?

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Shin Kitanshuu

A series of Higurashi When They Cry anthology manga published by Ichijinsha with 10 total volumes.


An office worker named Komari is saved from a monster by a mysterious vampire named Liberta. Sex and violence ensues.

The Isle of 100 Kills

You can't leave this island until you've killed 100 people. The most deadly survival game begins on a solitary island where desires swirl and only the strongest survive!

Tokyo Underworld

According to urban legend, the guilty are sentenced to fall to the Tokyo Underworld. There, they are given no mercy and are mercilessly judged for their crimes in the cruelest ways imaginable!!

The Dark Doctor Ikuru

A catastrophic event has thrust the world into an age where disease begets disease. Ostracized for his unconventional treatment methods, the dark Doctor Ikuru is stricken with an immortalizing disease. On a desperate mission to die, he must save a world desperate to live. This medical science-fiction adventure will go to the very edge of humanity and back in one man's search for an ending to his suffering, all while saving the world he wishes to leave.

6-Banme No Satsujin

Pour ses études supérieures et son nouvel emploi, Chika manda et Shinan Kobori ont déménagé en banlieue de Tokyo. Ils sont prêts à vivre leur nouvelle vie dans leur nouvel appartement. Mais des événements mystérieux se produisent dans cette maison. Il y a quelque chose qui ne va pas...

The Strongest Swordsman Has Zero Equipment Slots, But Can Add 9999 Slots If It's (Cute) Cursed Equipment

In a world where your value is determined by the amount of equipment slots you're born with, our young protagonist Noroa, who dreams of becoming an adventurer has... zero equipment slots! However, he's able to equip 9999 items only if they are cursed?! His adventure begins a fateful day after meeting a mysterious doll and acquiring a cheat-like cursed sword!
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