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Reincarnated. The Sword Saint Who Became A Shorty Prince To His Former Disciples ~ I Don't Want My Former Disciples To Find Out

Sword Saint Brise saved the country with his unique swordsmanship.At the end of his magnificent life, he is reincarnated as the country's youngest prince, still retaining his memories.He seeks freedom again and aspires to enter the elementary school of knight school.Even though he is an invincible swordsman, he unexpectedly fails! “I came to get you.”He looks like a child, but inside he's an invincible former swordsman.In his reincarnation, he is picked up by his former disciple!?

Existential Unplugged

Philosophers, burdened with unexpressed thoughts after lifetimes of reflection, have curiously reemerged in our world! Among them, Kierkegaard finds an unconventional outlet for his philosophy...music?! Watch as he rocks the city of Nakano with a comedic twist on philosophy!

Ken to Mahou to Gakureki Shakai

In this life, I will live doing only what I want to do!Boku is reincarnated as “Allen”, the third son of a noble family, in a different world of swords and magic, which he had longed for. However, this other world is a world where “academic background,” which I was bound to in my previous life, is more important than anything else! I am no longer bound by my academic background. In this life, I will live freely and let the wind blow my way!I decided to do as I pleased, but for some reason I became the center of attention everywhere I went..?!This is the start of a painful fantasy in which you can enjoy your freedom in a different world!

Escape from Another World

Kim Seo-jun, a new college student living an ordinary life. Something like a webtoon or web novel happens to him, where he ends up in a different fantasy world. He feels like he has become the main character and is excited for a while, but then a royal murder case occurs before his eyes and Kim Seo-jun is framed as the culprit. As a result, Kim Seo-jun is trapped in Gehenna, a prison in another world. Will he be able to escape this world?


Stowing himself away on a slave ship, Julian sets sail for the great continent with a hundred slaves, all yearning for freedom, until...?! Embark on a groundbreaking journey through this action-packed dark fantasy saga!!

Delusional Teacher

The beautiful English teacher Momoko Irosaki receives what she thinks are the lustful gazes of her male students every day... or so she misunderstands!? What goes on in the school life of a teacher who inadvertently indulges in fantasies full of allure...?

Slime Saint

The weakest demon (slime) who longed to be human is reincarnated as a saint, but with the worst character of all, a villainous noble girl. From the lowest status, hated and resented; an existence where she will be terminated immediately if her true identity as a slime is discovered, she will become a beloved saint in order to live a safe and secure life!

Brutal Daughter Nia Liston: A Splendid Matchless Record of a God-Slaying Warrior Reincarnated as a Sickly Daughter

The strongest reincarnated daughter goes on the rampage! A gripping, otherworldly entertainment! "I wanted to die fighting anyway." The great hero, who once even killed a god, wanted to fight even in death. What awaited her was her reincarnation as a sickly noblewoman. In the future world, she becomes the beautiful but too weak Daughter Nia Liston, but in her second life, she goes on a rampage in battle, in delivery activities and in academy life! This is a record of the brilliant battles of the hero who will eventually be known as the "Wicked Rampant Daughter". The most powerful Warriors' Daughter presents the start of a painful otherworldly entertainment!

The Nebula’s Civilization

Choi Seong-woon, achieves the top rank in the game “Lost World,” successfully completing all the game’s achievements. However, his joy doesn’t last long when he receives a suspicious email and is summoned to the real “Lost World,” where he embarks on a competition to become a “god.”
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