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King of Violence

Lee Gilsoo moved schools in order to avoid the hell-like organizational bullying. At the new school, there are no bullies or bullying, but there is school violence?! A world of fair violence among students, the “Fighting Arena.” Within the Fighting Arena, students fight and enjoy violence. Can Lee Gilsoo, who has only ever lived getting beaten up, adjust to this fierce world of violence? This is the bloody school action growth story of the loner bully victim, Lee Gilsoo!

As a Member of the [Demi-God] Race, I Want to Live a Normal Life in Another World

Saionji Ryoma, a young man, thought he was at home, but suddenly found himself in a strange hut. While he was confused, he suddenly received an email on his smartphone, which for some reason he had with him, from someone calling himself "the god of games and pleasure." To his surprise, in response to a wish that Reima had muttered, he was invited to another world. Not only did he have his smartphone equipped with cheat functions, but he also received the bonus of being transported as an ultra-rare species, a demi-god! Although confused, Reima is excited that he has "come to the other world he has dreamed of," and follows the tutorial displayed on his smartphone to head to the city. However, those around him do not miss him as a demigod!?

I Became A Childhood Friend of A Mid Level Boss

Do Kyunwoo is the black sheep of his renowned swordsman family. He cannot even catch a rabbit on his own. On his first day of fifth grade, he meets a tranfer student and recalls his past life. He had reincarnated into the world of a game he used to play called [Brave Hearts]. He was already frustrated that he had reincarnated as a loser, but on top of that, the transfer student is an intermediate/mid-tier boss who will destroy the world! “Why are you being so nice to me?” “Because I want to be friends with you.” Do Kyunwoo’s plan is to become friends with the transfer student in order to prevent the end of the world! In order to survive in this new world and to reach an ending he desires. He becomes childhood friends with a mid level boss.

Everyone’s Darling

The daughter, raised by the wealthy Lu family for over a decade, turned out to be an imposter! Yao Huo

Desperately Making Her a Princess

Minseo, who has been taking the civil service exams for a long time, is trapped in a game called “Raise Lena”, which she plays to escape her grim reality.

Sorry, My Skills Are Automatically Maxed Out!

Jiang Li, after being reborn on the Blue Star, has passed eighteen years. With his excellent learning ability, he is praised by everyone as a genius. However, this genius, during the Awakening Ceremony at the age of eighteen, only awakened as an ordinary mage, mocked by his enemies. However, only Jiang Li knows at this moment that he has awakened a divine-level talent, and all his skills are automatically at max level! With his auditing talent, Jiang Li levels up and clears stages all the way, establishing a guild and achieving unprecedented glory! Eighteen years have passed since Jiang Li was reborn on Blue Star. With his excellent learning ability, he was hailed as a genius by everyone. And it was such a genius who only awakened into an ordinary mage during the awakening ceremony at the age of eighteen, and was ridiculed by his enemies. However, only Jiang Li knew at this time that he had awakened his god-level talent, and all his skills were automatically maxed out! Relying on his talent, Jiang Li advanced all the way through the ranks, established a trade union, and gained unprecedented glory!

Solo Strike: A Hundred Million Damage

When the game world and Blue Star merge into one, the era of dawn arrives. Zhou Yi teleported into it and became a mere assassin, but something wasn’t right about his skills. The Eye of Death: All True Damage becomes five times more? 9999 damage is easily dealt with the flick of a knife? The Hand of God: Definite success in stealing. Even monster attributes and skills can be stolen? Therefore, Zhou Yi decided not to be a human being anymore. Turning into an elite monster? In seconds!

The Doomsday Ruthless Man: Hoarding Trillions of Supplies at the Beginning

The earth is affected by unknown energy, the core expands, and natural disasters and doomsday come. Extreme heat, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, severe cold... natural and man-made disasters come one after another! Su Chen struggled through the apocalypse and finally entered the safe zone, but was betrayed by his girlfriend in the end! Reborn and returned to one month before the end. This time, I only live for myself!

