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Teacher, we will destroy the world!

先生! 僕たちが世界を滅ぼします。
Status: Publishing
Published: ?
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Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, School
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Teacher, we will destroy the world! summary:
A "Teacher" has a sacred job that protects and guides students. In this world where people who can use magic and people who cannot use magic coexist, Solo is a sorcerer who lives alone. He is also known as No. 0, a skilled assassin who always completes any request he receives. "As part of a certain mission, I am assigned to teach at a magic school, and the teenagers I am assigned to teach are the students of the Class 2D, which is made up of dropouts." While he is desperately playing the role of a teacher in order to complete his mission, a transfer student arrives and the situation takes an unexpected turn... A school fantasy unfolding between a false teacher and the strongest assassin and the most evil students who serve as his "beacon"!