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A Timid Lady was Turned into an Ugly Cat, but on the Verge of Fainting is Picked up by the Most Fearsome Military Duke

Cursed to be an ugly cat--but maybe you're happy! "I'll have you turn into a cat, sister." Marie, the viscount's young daughter, lost her fiancé to her younger sister Emilia and has been cursed even more. Her reflection in the mirror - an ugly cat! Running away from her sister for her life, Marie, who escaped from their house, collapsed from loneliness and hunger, unable to speak. Then, a kind hand reaches out to her, "In the middle of this rain, poor thing...Would you like to come with me?" The figure is the "ruthless, merciless, undefeated duke" who is rumored even in social circles. An unfortunate girl gets her one and only happiness, and a happy cat life begins!

Another Blue Lock: Episode Omotesando

Prequel oneshot given out during showings of the "Blue Lock: Episode Nagi" movie showing the origin of Rin Itoshi's road to Blue Lock.

Don't Call Me Ugly

Tomoko was called "ugly" and bullied in school. As an adult, she is enraged to learn that Rika, the "beautiful" classmate who bullied her, is socially successful. Tomoko decides to take revenge on Rika, but...... she sees a different "world" in Rika than in herself.

Magic Academy’s Genius Blinker

A character with extreme difficulty and the worst performance, Baek Yu-Seol was considered tr*sh in the game because he couldn’t use magic in a fantasy world where everyone else could. However… [Due to the wrong ending, 90% of Aether World has been destroyed.] [Please reach the ‘True Ending.’] Suddenly, those words echoed in my mind before I was transmigrated to the Aether World. [You can use the skill ‘Flash’.] “Why did I possess this character?” Flash was the only magic skill I was given. Surviving in Stella Academy where many genius mages ran rampant, I became the notorious Flash Mage

The Monster in My Womb

Chinatsu is an honor student with many friends, a timid girl who’s usually trying to get along with everyone. When she starts having her period, something else seems to change within her, she realizes her feelings, which she had been pretending not to notice, the “monster” inside her begins to rampage and reveal its true nature. She gives in to the urge to hurt her surrounding.Original Web Manga

Convenience Store Worker From Another World

The protagonist Chan, who was looking for a part-time job after his previous company went bankrupt, coincidentally discovers a convenience store. Lured by the very high hourly wage, he decides to become a part-timer from that day. But the customers who come in seem a bit strange. Vampires, kobolds, and even succubi??

Gardener in Hunter's World

Ji-ha, the weakest labor-class hunter with neither skill nor fighting ability, made a living by running a store while holding the lowest hunter rank. But one day, his life as a hunter changed when he entered a garden from a different dimension through his dream... <You have obtained Friendly Plant Lv.1> <You have obtained Blessing of XXX Lv.1> 'I gained a skill just by planting one twig...?' His unique adventure as the sole gardener in the hunter world begins.

My Inventory Is Abnormal

The game has turned into reality and a “Great Migration” has occurred all over the Earth. As a top-tier ranker thanks to massive in-game purchases, along with the special privileges from the game administrator “Nel,” I got a new lease on life. I even inherited the inventory of my max-level game character as it was prior to the game shutting down. From cash items that no one else can acquire, to special items of legendary grade that everyone desires! Now, everything that everyone wants unfolds infinitely within my inventory. Please, let it be known to only you! My inventory is… abnormal.

Buta Kizoku wa Mirai wo Kiri Hiraku you desu

The glory of the past is long gone. Once hailed as a prodigy, now mocked as the “Pig Noble” due to his arrogance and appearance, Herbert, the son of a ducal family, falls into despair upon receiving a letter through temporal magic from his future self, revealing a tragic fate twenty years ahead. However, determined to face the self he had long avoided, the “Pig Noble” resolves to struggle and use temporal magic to carve out a different future for himself!

Tired of Life, The Strongest Magician Gave up and Fell Asleep

Fiona, the most powerful magician in the empire, was tired of being overworked on the battlefield every day, both physically and emotionally. She thought she had given up her life on the battlefield, but when she woke up, she found herself under the protection of Matthias, the most powerful knight in the enemy kingdom! In this powerful and loving fantasy, Fiona recovers her life while receiving love and tenderness for the first time!

Hatch Potch Panch

She was destroying people… in her mind.Kiho Ishiguro is a high school girl who’s an honor student at school, and devotes herself to her disabled mother at home. She is quiet and gentle, but deep down inside she has always had the urge to “hit someone.” As her feelings gets stronger day by day, Kiho encounters a street criminal. She snaps and unleashes her rage on the bad guy without restraint…? Here comes the JK who will revolutionize the world of women’s MMA!Official Web Publication

The Beautiful Deity

The “Great God” is a god who takes the form of a beast and is said to bestow “blessings” on the land he visits. A village in the mountains, where the tradition still exists, was suffering from heavy snowfall that never stops throughout the year. The residents believe that this is due to a lack of offerings to the “Great God,” so they make a decision. They decided to offer a “slave boy” to the “Great God” as a “human sacrifice”.... A story of “boy” and “beast,” “blessing” and “curse.

On This Day, I, the “False Hero”, Expelled Him, the “True Hero”, From the Party.

Foyle, bestowed with the job of the “False Hero,” followed his role and expelled his best friend from the party, who was supposed to be defeated by the awakened “True Hero.” But at death’s door, Foyle is saved by Iris, an elf girl who is the only one that knows his true self, even as a false hero. Acknowledged by her as “My Hero,” Foyle remembers his aspiration to save people like a hero and begins to desire to do so in the shadows. The “False Hero” who has lost everything becomes the “Hero of Shadows” and decides to embark on a new adventure!

I’ll Retire After Saving the World

Year 2044. Right before the global explosion of dungeons—the end of the world. And… when I opened my eyes again, it was twenty years before the end. I, Woo Hwijae, must stop the apocalypse to secure my retirement plan!


After four years of being a shut-in, Sunny finds himself suddenly thrust back into a world he once knew.

Death Preparation Hero

Several decades have passed since the Hero defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the world, and the Hero has grown old enough to only vaguely remember his magic spells. When the remnants of the Demon King's army attack the Hero, he decides to set out on a journey again. This time, it's not a journey to save the world, but a “death preparation journey” to look back on his life.
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