Chernobyl no Inori

The spiritual non-fiction written by Svetlana Alekseevich, author of "War Has No Woman's Face" and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, has finally been made into a comic! A must-read non-fiction book for Japanese people that records the heartbreaking wishes and serene prayers of those who encountered the unprecedented disaster of the nuclear power plant accident at the time.

You, Aquarist

“Yo, Aquarist” is a story that begins with a frustrated delinquent boy picking up an abandoned goldfish on the night of a festival. The main character, who had an experience when he tried to buy a goldfish at home when he was a child and let it die, tries to clear his regret that he should have escaped to the river instead of trying to keep it. However, it is forbidden to throw away goldfish in the river, and a mysterious girl calls out to him.

Garuru Girl

The true identity of his first love was a wolf girl. Mochizuki is a boy who reunites with his first love, Kawuru, when he enters high school. Unlike in the past when she was naughty and dominant, Kawaru has grown into a graceful and beautiful girl, but her sense of distance remains the same as before. Immediately after entering the school, Mochizuki is put off by the current that has become the school’s most popular river, but after a certain incident, he learns her “secret”…!? An interspecies love comedy between a naive boy and a werewolf girl.

Will You Marry Me Because I Quit Being an Idol?

Sato Itto, an ordinary salaryman, has been shy about love due to an old trauma. Then one day, a reunion is held for the first time in several years. While they are having a good time talking about the good old days, suddenly Hebo, who has become an idol currently on hiatus, decides to attend the reunion! Sato is upset to see Hebo, who was his first love. He manages to get over it with the help of alcohol, which he does not normally drink. When he wakes up, he finds the two of them naked in the same bed. As Sato desperately tries to recall his memories, Hebo shockingly says to him...! "Marry me..." What will happen to the marriage between the two who have no experience with love...!?

A Doting Yandere in Another World Won't Let You Go!

Yandere anthology comic by a splendid team of writers! ・Original story: Kotoko ・Artwork: Hachi Yatsuhashi ・Original story: Kotoko ・Artwork: Hiiragi MeI ・Original story: Tomoyuki Yanagida ・Artwork: Kaname Hanamiya ・Original story: Konno Jun ・Illustration: Akisato Shino ・Original story: Yura Sakurabi ・Illustration: Agu Ao

Makyou Sodachi no Zennou Boukensha wa Isekai de Suki Katte Ikiru!! – Oi Dashita Kuse ni Modotte Koidato? Sonna no Shiruka!!

Lucas was used as a non-regular porter for the D-rank adventurer party "Recca no Fata". She believed in the words of the leader, Zash, who said that if she had the guts to do chores without pay for two years, she would be allowed to join, but Zash had not forgotten the fateful day when her joining was decided, and even expelled Lucas from the party. However, the party without Lucas doesn't go as well as usual... The thrilling adventure fantasy of the strongest adventurer born in the demon world and raised in a heroic family begins!

Margrave’s Bastard Son was The Emperor

“An emperor who died unjustly becomes a wretched bastard son!” Ian, a wizard of the Bariel Empire, became emperor at a young age, but was imprisoned due to his nephew’s rebellion. However, he was saved by the wizard Naum using forbidden space-time magic. This magic leads Emperor Ian 100 years into the past, where he possesses Bastard Ian, the illegitimate son of the Margrave family that went extinct 100 years ago. Bastard Ian is about to be taken hostage by the barbarians! Ian is about to get caught up in a bloody conspiracy!!!

Healing Life Through Camping In Another World

The Star chef, KangHyun, hid in a quite countryside after losing his sense of taste where he found A pathway to another world in his grandfather's house. Since he was on the run anyway, he planned on enjoying a relaxing camp life, but... the people in the other world keep growing interested in KangHyun! Will KangHyun really be able to heal through experiencing a slow life?
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